Meaning of NATURAL in English


adj. 1 ordinary, common, commonplace, normal, standard, regular, usual, customary, unexceptional, routine, habitual, typical, everyday; reasonable, logical, reasonable, sensible, accepted They say that Count Dracula could not die a natural death The natural thing to do in case of attack is to defend oneself. 2 normal, ordinary, regular, expected; spontaneous The natural motion of the waves carried the bottle out to sea 3 simple, basic, fundamental, real, unartificial, genuine, unembellished, unadorned, unpretentious She has great natural beauty and needs no cosmetics 4 unstudied, unconstrained, candid, frank, spontaneous, unaffected, easy, honest, straight, straightforward, artless, guileless, impulsive, unpremeditated, unaffected, ingenuous, unsophisticated, unsophistic(al) His kindness is quite natural 5 See native, 1, above She has a natural gift for painting 6 true, real, genuine, actual, authentic, bona fide That, believe it or not, is his natural hair 7 lifelike, true to life, realistic Note the natural colours of the sea in this painting by Whistler 8 illegitimate, bastard He was the duke's natural son and had no claim on the estate 9 consistent, consonant, consequent, logical, reasonable, fitting, appropriate, proper, expected, not incongruous, understandable In the circumstances, it would have been natural for her to despise Jonathan 10 organic, organically grown, non-chemical, health They eat only natural foods, which they grow themselves

n. 11 genius, artist, talent When it comes to chess, Boris is a natural 12 Archaic idiot, imbecile, simpleton, fool, halfwit One would have to be a natural to give money to that crook

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