Meaning of NATIVE in English


adj. 1 innate, natal, inborn, natural, inherent, congenital, indwelling, inherited, hereditary, in the blood, intrinsic, constitutional Early in life, Carla demonstrated a native ability for music 2 domestic, local, home-grown; indigenous, autochthonous, aboriginal The native oysters in this area are superb 3 basic, first, best, original, exclusive Can you tell that my native language is Hungarian? 4 national, ethnic, clan, tribal We visited a Dutch town where the people wear traditional native dress 5 aboriginal, provincial, local We soon fell in with the native custom of taking a siesta 6 born; by birth Are you a native Glaswegian?

n. 7 aborigine, indigene, autochthon; national, citizen, resident, inhabitant It is not difficult to distinguish the natives from the tourists in London

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