Meaning of NATIVE in English


n. Function: adjective


Synonyms: INNATE 1, congenital, connate, connatural, inborn, indigenous, inherited, natural, unacquired

2 belonging to a locality by birth or origin FF1C; a native tradition FF1E; FF1C; delighted with the tasty native fruits FF1E;

Synonyms: aboriginal, autochthonous, endemic, indigenous

Related Words: domestic, local

Contrasted Words: adopted, introduced, naturalized

Antonyms: alien, foreign, nonnative


Synonyms: DOMESTIC 2, home, ||inland, internal, intestine, municipal, national


Synonyms: WILD 1, agrarian, agrestal, natural, uncultivated, undomesticated


Synonyms: UNREFINED 3, crude, impure, raw, run-of-mine, ungraded, unsorted

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