Meaning of NATIVE in English


I. adjective


mother/native tongue (= the language you learn as a child )

She felt more comfortable talking in her native tongue.

Native American

native speaker

For the spoken language, students are taught by native speakers.

native (= having always been in a particular country )

Desert broom is a species native to Arizona.

sb's home/native city (= where they were born or grew up )

He said that he never wanted to leave his home city.

sb’s first/native language (= the language someone first learned as a child )

His first language was Polish.

sth’s native habitat (= the particular place where an animal or plant lives or grows )

Even in its native habitat, the plant is very rare.

your home/native country (= where you were born or live permanently )

After five years in America, she returned to her home country, Japan.




It shows a corner of my native city some years after the end of the last war.

Your king has conquered my native city .

So he wasn't chauffeured about in his native city .

He successfully combined his career with worldwide travel and scientific study, often applying the resulting experience to benefit his native city .


He despised his native country and said so in print.

He moved back to his native country briefly, where he married, and then returned here, Crum said.

Dedicated, you will find, to the main religion of my own native country .

Lille is currently undergoing major renovation, creating an ideal opportunity for its works to be better known outside its native country .

During the scandal, it was alleged that one of his jets was used to smuggle arms to his native country .

Others behave as annuals in our climate but are true perennials in their native countries .

Lots of our pet fish are regarded as food in their native countries .


In 1996 a royal commission concluded that the problem went beyond attempts to snuff out native culture .

Mullican had been raised in Okiahoma, an area rich with many native cultures .


New beaches were formed as were backwaters to nurture native fish .

The mesquite forests that once lined a river brimming with unique native fish have given way to banks of toxic dumps.


It calls on countries to improve management of plantations and set aside remaining native forests to allow them to regenerate naturally.

It has already promised to ban logging in native forests .


Taking advantage of its remoteness from the administrative centre of the Imperium they had enslaved the native inhabitants .

Officially you are all going to be victims of a surprise attack on the rescue party by the native inhabitants .

Any benefit to the native inhabitants of the colony was incidental.


Their native land consisted of a central plain surrounded by mountains.

Years later, Bishop Gregory returned to his native land .

Never see my native land again, mountains, moorlands and glens, apart from brief holiday excursions?

The playwright, Athol Fugard, has long been acclaimed for his searing plays about injustice in his native land .

The virus did not take long to escape from its native land .

Then, as now, my native land was at a crossroads.

Here 1 live, constantly thinking of my native land , alas, my heart is aching.

According to Tom, Lee brought the salad from his native land .


But dialect features are not errors in this sense at all, but are characteristics of a pupil's native language .

Most children in all cultures begin to master their native language around age 2.

And as they learn their native language , they also use language to learn other things.

Interference from the native language is probably one of the most noticeable aspects of the early stages in second language learning.

Indeed no native language is primitive.

Only to be used by religious die-hards since the Vatican had decided that modem-day native language was flavour-of-the-month.


Even the cities were secured by the settlers: native people were confined to rented property in peripheral townships.

Alcohol and suicide, the twin curses of the native people .

They also received geographical information from native people in map form.


The shaman's journey to the land of the spirits is one manifestation of the animist religion of the Siberian native peoples .

Similar arguments have been used by white men to justify slavery and genocide of native peoples .

The benefits to the poor are trifling, and for native peoples , invariably negative.

And the most distinctive languages are often the most vulnerable - those of native peoples .

The Ecuadorean Government does not recognise native peoples as having land rights.

Yet there is a strong emphasis among some historians on the voluntary submission of native peoples .


Botanical stations were established throughout the empire to study native plants and identify those o potential value.

Mitchell said last week as she led her group of pupils and parent volunteers along the native plants trail.

Given the state of Britain's flora it is not surprising that the centre will focus on the conservation of native plants .

That brush is a shelter for small animals and birds as well as a critical repository of seeds from native plants .

No doubt Eliza spent hours scouring the beds and walkways for native plants to incorporate in her bird drawings.

In a $ 7.5 million effort to restore native plants and animals in the national park, the U.S.

What's wrong with growing some of our own native plants ?

They marched directly to the native plants garden and knew exactly what to begin looking for.


Nevertheless, Sapaudia was divided up between the Burgundians and the native population .

The native population was either driven back or dominated.

By 1640, 100,000 planters had arrived in Ireland when the native population numbered only one million inhabitants.

In other words, the very same trucks that have terrorized their native population for decades.

Early colonists ravaged native populations with syphilis and typhoid.


The deeply symbolic ritual act of treading the earth affirms the relationship of human beings to their native soil .

State historian and native soil Charles Morrissey has observed that a sadness has always pervaded Vermont.


Duxbury, Mass. celebrated the exploits of its native son .

The only folks who know where the mushrooms bloom in the woods are native sons .

He was their most famous native son , and he was gone now.

The prosecutor was a handsome, well-liked native son made good, and his killers demonstrated a grisly attention to detail.

These are native sons and daughters representing a homeland.


This involves accessing, directly or indirectly, the intuition of a native speaker .

The vowels were originally understood by native speakers and it was not necessary to provide them in writing.

A primer is used to teach a non-reading native speaker of a language to read his own language.

You select an Esperanto phrase, then hear the phrase as spoken by a native speaker .

The situation is different for native speakers of the language who automatically perceive the speech as being chopped up into discrete units.

This process is trivial for a native speaker of a language, however for a computer system the solution is more difficult.

You will need one or more native speakers of the language to help you in your learning.

Is it possible for people who are not native speakers of a particular language to be fully aware of its social dimensions?


Zoologists say the problem's so bad native species could be at risk.

Unchecked by natural predators and conditions, they reproduce by the millions, chasing out native species .

The new Bill covers introduced as well as native species and will allow ministers to decide which animals may be commercially bred.

However, it has been claimed that there are two native species of honey-producing wasps in California.

The three native species are all winter visitors in the central and southern parts of the region.

But 25 native species are endangered, seven to the verge of extinction.

So many have been released in the wild that they're threatening native species .

Stick to native species to ensure the tree is suitable for the soil in your area.


An assistant began waving his arms and talking to the dealer noisily in his native tongue .

At first it seems the girls are singing in their native tongue .

The words, in his native tongue , were few and easy to learn.

But for most of us our native tongue is alive and constantly shifting.

It was weird, because it sure sounded like my native tongue .

It is perfectly possible to communicate with little or no such similarity or else children would never learn their native tongue .


They were in the fifth field near a copse of native trees when the incident occurred.

This is a lovely setting amongst native trees .

The first fairway extends up over a gentle rise and into a forest of huge, native trees .

We've planted every kind of native tree you could think of in a hedge, including crab apple and wayfarer tree.

There are waterfalls and cascades, cliffs and rocks, native trees and rampant heather in an earthly paradise.


Yang was also writing about his native village but he wrote about it at a distance when resident in New York.

Much attention will be given to the local artisans and their work; participants visit them in their native villages .


sb's native soil


a blend of native culture and Christianity

After a few years, she was sent back to her native country.

Domingo has homes in Monte Carlo and in his native Madrid.

the region's native birds


Consensys is looking to add a native Motif implementation for those that require it.

No doubt Eliza spent hours scouring the beds and walkways for native plants to incorporate in her bird drawings.

Some one thought of my self-portraits was of a native boy.

They are native to dry and sterile regions.

They marched directly to the native plants garden and knew exactly what to begin looking for.

They were in the fifth field near a copse of native trees when the incident occurred.

This led to the development of personal privilege and wealth as these native collaborators colluded in the exploitation of their compatriots.

Until recently, however, native maps and mapping have tended to be treated as curiosities and in very narrow contexts.

II. noun


It was easy to tell the natives from the tourists.


He remembered how innocently they had discussed which natives they would blow to smithereens and which they would grant a reprieve to.

Sam Smith is one of many natives who wish good times had never come to Williamson County.

She is a native of Ballinasloe and has many interests including reading, music and television.

The natives are the ones manning the stalls selling papal T-shirts, key rings and statues.

The only reasons for the establishment of Kuznetsk were to collect and trade in furs and control the natives.

They often loaned firearms to the natives and opened their homes to them.

We have to decipher these other natives of the forest if we want to understand the landscape.

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