Meaning of NATIVE in English


/ ˈneɪtɪv; NAmE / adjective , noun

■ adjective


[ only before noun ] connected with the place where you were born and lived for the first years of your life :

your native land / country / city

It is a long time since he has visited his native Chile.

Her native language is Korean.

—see also native speaker


[ only before noun ] connected with the place where you have always lived or have lived for a long time :

native Berliners


[ only before noun ] (sometimes offensive ) connected with the people who originally lived in a country before other people, especially white people, came there :

native peoples

native art


native (to ... ) ( of animals and plants ) existing naturally in a place

SYN indigenous :

the native plants of America

The tiger is native to India.

native species


[ only before noun ] that you have naturally without having to learn it

SYN innate :

native cunning


- go native

■ noun


a person who was born in a particular country or area :

a native of New York


a person who lives in a particular place, especially sb who has lived there a long time

SYN local :

You can always tell the difference between the tourists and the natives.

She speaks Italian like a native.


( old-fashioned , offensive ) a word used in the past by Europeans to describe a person who lived in a place originally, before white people arrived there :

disputes between early settlers and natives


an animal or a plant that lives or grows naturally in a particular area :

The kangaroo is a native of Australia.



late Middle English : from Latin nativus , from nat- born, from the verb nasci .

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