Meaning of OBJECT in English

I. noun


an object of desire (= someone or something you want very much )

The store provides cheese lovers with the object of their desire.

an object of pity (= someone who people feel sorry for )

He was a proud man and he didn't want to be treated as an object of pity.

an object of veneration

The sun was an object of veneration .

be an object/a subject of curiosity (= be something or someone that makes people curious )

Anyone new was always the object of our curiosity.

defeat the object/purpose (of the exercise)

Don’t let your arms relax as that would defeat the object of the exercise.

direct object

inanimate object

an inanimate object

indirect object

object code

object of ridicule

He had become an object of ridicule among the other teachers.

sex object

solid objects

The ship’s sonar can detect the presence of solid objects in the water.

the object of a verb (= a noun, pronoun etc that an action is done to )

"The ball" is the object of the verb in "I hit the ball."




The primary pleasures of the imagination derive from direct observation of objects before our eyes.

The term is usually restricted to nouns and adjectives accompanying a direct object: Have I made this clear?.

The predictability of the direct objects of gnash and purse is revealed by the pleonastic nature of?


This makes the study of human beings different from that of animals and of inanimate objects .

Some people, for example, take on the persona of an animal or a monster or an inanimate object .

It forces them to tease out information from inanimate objects .

Frankly, I never used to feel guilty about disappointing inanimate objects .

The Bible as holy literature, the oracles of the Logos, has become for them an inanimate object of scientific investigation.

It is that of the inanimate disposable object .

The distinction applies to nouns which refer to animate beings as well as those which refer to inanimate objects .

If either of these inanimate objects knows you are going to dump it, it will turn on you.


Even large physical objects like stars consist of a rather limited array of parts, more or less haphazardly arranged.

Also, one photo shows a large object that resembles an iceberg trapped in solid sea ice.

The largest object for miles, dominating the shallow depression which is the valley of the Ancre, is the Thiepval Memorial.

Ida and Gaspra are S-type asteroids, stony-iron objects believed to have once been part of larger objects that were partly melted.

The Safrane's hatchback format comes into its own when large objects need to be transported.

The more space they take up, the larger the object looks.

Slightly larger objects , however different and unrelated, should be grouped so that they have something in common like colour or national origin.

Like giant swells rocking an ocean liner, these waves shook larger objects .


They had indulged them with a capricious dominion, sometimes over the one, sometimes over the other object of desire.

Now the Collector's finger was pointing at other objects , including even those belonging to himself.

Whatever it was precipitated an avalanche of other objects which thundered down around him as Charles fell sprawling to the ground.

Ultimately the individual attempts to attain maturity or mature dependence on other objects in the environment.

Pressed flowers can be used on many other printed objects , and not necessarily for commercial purposes.

But then I lose what I most want from it, that it be in a room with other objects .

It looked newer than any other object in the shed.

The only other object of immediate interest is the globular cluster M30, near Zeta.


The term structure is taken from the physical world where objects relate to each other differently.

Physical knowledge is knowledge of the physical properties of objects derived by the manipulation of objects.

But they don't literally try to deform the old physical object into the new one.

And these are just thoughts about the spectacles qua physical objects of a certain size and weight.

Who is it that owns these physical objects ?

But the old comfort farmer will hardly need the physical object any longer.

Second, there are physical objects , indulging in this activity, but constrained by precise mathematical laws.


I looked round for some small objects to work with.

I place at A a small hard blocking object , of the sort that ruins real pairs of scissors.

An assistant held up two small objects .

I have always felt the need to copy nature in small objects , particularly the casual or accidental.

The search for smaller objects in the outer Solar System has only just started, however.

By eight months, Hannah could pick up small objects by scooping them up into her fist.

Figure 5.2 Toads recognize small moving objects as food.

For small objects , acrylic has pretty much replaced wood.


When the vibrations meet a solid object like a wall or window it will respond by vibrating,.

But the feat would be impossible if the wave were a solid object .

It is suggested that the bat hears echoes of its own squeaks rebounding from solid objects .

In fact, vibrations travel through solid objects at fixed speeds, just as sound travels through air at a fixed speed.

All of the objects and characters are solid 3D objects which are calculated in real time.

The signals reflected back from solid objects like these skulls form an image which can be enhanced by a computer.

Sound waves travel more easily through solid objects than through the air.



It's an object lesson for all feature writers.

She was spared the trauma of dinner, the object lesson in human dignity, and the smoke of Revolution.

The series is an object lesson in, among many other qualities, the differences of gaze.

The highly sophisticated broadcasting industry offers an object lesson in the inadequacy of current standards of measuring public behavior.

The regimented society of social insects such as ants and bees is an object lesson in order and organization.

His experience was an object lesson for young men who are considering a career in government.

And the ride is an object lesson in suppleness and elimination of vibration.

The parched remnants were, for Roosevelt, a stark object lesson in the need for animal protection.



We understand how deeply people can become attached to sacred objects .

The Dynabook turned out to become less a real object than a vision for an object.

Other regions, which did not happen to pick up a rotation, would become oval-shaped objects called elliptical galaxies.

Gradually, the enterprise became the object of good-natured office ridicule.

Thereafter the Bambino became an object of pilgrimage and there are thanks offerings all around.

Mitchell dragged his steps, his feet telling him to become an immovable object .

The countryside has a dignity in Piersanti's novel which keeps it from becoming a mere object of nostalgia.

Ironically, Vivian herself becomes the object of scholarly study.


Water quality would not be improved because of the extra load on the system, which defeats the object .

Hollows attract water, which obviously defeats the object of the exercise: to create a waterproof hat.

Such a procedure, of course, defeats the object of classification.

Mere preservation, however, can lead eventually to decay and thus defeats its object .

This defeats the object of the exercise.


foreign body/matter/object

Make sure you remove all foreign matter from the wound.

A group of prisoners was carefully picking foreign bodies from a mound of rice before cooking.

Even for the last remaining superpower, domestic issues, not foreign matters, dominate national elections.

Eyes inflamed from trauma or after foreign bodies have been removed.

Lombardy was stopped and arrested on suspicion of rape by force; rape with a foreign object and false imprisonment.

Nothing but the thrill of seeing your name in print, alongside your gut-wrenching tale of finding foreign objects in your food.

Tell everyone to watch out for a foreign body?

The resulting pellets are termed Type 90 reflecting the high percentage of hop material present compared to water and foreign matters.

We describe two cases of accidental aspiration of a foreign body after use of a metered dose inhaler.

money is no object

Choose whatever outfit you want - money no object!

If money were no object, what kind of house would you want?

Simon always ordered the best. It was obvious that money was no object.


After his stroke, he was able to name inanimate objects like saws and shovels, but unable to name most living things.

Children should be able to point to each object as they count it.

In this game the object is to score as many points as you can in the time given.

The object of the exercise is to keep kids in school, rather than leaving without graduating.

The object of the search was to find a small plane that has been missing for two days.

The sculpture is made from objects he found on beaches in Mexico.


An art object is especially difficult for the critic, as there are many ways in which its description can be approached.

But we also brought food, stones found along the way, wild flowers, and objects from our personal belongings.

Deferred imitation is the imitation of objects and events that have not been present for some time.

It examines some respects in which software is both like and unlike traditional museum objects.

It is these muscles which make it possible to stand up straight and bend over to lift objects.

The best approach is therefore for a document processing system to allow the user to define and use logical objects.

The infant has no concept of objects.

This enables messages sent from the object database to access information stored in the Sybase system.

II. verb




The little mite had objected strongly .

Like his Symbolist friends Gauguin in 1888 strongly objected to illusionist painting.

This was strongly objected to by another person.


It wasn't the bustling energy she objected to , but the impersonality.

Local plans on the other hand can be objected to .

He burned joss sticks in his room, a practice Richard objected to , though it improved the smell of the flat.

And just what is it that we are objecting to ?

That's what I really object to .

I got the impression that there's one bit they particularly object to .

On the other, different strata among the middle classes found much to object to in the statusquo.



If you want to object to the idea , they kill you.

I always objected to the idea that everything is predetermined and that we have no choice.

But even he objected to the idea of a security arrangement imposed by foreign powers.


I believe that many readers will object to the use of simulated spectral data throughout the text.

Those who objected to his use of stages probably did so out of a misunderstanding.


Does anyone object to these proposals?

His supporters will certainly object if he is fired.

Rebecca objects to being told what to do.

The committee strongly objected to the report's recommendations.

Will she object if I use her laptop?


Britain also objected to the new directive on maternity leave.

But I have met many who objected to the kind of society it has created because of its injustice and inhumanity.

By July they were objecting to overseas service at all.

Human rights groups object to the proposed 50 percent reduction in the number of refugees who could be admitted to the country.

Local plans on the other hand can be objected to.

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