Meaning of OBJECT in English

noun , verb

■ noun / ˈɒbdʒɪkt; NAmE ˈɑːbdʒekt; -dʒɪkt/


a thing that can be seen and touched, but is not alive :

everyday objects such as cups and saucers

Glass and plastic objects lined the shelves.

—see also UFO


object of desire, study, attention, etc. a person or thing that sb desires , studies, pays attention to, etc.

—see also sex object


an aim or a purpose :

Her sole object in life is to become a travel writer.

The object is to educate people about road safety.

If you're late, you'll defeat the whole object of the exercise .

➡ note at target


( grammar ) a noun, noun phrase or pronoun that refers to a person or thing that is affected by the action of the verb (called the direct object ), or that the action is done to or for (called the indirect object )

—compare subject (5)


- expense, money, etc. is no object

■ verb / əbˈdʒekt/


[ v ] object (to sb/sth) | object (to doing sth / to sb doing sth) to say that you disagree with, disapprove of or oppose sth :

Many local people object to the building of the new airport.

If nobody objects, we'll postpone the meeting till next week.

I really object to being charged for parking.


to give sth as a reason for opposing sth

SYN protest :

[ v that ]

He objected that the police had arrested him without sufficient evidence.

[also v speech ]

➡ note at complain



objects you can use

It is useful to know some general words to help you describe objects, especially if you do not know the name of a particular object.

A device is something that has been designed to do a particular job:

There is a new device for cars that warns drivers of traffic jams ahead.

A gadget is a small object that does something useful, but is not really necessary:

His kitchen is full of gadgets he never uses.

An instrument is used especially for delicate or scientific work:

'What do you call the instrument that measures temperature?' 'A thermometer.'

A tool is something that you use for making and repairing things:

'Have you got one of those tools for turning screws?' 'Do you mean a screwdriver?'

A machine has moving parts and is used for a particular job. It usually stands on its own:

'What's a blender?' 'It's an electric machine for mixing soft food or liquid.'

An appliance is a large machine that you use in the house, such as a washing machine.

Equipment means all the things you need for a particular activity:

climbing equipment.

Apparatus means all the tools, machines or equipment that you need for something:

firefighters wearing breathing apparatus.



late Middle English : from medieval Latin objectum thing presented to the mind, neuter past participle (used as a noun) of Latin obicere , from ob- in the way of + jacere to throw; the verb may also partly represent the Latin frequentative objectare .

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