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observation post

observation tower

powers of observation

Experience improves our powers of observation, since it teaches us what to look for.




He frequently implies that knowledge is to be had by experience and by careful observation of the world.

After years of horticultural experience and careful observations , I have compiled a short informational guide on your choices in lawn-mowing equipment.

The improved brain made this possible by careful observation of the animals they pursued.

Our delusions are just as likely to be real as our most careful scientific observations .

In order to answer such causal questions, careful observation of what goes on is simply not sufficient.

This was probably based on careful observation of the summer solstice.

But careful observation suggests that this is not the case.

The truth of such statements is to be established by careful observation .


They are being kept in cells under close observation because of fears that they may become suicidal or stage a protest.

He had always imagined that the key to good detective work was a close observation of details.

Effective pre-operative preparation and early recognition by close post-operative observation and prompt treatment can reduce the severity of shock.

These viewports are low in the sphere, designed for close and thoughtful observations of the seafloor.

By close observation we can also detect two classes of players amongst our best piano players.

Acute and close observation of anything will reveal worlds you did not suspect were there.


His detailed observations helped to dispel popular misconceptions about the habits and behaviour of the cuckoo.

Iridology: this is a method of diagnosis involving detailed observation of the iris of the eye.

Launched in February 1980, Solar Max had made continuous and detailed observations of the Sun.

The complexity of some volcanic eruptions is illustrated by the detailed observations made of Mount St Helens in 1980.

Robert Worth clearly knew none of our names, yet he'd been providing a most detailed observation service for somebody.


Accounting tends to supersede direct observation because the units to be controlled are usually many and they are also probably geographically dispersed.

Addams' work is filled with direct observations and descriptions of happenings.

There is never any sense of working from direct observation of nature.

From their direct observations they absorb a model of marriage.

Imaginative 2. Direct observation 3.

Possession of such direct observations on expectations would allow us to test the validity of the rational expectations hypothesis in two ways.

The Primary School survey was based on direct observation of 542 schools and 1121 classes.

Well, the simplest way, when it's feasible, is by direct observation .


They comment on, gloss, and interpret his writings, and spend too little time in empirical observation and investigation.

The choice of ordinate arises from the empirical observation that A2B 1 is required for chaos.

Both of these apparently contradictory statements are obviously true, but only at the level of empirical observation .

Within a short space of time, Labour's traditional approach based on careful empirical observation of issues was overwhelmed.


But to go beyond this general observation we must examine the pattern of accumulation since the late fifties.

None the less, two general observations might be entered.

Two further general observations can be made about the view of economic change that is held by Bell and other post-industrial writers.

Like the hon. Gentleman, I shall make a few general observations to set this important subject in context.

While these general observations about the ageing process can be made, there are extensive gaps in our knowledge about ageing.

I have tried to make general observations about the structure of theism.

Comments on individual species are given in the Systematic List, but some more general observations seem worth making here.

There are certain general observations that might favour the predator argument.


As computer systems make information more timely, top management can base its decisions on actual data rather than personal observation .

Attempts are made to improve existing courses, either as a result of personal observations , or from discussions with participating students.

The narration alternates personal observation and historical facts to cynical effect.

A mix of personal interviews and observation methods will be employed.



The research methods will include classroom observation , interviews with teachers and analysis of curriculum documents and of other support.

One extremely useful diagnostic technique is classroom observation by psychologists and / or educators familiar with the disorder.

Some element of classroom observation and practice is included and is important for illustrative purposes.

The design involves repeated testing of the extent of the children's literacy and numeracy, and classroom observation of the children.

In the first stage the Support for Learning Group would identify and publish the criteria to guide classroom observations .

Follow-up interviews, case studies and classroom observation are also planned.

Warden: We as a centre have been developing our skills ... in that area of classroom observation .


These effects are not erased by using female-identified participant observation , as well as male-identified ratings scales.

The items used were derived from data from participant observation , and therefore constituted a re-presentation of items to the community.

The method of study finally chosen was that of participant observation of a community for an eventual period of twenty months.

Although we may in this way gain in explanatory capacity, there are several important disadvantages associated with a participant observation study.

This type of evaluation makes use of interviews and questionnaires. Participant observation is employed in many cases as a complementary method.

Other ethnographic techniques Ethnographic research is not carried out only by means of participant observation and unstructured interviewing.

I had finished six months participant observation .


Capt. Warr found an excellent observation post , but our party was not so successful.

The bright red Infobox, a temporary three-story structure, provides a handy observation post .

It was some kind of an observation post or mast.

There could be other events, like the flamethrower attack on an observation post farther along the border.

The police stations were like forts, with enormous wire fences and armoured observation posts , but so what?

He had found the observation post two miles beyond the outer rim of the Jabal Hamrin.

My day is over, but the soldiers on the line will continue to man observation posts and patrol throughout the night.


An observation statement is one made in response to certain stimuli and strongly verifiable by appeal to the occurrence of such stimuli.

The claims of the falsificationist are seriously undermined by the fact that observation statements are theory-dependent and fallible.

So, as well as being probably infinite in length, the list of conditional observation statements was probably rather vague in content.

Even this most basic of observation statements involves theory, and is fallible.

However, I do not wish to claim that it follows from this that observation statements should play no role in science.

I am not urging that all observation statements should be discarded because they are fallible.

We might assume that perceptual experiences of some kind are directly accessible to an observer, but observation statements certainly are not.

Clearly, a list of observation statements acquired in such a way would form a very unsatisfactory basis for the respective generalizations.


For an overall impression of the site a visit is recommended to the top of the observation tower .

I know people who like to lean over the edge of observation towers or ride the tallest roller coasters without holding on.



The Primary School survey was based on direct observation of 542 schools and 1121 classes.

Like the theories of the ancient philosophers, that story is based on observations of the natural world.

It is merely one based upon observation .

And, of course, staff members may develop stories based on their own observations .

The evidence for this statement is based on three separate observations .

Some is based on observations from real spills; some is projected theoretically from the viscosities and boiling points of petroleum products.

Bloomfield's approach to linguistics was based on observation of the language.

Did they find reasonable solutions based on their observations of the tracks?


Our findings also confirm the observation that siblings of affected cases at risk should be seen immediately and dealt with proactively.

Clouser said he was awaiting autopsy results to confirm the observations .

The spacecraft results also confirm that ground-based observations can indirectly tell us about fluctuations in the solar constant.

It designs its own experiments to confirm what mere observation might suggest.

This inference is confirmed experimentally by observations in grid turbulence of changes in the spectrum with distance downstream.


One of the main problems is that professionals often ask parents to keep the child under observation all day.

They kept him under observation until his trial.

The task of keeping them under observation had been deputed to Davout's staff.

Hiring Huy would be a very effective way of keeping him under observation , and neutralising the effectiveness of his investigation.

Crewe police say that the woman is being kept under observation at Leighton Hospital, Crewe.

Gyggle would store me in a spare room of the hospital and keep me under twenty-four-hour observation while I was unconscious.

A hospital spokesman said she would be kept in for observation while doctors decided on the best treatment for her.


How to comment on a proposal: When you make observations on a planning application you should only comment on planning grounds.

Review your notes to make sure that behavioral observations are stated and are not arbitrary judgments.

What do you think they mean? Make your own observations and see if they are true.

But, despite his experience with Darwin, Gould failed to make any evolutionary observations from Sturt's information.

None the less it is possible to make some observations concerning the relative dissociation rates from some of the sites.

Without detailing these problems and their solutions in a reduction in dependence on car use, one can make certain observations .

Despite its failings, though, the telescope still has unique abilities to make certain observations .

They revisited six months later to make further observations .


a long-term observation of the solar system

A patrol car spotted us and the officers inside made it clear that we were under observation .

A tour of Washington DC inspired one visitor to make some interesting observations about the gap between the rich and the poor.

I agree with your observations about the pricing of products.

She spent two nights in hospital under observation , before being allowed home.

The inspector began his report with the observation that the school was a happy place.

They kept him in overnight just for observation .

We want that place kept under constant observation .


After years of horticultural experience and careful observations, I have compiled a short informational guide on your choices in lawn-mowing equipment.

For any, and this observation implies infeasibility.

His detailed observations helped to dispel popular misconceptions about the habits and behaviour of the cuckoo.

None of those stranded at the observation deck and restaurant on top were injured.

Our delusions are just as likely to be real as our most careful scientific observations.

Science follows naturally from questions and observations.

Such at least was his observation .

Those observations made, it should be said that the Herioter did have his moments in the lineout.

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