Meaning of PAVEMENT in English



a pavement café British English , a sidewalk café American English (= with tables and chairs on the pavement outside )

We had a lunch at a pavement café in Montmartre.




Outside, shop windows, parked cars, even reflections on wet pavements all give extra information.

Eventually the houses started, and the street lamps, shining yellow on the wet pavements .

She could see the iron railings of the park, the glitter of wet pavement .

She sets her hair every night - it is black and shines like the moon on a wet pavement .

The wet pavements cast back mirror reflections.

The lamplight, reflected on the wet pavements , lay in shining golden pools.

Big sparks sprayed off the brick walls and tyres screamed on the wet pavements .



Step ashore to a world of pavement cafes , boutiques and the continental charm of Port Solent's fashionable shopping mall.

In the evenings, nightlife centres around the large number of bars, pavement cafes and restaurants.

Today's shoppers will discover sensitively-restored shopping quarters shouldering friendly markets, and pavement cafes nestling alongside high-street names.

Here there are famous department stores, fashion shops, retail shops with high quality goods, confectioners and pavement cafes .

Crumbling motels and coffee shops from the 1960s have given way to modern hotels, boutiques and pavement cafes .

Small shops, pavement cafes and steps are around every corner.


Then there's the beautiful Königsallee - a tree- lined boulevard lined with shops, pavement cafés and restaurants.

Drinking at a pavement café on Ben Yehuda was for each of them a way of signing off from the mission.

Hannover is by no means a big city, but it has plenty of restaurants, pavement cafés and bars.



The brown paper bag tied with white string hit the pavement , split and corn went all over the place.

Or pull out your own wheels and hit the pavement .

I wrenched the wheel round in a tight turn, hitting the pavement as I went.

Quinn hit the opposite pavement thirty-three seconds after putting down the phone on Zack.

It began to rain when she was half way along Gloucester Road, big spots like buttons hitting the pavement .


A Great Tightness lies on most pavements unleashing itself round all passing ankles.

The entire hood had been pulled off and was lying on the pavement .

It would be good to be greeted as you walked along by smiling creatures lying along the pavements .

She saw what appeared to be a bundle of rags lying on the pavement .

Black dust lay on the pavement collecting in the spaces of the bridge's primed balustrade.

Others lay on the pavement , trying to forget the events of the day in sleep.

The next thing she knew, she was lying sprawled across the pavement .

She lay on the pavement staring up at Maura Ryan, amazed.


The car mounted a pavement , struck a wall, hit the children and smashed into a lamppost.

It mounted a pavement , smashed a lamp-post and ended up on its roof in the middle of the road.

The woman suffered head injuries after she was mowed down by a car which mounted the pavement .

I swung Armstrong to the right and mounted the pavement on my side, not more than twenty feet from him.

With the scream of a falling bomb the car mounted the pavement and crossed it on to the road the other side.

The pursuer threw himself aside as the vehicle mounted the pavement , slamming into a lamp-post.


He turned and saw a lithe figure in a track suit pounding the pavement towards him.

And if my next fifteen years are spent pounding the pavement in search of a job without a handset in it - too bad.

When he's not on the track competing, you will find Paul out pounding the pavements .


I ran on to the pavement , dragging my cart after me.

Remains of wagon trails run just off the pavement .

Her feet run on the pavement like rapid fingers over harp-strings.

Summer tires for smooth, quiet running on smooth pavement are not things of joy in 6inches of heavy, wet snow.

She sagged in his arms, catching dizzied sight of the assailant running across the pavement , with another man in pursuit.

I was driving away in my car and he was running along the pavement trying to keep up.

I ran into the road, did a Highland fling and ran back on to the pavement .

Adam kept low and dodged between the cars as he ran to the pavement .


He stood on the pavement watching for something, some sign of her presence in the house.

We stood on the cold pavement all day.

They were standing on the pavement , by the gate.

Keith was standing on the pavement outside my digs talking to a woman.

He could see her in his rear mirror, standing on the pavement looking wistfully after him.

He was standing on the pavement of a street called Southampton Row.

She stood on the pavement looking up at the windows of their kitchen on the third floor.

Her neighbour, from the next door tenement, was standing on the pavement .


She stepped off the pavement , and a car with squealing brakes drove her back again, frightened and flustered.

They stepped off the pavement outside and crossed over to another group of shops that curved around the square.

As they stepped out on to the pavement Charlie bade his partner goodnight with an exaggerated bow.

As he stepped off the pavement to cross the side street, he felt as if he were stepping off a cliff.

Zaborski stepped out on to the pavement and walked towards another door held open for him.

I opened the door for Patterson and then locked the cab up after he'd stepped gingerly on to the pavement .

A cold breeze was blowing in off the sea which blasted them the moment they stepped on to the pavement .

Mahoney thanked her for the meal and left, stepping out on to the pavement .


He could just see her face as he walked over to the pavement beneath.

Foster walked out into the pavement , into the middle of the two-way river of pedestrians that was pushing north and south.

She's walking along the pavement ahead of me, holding on to this woman's hand.

It's pretty difficult to cross the road on account of all the traffic, so I just carry on walking on the pavement .

I locked the car and began to walk back to the pavement on my way round to the front door.

I got to walk careful cos the pavements are so slippy.

He walked slowly down the pavements .

He walked on glistening pavements , across streets where the rain spat back from the tarmac.


The saint's remains are buried beneath the pavement of a little chapel.

What annoys me is that everyone parks on the pavement in front of our house.


Despite these problems, two-thirds of the children consider the residential street to be safer than the customary street with pavement .

He sat in the place that Maidstone had suggested, at a table at the end of the café's pavement area.

It washes over the low roofs of the two-storey terraces and dries the dirt on the pavements.

Other measures can include chicanes, pavement extensions and road narrowings.

The pavements glistened beneath the yellow lamplight.

We sat down on the pavement near our bundles while my father went to look for the center.

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