Meaning of PAVEMENT in English


ˈpāvmənt, in rapid speech sometimes -ābm- noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from Old French, from Latin pavimentum, from pavire to strike, stamp + -mentum -ment


a. : a paved surface: as

(1) : the artificially covered surface of a public thoroughfare

stopped his car just off the pavement

(2) chiefly Britain : sidewalk

there were crowds on the pavements and roads everywhere — G.W.Talbot

(3) : a decorative interior floor of tiles or colored bricks

the tessellated pavement of the hall — G.B.Shaw

(4) : a factory floor paved with wood blocks, bricks, or concrete

b. : the material with which something is paved

concrete makes excellent pavement

2. : something that suggests a pavement (as in flatness, hardness, and extent of surface or in the formation and compact arrangement of its units)

a pavement -toothed shark

pavement cells

— see desert pavement

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