Meaning of PLUMP in English


I. adjective




It was a plump face , unnaturally rosy, and sleep-creased like a small cushion.

A balding man with a plump face , his eyes shifted back and forth from his interpreter to the judge.

Her plump face was thinner, and lined down the cheeks.

He was in his early forties with a receding hairline, a plump face and a small mouth.

But his plump face and crazed eyes suggested he was merely a psychotic.

Her pale, plump face was serene.


The endomorph is round and soft, with shortish limbs, and small, plump hands and feet.

Now he held her, his plump hands with fingers like sausages trying to steady her.


I looked towards the stone angel where the plump man had been standing, but there was no sign of him.

A short, plump man with dark hair walked in behind her.

So, eight years ago, the plump man had been honest, sober and industrious.

It showed a large, plump man , already balding but with a pink, childlike face.

Focusing on a plump man with dark hair at a bus-stop he decides the people are Latin.

He was a plump man who looked as if he would burst if you sat on him.


Bessie was a fiery character, a large plump woman with a shock of ginger hair, freckles and green eyes.

They had to be youngish, plump women .

A plump woman in a white wool suit and dark glasses bought it and tried to pay for it by cheque.

She was a plump woman in a knitted suit whose chief concern, she told Josie, was pastoral care.

One was occupied by a plump woman in her forties, who was briskly sorting through a pile of letters.

The fact is, Elizabeth Taylor is a plump woman who is exceptionally beautiful that way.

She is simply the victim of the kind of prejudice which all plump women experience in their everyday lives, including me.


plump juicy strawberries

a plump woman in her fifties

Frieda's mother was a plump , cheerful woman, quick with a laugh.

He's a little on the plump side, but nevertheless quite handsome.

Paula had silver bracelets on her plump arms.

Stevie is a plump healthy-looking child.

The doctor's wife had a plump face and a small mouth.


Isabel bounced once against the plump straw mattress, then made a frantic bid for freedom.

Miss Withington was a small, plump young woman between Agnes and Prudence in age.

She must have been in her sixties, plump , with a crown of dyed brown curls.

The comforters on the beds were abnormally plump .

The four plump man-apes were still there, and now they were doing extraordinary things.

The good cut made his shoulders look their proper width and reduced his generally plump look.

The stuffed dates looked like plump roaches.

You're too short and too plump - though your skin's not that bad.

II. verb




Add the chopped prunes, apricots, apples, raisins and broken walnuts and cook gently until the fruits plump up .


Boil the dried fruit until it plumps up in the cooking liquid.

You can plump the bags down anywhere you like.


Add oysters and saute until they just begin to plump , about 1 minute.

Do you plump for a bottle with an attractive label or simply stick to a wine that is familiar?

He'd have liked to plump for the Algarve but, he said wistfully, you do go over the £1,000.

It could be the question, whether to plump for a great evolutionary jump or stay put in the icy brine.

We could just plump for Aristotle's report, as the earliest and therefore most reliable.

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