Meaning of PLUMP in English


[plump] vb [ME] vi (14c) 1: to drop, sink, or come in contact suddenly or heavily "~ed down in the chair"

2: to favor or decide in favor of someone or something strongly or emphatically--used with for ~ vt 1: to drop, cast, or place suddenly or heavily

2: to give support and favorable publicity to

[2]plump n (15c): a sudden plunge, fall, or blow; also: the sound made by a plump [3]plump adv (1594) 1: with a sudden or heavy drop

2. a: straight down b: straight ahead

3: without qualification: directly [4]plump n [ME plumpe] (15c) chiefly dial: group, flock "a ~ of ducks rose at the same time --H. D. Thoreau" [5]plump vb [[6]plump] vt (1533): to make plump ~ vi: to become plump [6]plump adj [ME, dull, blunt, fr. MD plomp] (1569) 1: having a full rounded usu. pleasing form "a ~ woman"

2: ample, abundant -- plump.ish adj

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