Meaning of POLAR in English




polar bear

polar ice

Global warming directly causes the melting of polar ice.

the polar opposite of sth ( also polar opposites ) (= used about two things, people etc that are completely opposite )

These two viewpoints seem like polar opposites.

Mum was the polar opposite of dear old Dad.




Parker like a polar bear , suddenly hugging him.

The polar bears does not look cold.

For instance, one of the facts that the Bishop finds it difficult to understand is the white colour of polar bears .

A polar bear has stolen my sleeping bag...

Everyone went hungry that day, because the little polar bear scoffed every pack lunch we had.

Carl thus became the first and possibly the only man ever to successfully lasso musk ox, polar bears , and walrus.

On the same day another polar bear was captured and removed from the Prudhoe Bay field.

It handled the snow like a polar bear .


The first meiosis has produced a polar body , and this lies trapped beneath the zona pellucida.

The oocyte chromosomes lie within the cytoplasm roughly beneath this first polar body .

Thus, whereas spermatocytes produce four functional haploid spermatozoa, primary oocytes eventually produce one functional haploid egg plus two polar bodies .

But, in most species that have been looked at, the first polar body does not divide further.

In mice, however, the first polar body may sometimes divide.

The polar bodies will be eliminated.


Many tundra species occur in polar desert and forest as well, but only in tundra do they dominate their communities.

It takes one to the high, isolated polar desert at the height of the summer season.

Similarly the term polar desert covers both the area and the vegetation characteristic of it.

In dry polar deserts ahumic soils tend to remain ahumic indefinitely.


Nietzsche was soon to substitute a new opposition whose polar extremes were occupied by visual art and music.


Lake Vostok lies about 4000 metres beneath the polar ice .

The use of polar ice to support such a ballistic-transportation scheme requires a substantial consumption of propellant along the way.

Even the polar ice contains pesticide, for example.

This astonishing discovery of polar ice on Mercury makes it clear that impacts play a major role on all the terrestrial planets.

Adult males are nomadic, wandering all round the polar ice cap and living mainly off seals.

With a yet slower rhythm than the polar ice , the tides of civilization ebbed and flowed across the galaxy.

There is strong lobbying pressure for the governments that control portions of the polar ice caps not to build settlements there.

During local spring in the polar regions, polar ice and perpetual sunlight may both be available simultaneously!


Eikmeyer's fundamental insight is that co-operation and non-co-operation are not simply polar opposites along a scale.

CertainIV it should not accommodate its polar opposite .

The polar opposite images are not by some marketing design.

Strickland was their polar opposite -- an irresponsible teammate and anti-leader.

In this respect he is the polar opposite of Harold Wilson, a dull speaker who taught himself to be funny.

In fact the two strains-puritanism and pentecostalism-seem in some way to be nearly polar opposites .

First of all, is it sensible to think of masculine/feminine as polar opposites ?

When you bring together two polar opposites , the classless one will always drag the other one down.


The pack ice and fast ice that spread over polar seas form vast sheets many hundreds of square kilometres in area.

That polar seas are richer than polar lands is immediately apparent at either end of the world.

Subpolar seas of both hemispheres are richer than polar seas, with a longer but less intense season of high productivity.

From the concentrations of birds and mammals in high latitudes has grown the myth that all polar seas are immensely productive.


The crew flew a polar route to Detroit from Eastern Russia.


But the crews of high-altitude aircraft, especially on polar routes, can receive significant amounts of radiation over time.

For more polar polymers, specific solvent effects become more pronounced and extrapolations have to be regarded with corresponding caution.

However, the life-cycle savings model is the polar opposite case from pure classical savings.

In fact polar homeotherms, whether northern or southern, show very few recognizable adaptations for polar living.

Many polar species have clearly originated in this way by adaptations of metabolism, form and lifestyle.

Until his polar opposite steps lightly down on to his moon-paved home ground, the sleek beast-headed man sits at peace, inviolable.

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