Meaning of POLAR in English


[po.lar] adj [NL polaris, fr. L polus pole] (1551) 1 a: of or relating to a geographical pole or the region around it b: coming from or having the characteristics of such a region c (1): passing over a celestial body's north and south poles "a satellite in a ~ orbit" (2): traveling in a polar orbit "a ~ satellite"

2: of or relating to one or more poles (as of a magnet)

3: serving as a guide

4: diametrically opposite

5: exhibiting polarity; esp: having a dipole or characterized by molecules having dipoles "a ~ solvent"

6: resembling a pole or axis around which all else revolves: pivotal 7: of, relating to, or expressed in polar coordinates "~ equations"; also: of or relating to a polar coordinate system

[2]polar n (1848): a straight line related to a point; specif: the straight line joining the points of contact of the tangents from a point exterior to a conic section

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