Meaning of POLAR in English


I. ˈpōlə(r) adjective

Etymology: New Latin polaris, from Latin polus pole + -aris -ar — more at pole


a. : of, relating to, or situated in the vicinity of one of the earth's two poles

valley glaciers in both polar and equatorial regions — Hugh Odishaw

Antarctica is the only polar continent — Antarctica


(1) : of, relating to, or suggesting the region around one of the earth's two poles

polar weather

polar waste

polar night

(2) : situated in, suitable for, coming from, or having the characteristics of the region around one of the earth's two poles

polar air mass

polar flying

polar airplane

polar sea


a. : of or relating to one or more physical poles (as of a sphere or magnet)

polar magnetism

b. : having poles and as a result a property analogous to that of a magnet in that there is an associated directed line connecting the two poles at the ends of which line there are equal and opposite properties

polar molecule

3. : of, relating to, or like a polestar in serving as a guide

polar principle

this polar idea provides the clue to both … systems — V.L.Parrington

4. : diametrically opposite in nature, tendency, or action

extreme and indefensible polar positions — Hunter Mead

for whom classicism and romanticism are not polar but continuous — Harry Levin

polar if not mutually hostile parties — Austin Warren


a. : electrovalent

b. : having a dipole

polar compounds such as hydrogen chloride, ammonia, water

alcohols and ketones are common solvents

6. : held to resemble a pole or axis around which all else revolves : pivotal

the polar events of this informed study — Fraser Neiman

II. noun

( -s )

: the secant of a conic through the points of tangency of the two tangents that can be drawn to the conic from an external point

III. adjective


a. : passing over the north and south poles of a celestial body

a satellite in a polar orbit

b. : traveling in a polar orbit

a polar satellite

2. : of, relating to, or expressed in polar coordinates

polar equations

also : of or relating to a polar coordinate system

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