Meaning of PRIMARY in English

I. adjective


a primary colour (= red, yellow, or blue )

Why are children’s toys always in primary colours?

a primary school British English , an elementary school American English (= for children up to 11 )

Their children are still at primary school.

be of primary importance formal (= be the most important thing )

Finishing the project on time is of primary importance.

open primary

primary care

a primary care physician a doctor who provides primary care

primary colour

primary election

primary health care

primary responsibility (= most important responsibility )

I have primary responsibility for the children.

primary (school) education British English , elementary education American English (= for children aged between 5 and 11 )

The government has announced plans to improve the quality of primary school education.

primary school

primary source

primary stress

sb's primary/chief/principal concern

The president said his primary concern was the welfare of the American people.

sb’s main/primary goal

My main goal was to get the team to the finals.

The primary goal of the 1917 Revolution was to seize and redistribute the wealth of the Russian empire.

the main/primary cause of sth

Smoking is the main cause of lung disease.

the main/primary purpose

The main purpose of our trip to Arran was to see golden eagles.

the main/primary source

It started as a hobby, but now it is his main source of income.

the main/primary/principal aim

The country’s main aim was to slow inflation.

the primary focus (= main or most important )

The economic situation is likely to be the primary focus of the discussion.

the primary/prime objective (= the main one )

The primary objective of training is to improve performance.

the primary/secondary/high school etc curriculum (= for particular ages at school )

the prime/primary motive (= the main motive )

Concern was her prime motive in visiting Mrs Green.




More meat or eggs for less feed was the other primary aim .

The Governments' primary aim is to see significant reductions in the amounts of waste requiring disposal.

In his inauguration speech Brazauskas declared that upholding the independence of the state was his primary aim .

The primary aim of the awards is to recognise outstanding bravery in the race of danger by exceptional seniors.

The primary aim of the central bank is to work closely with the government and so to operate in the public interest.

The primary aim of the second trial was to see if eradication of H pylori led to resolution of intestinal metaplasia.

Its primary aims are comradeship and welfare.

Value for money is a primary aim .


Their delivery of services has also been handicapped by inadequate investment in both community and primary care services and practice resources.

Usually the baby has one nurse with overall responsibility for primary care and then a designated primary nurse for each shift.

We will increase resources for primary care .

But the Hopkins surveys were done in large community-based primary care practices that represented a cross-section of the population.

Social workers and other primary care workers are well placed to identify people who have long-term social difficulties and poor coping resources.

Medical groups often woo primary care doctors while sharply limiting the number o f specialists allowed on their referral lists.

Undergraduate students have begun to recognise the importance of primary care .

In considering the health care provision agencies we may usefully divide them into two main types: primary care and secondary care.


But no one doubts that overfishing is the primary cause of the fish's decline.

After ample reflection, I concluded that the primary cause of my troubles was the farm itself.

Before you do anything else, the primary cause of the ill-health must be determined.

The child sees himself or herself as the primary cause of all activity.

Demonstrating climate to be the primary cause clears up many such problems.

He notes that employers identify problems stemming from inappropriate work attitudes or behaviors as the primary cause of poor job performance.

Wilfulness Wilfully disregarding safety rules is rarely a primary cause of incidents.

The primary cause of the dreadful smell was the disposal of human waste.


Both involve the concept of primary colours .

Great big colourful things; jubilant with primary colours .

The sitting-room was long, and looked as if a child had been let loose with buckets of primary colours .

Question How can graininess on plain surfaces with bright primary colours be avoided?

At a Royal Institution lecture, he demonstrated that colour images could be formed from just three primary colours .

Colours other than pure red, green and blue are formed by the combination of the three primary colours.

Another video weakness to guard against is the coarse and grainy look of plain surfaces in bright primary colours , especially reds.

The touches or larger areas of primary colours that throw the figures into relief are now less strident, more resonant.


Councils that conduct local polls say that that is the primary concern .

The primary concern is cost: Who will pay for constructing the Iway?

Their wishes and feelings are, or should be, of primary concern .

The primary concern was with delinquency, the focus on moral character.

Where money rather than people is the primary concern , financial modelling techniques can be used.

A primary concern of building inspectors is fire safety.

Their primary concern is with Washington, where the promotion board and higher officials are.


A few heads with whom we came into contact seemed alarmingly out of touch with recent developments in primary education .

During primary education , the child learns by two methods: 1.

Women are at a particular disadvantage: only 16 % of women in the workforce have had more than primary education .

Ten years ago the world community promised primary education for all, and to halve adult illiteracy by 2000.

It is recognised that some courses, particularly those in primary education , aim to permeate the whole course with language understanding.

Drop-outs in the first years of primary education remain very high.

Unesco is unable to show the leadership necessary to deliver global targets for primary education ?

The political clout of the primary education sector in the struggle for resources is clearly limited.


This was odd, given that they had already been cleared before the presidential primary elections held last March.

The financial strain of the earlier primary elections means there will not be a television-advertising blitz in California.

We are proud to present the first quadrennial awards, to be known as Lexingtons, for outstanding contributions to primary elections .

That means, as usual, the key decisions will be made in the September primary election .

Success in primary elections , it would seem, can not simply be bought by political commercials however cunningly they are crafted.

By comparison, the turnout for the 1992 primary election was 29 percent.


But it is personal relationships that emerge as the primary focus of this biography.

The play made David and his anguish the primary focus .

The primary focus is on the social, as opposed to the economic and technological features of competition.

And their primary focus for control is always individual performance and accountability.

Laski's study of judicial review is particularly interesting since its primary focus is a study of Roberts v. Hopwood.

A spine-tingling vocal concoction that gives Trick Baby its primary focus .


When the mouse cursor enters this menu bar the main menu is displayed which controls the 19 primary functions of MegaCAD.

The specialization of functions has a dispersive effect and a primary function of government becomes that of securing co-ordination amongst the parts.

Damage in this case does not compromise the primary function , that of producing traction.

This space was purpose-built for exhibitions, and this should remain its primary function .

The primary function of snake venom is, of course, to quieten prey before swallowing them.

When economic growth depends upon spending before saving, shopping must be the primary function of the female in the consumer economy.

The primary function of the Magistrates' Court is to try criminal cases.


Achieving the social, then, is the primary goal of the Piaroa community.

They reasoned that as salespeople their primary goal was making the numbers, a short-term objective.

The primary goal was clear and unequivocal - teach literacy.

The primary goal of the treatment was abstinence.

Energy is released when the nuclei of the light atomic elements join, so bringing them together is the primary goal .

Mixers can accomplish the primary goal as efficiently as we can by hand.

The primary goal of audiovisual instruction is learning, and, through research, techniques have been developed to enrich learning.

Anything that diverted him from his primary goals was by definition bad.


The front-line members of these teams are local women recruited and trained to provide primary health care to their villages.

My family health services authority is making plans to establish its own primary health care research ethics committee.

Professional development and postgraduate training in primary health care could be a useful adjunct in improving quality.

Village schooling and primary health care will be available locally, with more advanced education and medical services in the main centres.

It could lead to the dilution and fragmentation of the strengths and skills of the primary health care team.

Governments all over the world have advocated primary health care without taking it seriously.

They are mostly women with little formal education who render basic primary health care to people in their villages.


However, of primary importance is the portfolio presented at interview.

In the case of lube oil production, an aspect of primary importance is catalyst selection.

These personal considerations are of primary importance to the social worker and the manner of his work.

Because prevention is of primary importance , early diagnosis is the goal.

Correct proportion is of primary importance , as long as size is within the Standard s range.

Of primary importance were the clay pots, so much better suited as containers than the skins and baskets employed by hunters.

Poor delivery dates and servicing facilities are further factors to which empirical studies have attached major, even primary importance .

Within the family it is usually the words and their literal meaning which take primary importance .


Using the local area is particularly important at primary level , for instance.

However, especially at primary level , salaries remain low, and pay rises have not kept up with inflation.

The stories can be used in conjunction with any course at primary level .

In the townships within white-designated urban areas, opportunities to go to school are greater, at least at primary level .

In 1987, the coverage at primary level was 62.02 percent.

I have two children currently passing through the education system at secondary and primary levels .

It is a valuable means of conveying the pleasure of reading, and as valid at secondary as at primary level .

Only a small percentage of black children were able to remain at school beyond primary level .


Our primary objective is to collect, organize and disseminate information and materials relating to academic library orientation and instruction.

Take, for example, the principle of keeping performance results as the primary objective of behavior and skill change.

The seizure of power in the capital had been the rebels' primary objective since 18 July.

Performance is the primary objective of design changes.

In each case the primary objective has been to increase both earnings and productivity.

Making all-city in track is one of the primary objectives .

Keep performance results the primary objective of behavior and skill change.


The primary purpose must, always, be to sell the product.

Laboratory tests have two primary purposes , one of which is to detect marginal nutritional deficiencies.

The primary purpose of the proposed research will be to acquire detailed knowledge about how the new Act will operate.

The lawyer is dishonest-he claims that justice, service to mankind is his primary purpose .

Their primary purpose is to speed up browsing.

The primary purpose of the SARs is to restrict the swift build-up of substantial stakes in a target company by dawn raids.

It was the primary purpose of reorganisation to recast local government in a way which would make such palliatives unnecessary.

A primary purpose of the nine-day flight was to have been gathering evidence on how the human body adapted to weightlessness.


The primary reason for the adoption of this life-style is the attitude to the economic rewards of work.

This is the primary reason for the incorrect determinations and incorrect nomenclature of many cryptocorynes in the existing literature.

One of the primary reasons for the Bill is to clarify the law.

That need for extra money is still the primary reason most people get into our business today.

The primary reason for introducing new technology such as robots is to reduce costs and improve product quality.

It seemed to indicate that the primary reason for the defection was homosexuality.

There would seem in retrospect to have been two primary reasons .

In fact it is surely one of the primary reasons for its spread.


They also take the primary responsibility for the care of children.

Otherwise, recognize that some one has to take primary responsibility for this issue, and proceed accordingly.

We would thus have primary responsibility to ensure that the advertisement is factually accurate.

As many demands as the manager has on his time, I think his primary responsibility is people development.

The Commission has the primary responsibility for enforcement of Articles 85 and 86.

They should speak to as many managers as they can about what the managerial role entails: What are your primary responsibilities ?

But he bears primary responsibility for tax and economic policies that lost Labour the election.

He must bear primary responsibility for the chaos that descended upon the White House when such disclosure did occur.


None the less, Easton's section police believe that crime detection is their primary role , their work place thus being the streets.

Gun control activists say the afternoon of terror unleashed by Gian Luigi Ferri plays a primary role in their campaign.

One is that Credit Management functions to some extent as a trade paper as well as in its primary role as an Institute Journal.

We may notice, in the first place, the primary role ascribed to Zeus.

Gender ideologies also assign to women a primary role as carers of the sick, disabled and elderly.

They said Jones's primary role was to coordinate a charity founded by the speaker that pays children to read books.

Mr. Win Griffiths Does the Minister intend to bring the concept of sustainable development right into planning guidance as a primary role ?

First, there is space-time, playing a primary role as the arena for all the varied activity of physics.


Will the Government stop pressurising authorities to cease supporting small primary schools through additional support across the county?

The differences were also evident in the age range of primary school pupils.

Frelimo's Central Committee reported that by 1989, 45 percent of all primary schools had either been closed or wrecked.

One primary schools only has one inside toilet for 60 pupils in one of its buildings.

It was like being at primary school again.

Constable McLennan stated that children of primary school age were allowed to cycle on the pavement.

The fact that primary schools now teach technology and science is an added bonus.

Whatever national curriculum we have at secondary school , this curriculum will have consequences for primary school.


This was the situation for more than half of the official primary season !

However, during the primary season , Elizabeth Dole was often the only woman who shared the stage with her husband.

On top of this comes the extra uncertainty from the new compression of the primary season .

The agendas of the press and the Republican electorate diverge dramatically during primary season , but not because of ideology.

And Buchanan lacks cash, which becomes vital as the primary season rolls on.

If Clinton finds that bipartisanship sells throughout the primary season , maybe thinking along new lines will become possible.

Federal law limits presidential candidates who accept matching contributions to spending $ 37 million in the primary season .

For the Republicans the primary season leaves many more unanswered questions.


For these reasons it is often difficult in many cases to trace a single primary source .

The radio is the primary source of information and link to the outside world.

If we define them simply, primary sources are those written at the time by some one usually connected with the event.

Moreover, they saw their primary source of leverage-financial rewards-as less effective with the big producer.

The two primary sources of data on smoking habits are the General Household Survey and surveys conducted by the tobacco industry.

For most people, in short, a job is a primary source of meaning and order in their lives.

Once the line between the conventional primary source and the secondary study is crossed, the flood is even worse.

Rhodes is no doubt distressed, as Gajdusek was his primary source .


His primary task in the short term would be to mobilize it for the regional elections in March.

The availability of trained grief counselors, whose primary task is simply to listen, is also important.

This is the primary task for which it was originally designed.

Maintaining that vital balance between faith and doubt, preserving that mutual trust, is a primary task for any leader.

The primary task of monetary policy is to fight inflation, keeping it to an acceptable level.

Threatened people do not perform well - their energies tend to be diverted from the primary task .

Trist also believed that the primary task of management was to relate the organisation to its environment.

The Commission's primary task would be to recommend policies and to administer the Treaty of Rome.


Many primary teachers start investigations of the past by working out from the history of the school, village or local area.

One is a primary teacher who was interested in the mental processes of children tackling simple addition.

In this way, students can develop a semi-specialism, as well as the more general skills of the primary teacher .

One day, the primary teacher guiding children through their instructional computer program may be able to prevent reading failure altogether.

Inner London as a whole has 653 primary teacher vacancies.

Six-subject BEds to prepare primary teachers across a wide curriculum range.

Whether these differences would remain if primary teachers emphasised different aspects of mathematics and different ways of approaching mathematics is unknown.


primary grades

primary students

a primary infection

As always, security is our primary concern.

Financial reward is the primary reason most people work.

Low attendance was the primary reason for canceling the shows.

What is the primary role of parents in bringing up children?


Another authority may publish total amounts for primary schools, secondary schools, continuing education.

Bibby could name one or maybe two assistants to his staff, including a primary recruiter.

But the compressed primary schedule for the 1996 nomination has a built-in bias for front-runners and candidates with money.

He considered that it was his primary duty to be a divine and theologian rather than a political bishop.

It singled out the upper reaches of primary schools for particular criticism.

The primary exhibit area will focus on the Turnbull Colony.

The future of our primary schools is rooted in the institutions which train our teachers.

II. noun




Jim Chapman, D-Sulphur Springs, who is running in the Democratic senatorial primary .

The Democratic primary was scheduled for September 12.

Clinton has nominal opposition in the Democratic primary .

Independents tend to favor Forbes over Dole and could vote in either the Republican or Democratic primaries .

Republican Dan Copeland is planning to face the winner of the Democratic primary in the general election.

Lloyd Bentsen in a Democratic primary in 1976.

Earle has drawn three opponents this year, two in his own Democratic primary and a Republican former prosecutor.


He said he wanted a presidential primary only in March and legislative and other races decided in September.

In 1992, when Democrats had a contested presidential primary , the turnout was 5 percent.

He had traveled with them during their arduous political journeys through the presidential primaries the previous wInter.

Every New Hampshire presidential primary is one for the history books.

In this election year, books about politics are as plentiful as presidential primaries .

Bob Dole responsible in the New Hampshire presidential primary .

By contrast, 11, 000 voters cast early ballots in the recent Super Tuesday presidential primaries .

And this presidential primary will be anything but standard.


Greg Laughlin of Texas discovered last year when he failed to survive the Republican primary despite strong party backing.

In the Republican primaries , Dole was chosen by about 60 percent of the voters over the age of 60.

Independents tend to favor Forbes over Dole and could vote in either the Republican or Democratic primaries .

All four states hold Republican presidential primaries on Tuesday.

The threat was made after Bailey helped lead a demonstration last month at Gammage Auditorium before the Republican presidential primary debate.

In New Hampshire, Democrats are precluded by law from voting in the Republican primary .



Instead, they are elected by rank-and-file voters in direct state primaries and caucuses.

Bloodied but unwilling to give up, he has little hope of winning Florida or any of the Southern state primaries Tuesday.

Now candidates are chosen by the people in state primaries or caucuses, not by the delegates in convention.

Instead, the voters do the nominating themselves at the increasingly important state primaries and caucuses.

Past state primaries , however, have turned out an average of about 30 percent of registered Republicans.

In 1960, sixteen state primaries chose just 27 percent of the Democratic delegates to the national convention.



Six other states also will hold primaries Tuesday: Texas will choose 123 delegates.

On March 5, eight states hold primaries .

A week after that, three big Midwestern states hold primaries , and on March 26, Californians go to the polls.

South Carolina holds the first primary in the South, with Super Tuesday following 10 days later.

No state yet to hold a primary has as many major media markets as Ohio.

Under the plan, states that hold primaries or caucuses before March 15 would receive no bonus delegates.

Martin said the campaign is closing offices and reducing staff in states that have held primaries .

South Dakota and North Dakota hold primaries the same day, with a combined total of 36 delegates at stake.


Bennett said he used more stringent criteria to determine whether independents would actually vote in the primary .

The deadline to register to vote in the primary is August 18.

I voted in the primary , and I want to know the results!

The proposal so spooked lawmakers that they offered an alternative referendum that allowed independent voters to vote in primaries .


But winning primaries is one thing.

They know that in the last 44 years no Republican has gained the presidency without first winning the New Hampshire primary .

Mr Clinton was also winning in two other primaries in Wisconsin and Kansas.

But the flat tax re-emerged overnight after Forbes won the Arizona primary .

Mr Tsongas is a pro-business liberal who won primaries and caucuses in seven states before lack of funds forced him out.

Forbes won primaries in Delaware and Arizona.

Bush won the Republican primary in South Carolina with 67 percent of the vote.

Gramm must win the South Carolina primary on March 2 to prove the validity of this South-West strategy.


If it is later decided to compare primaries, then equal-sized samples from each are likely to give greatest precision.

In the Republican primaries, Dole has received substantial support from senior citizens, who trust one of their own vintage.

No state yet to hold a primary has as many major media markets as Ohio.

South Carolina holds the first primary in the South, with Super Tuesday following 10 days later.

The Arizona primary originally was expected to be a fight between Sen.

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