Meaning of PROCEDURE in English



a complaints procedure (= a system for dealing with complaints )

There is a very straightforward complaints procedure you must follow.

a grievance procedure (= a system for dealing with employees' grievances )

You should pursue your complaint through the company's grievance procedure.

a routine operation/procedure (= medical operation )

Many routine operations had to be cancelled.

admissions policy/procedures etc

The college has a very selective admissions policy.

the admissions officer

operative procedures

patients undergoing operative procedures

standard practice/procedure (= the usual way of doing things )

Searching luggage at airports is now standard practice.

the assessment procedure/process

Parents need to feel part of the assessment procedure.

the selection process/procedure

Before the selection process begins, candidates need to be clear about what the job entails.




Such cases could be met by adopting for civil cases a procedure similar to the Attorney-General's reference in criminal proceedings.

Under the rules of civil procedures , however, they almost certainly would be played at the trial and.

The judges examined both the evidence of witnesses and written documentation, the procedure being based on the Roman civil procedure.

There are high hopes for a powerful and radical approach to the current problems encountered in matters of civil procedure .

The second approach is to amend civil procedure .

It was a free system with none of the formalism of the ordinary civil procedure .

The advantages compared with ordinary civil procedure were largely limited to Rome, since each province had only one jurisdictional magistrate.

The civil service procedures for the most senior appointments are well established.


The branch officers, all men, refused to let the women speak, claiming they were not following correct procedure .

There was considerable confusion in the administration over the correct procedure .

Winch and car launches Provided that the pilot keeps to the correct procedures , winch and car launches can be very safe.

Even a travesty of justice must follow correct procedure .

She said it was Humphreys' responsibility as managing director to follow the correct procedure for getting rid of toxic waste.

Similarly, social workers were issued with handbooks and directives about the correct procedure to follow when investigating cases of suspected abuse.

Finally, there is legal authority based on enactments that can be made and changed by formally correct procedures .

But the prison governor insists the correct procedures were followed.


There is no formal procedure , like the pastoral Measure, for declaring unwanted churches redundant and deciding their future.

The formal procedure is seen as a substitute for a more spontaneous flow and nurture of ideas.

In essence, formal systems and procedures depend on local knowledge.

A formal company procedures is recommended which records, analyses and disseminates such information.

But it is bound to stimulate the evolution of formal procedures for overcoming the obstacles met by investigators.

Control is exercised at the centre and it is characterised by informal webs of influence rather than formal procedures .

As soon as he arrived, the formal procedure began.

It is characterised by formal procedures and offers the individual security, stability and predictability.


There are several reasons for the dislike of the legal procedures .

Each participating State will provide appropriate legal and administrative procedures to protect the rights of all its forces personnel.

What is required is a speedy and effective legal procedure which secures corrections and counter-statements by way of an alternative procedure to libel litigation.

One day, the mystery of legal procedures and jargon disappeared.

The legal procedure is far too clumsy and hit-and-miss.

Many legal systems have procedures of this general type.

Nevertheless, even the staunchest advocates of non-legal solutions to truancy seem to accept that legal procedures must continue to be available.

In legal procedures personal and family relations have been deemed to be beyond law's limits.


As a medical procedure it was first used for women who could not become pregnant because of blocked or missing fallopian tubes.

In reality, there is a great shortage of donated organs, but organ donation is a careful, well-documented medical procedure .

Some affairs actually now begin with a medical procedure .

Numerous other medical procedures are more popular than validated.

Having blood taken, like many other minor medical procedures , is much worse in prospect than in practice.

In medical parlance this procedure is commonly known as a career-ectomy.

Learners should participate in ward rounds and medical procedures , and accompany the doctor when a patient is being examined.

A second reason is concerned with abortion as a medical procedure .


They are boycotting new assessment procedures , claiming social welfare officers were not being recognised for increased workloads.

Months of wrangling over new production standards for the vaccine and new inspection procedures followed.

Updated refresher training sessions were held for plant operators and new reporting procedures brought in to cover routine monitoring.

The Board of Supervisors passed an ordinance last fall to allow the new procedure .

The quality assurance scheme will mean the introduction of new procedures which conform to the Institutes' requirements.

Meanwhile, we still had to get something done about our new procedures .

These new procedures were drawn up by the company itself, according to the council's senior counsel.

The case was primarily concerned with the new procedure for remedies.


They say it's normal procedure at other Universities to wash contaminated materials like rubber gloves and glass containers.

A check of the ponds was in order because of both concern expressed by local citizens and normal operating procedure .

This is normal procedure inmost research institutions.

Under normal procedures the Supreme Court would rule on the motion before the 1992 presidential elections took place.

It appears that he was spared the normal procedure of having his fingerprints and photograph taken.

This is normal procedure and need cause you no concern.

An army spokesman said that the security vetting of personnel was a normal procedure in all defence forces.

Mr Major insisted that the Government would abide by normal parliamentary procedures .


In 1983 the Procedure Committee recommended drastic revision of parliamentary procedure on taxation.

The vote came after majority Nationalist Party officials said today the party would use parliamentary procedures to block implementation of the bills.

These parliamentary procedures rest upon the government's command of a majority.

The arcane language of parliamentary procedures always seemed to come more easily to Dole than straight forward talk on fundamental values.

Such breaches of parliamentary procedure carry a £500 fine.

Mr Major insisted that the Government would abide by normal parliamentary procedures .

Thirdly, these weaknesses are endemic. Parliamentary procedure , like all aspects of political life, is a matter of habit.


Will he press that where commitments are made to open markets for textile products, a proper verification procedure must be established?

Law students tend to become more concerned with matters of proper procedure and exhibit an increased tendency to reason by analogy.

The row centres on a technicality - whether the proper testing procedure was carried out.

He ordered that a memorandum explaining the proper procedure be prepared and circulated to service commands.

Much of our existing knowledge has been gathered from descriptive studies which lack controls and proper sampling procedures .

Process accountability - accountability for following proper procedures . 3.

They keep wanting to supply goods without going through the proper procedures .

Crucially, therefore, causal explanation is the proper procedure when we engage in natural science but not elsewhere.


There is no simple procedure to determine the number of blocks which may be used by the media item.

On occasions simple random sampling procedures as just described do not meet the requirements of the research.

It's a very simple procedure , and usually doesn't cost you even a stamp.

Giving blood is a simple procedure and most donors feel only the slightest discomfort.

A simple calibration procedure is used to set-up the system for individual implements.

In summary, there are well established, simple procedures for giving judgments credibility.

If you consult a Solicitor, making a will is a simple procedure .

An arbitration award can be enforced by a simple procedure , and is enforceable internationally.


On the other hand it does not provide remedies for production problems which can be applied as standard recipes or procedures .

In this particular White House, of course, personal assault is standard operating procedure .

No two old people will react the same way, so no standard procedure can be recommended.

This is a standard operating procedure that enables our grassroots membership to define the small-business positions on important issues.

From 1754 onwards marriages were entered on printed forms, otherwise no standard procedure was laid down until 1813.

Doing everything at the last minute seemed to be standard operating procedure .

One standard procedure would be to see if your inspectors' judgments matched other evidence.

No one asked me about follow up phone calls made to me by their offices, standard procedures for campaigns.


Areas where this need can arise usually occur when a surgical procedure or accident has resulted in loss of bone.

Although not completely pain free, they often prefer this management to any type of surgical procedure .

Indications for surgery are not clearly defined and there is no agreement on the ideal surgical procedure .

Lengths of stay are being cut dramatically for just about every serious medical illness and surgical procedure .

Particular care needs to be taken over: i. accidents or surgical procedures where anaesthetics and appropriate pain relief must be given.

So far, research has centered on two highly experimental surgical procedures .

These patients, apart from fearing the surgical procedure and the effects of malignant disease, often have severe psychological problems after surgery.

As far as surgical procedures go, the rule is the less the better.



They are boycotting new assessment procedures , claiming social welfare officers were not being recognised for increased workloads.

The assessment procedures consisted of bimonthly interviews of the patients and a friend or relative with whom the patient was living.

These will form the basis of a comprehensive family assessment procedure for use in research and practice.

The new authority will be flexible and use local visits as part of its assessment procedure .

The therapist should explain fully why certain areas of questioning are being broached so that parents feel part of the assessment procedure .

How far this is possible depends to a great extent on the quality of the instructions accompanying the assessment procedure .

This analysis will also require us to take into consideration still other developments in assessment procedures which are currently taking place.


In fact, the complainant in the case Samaraweera cites was knowledgeable about court procedure .

In other words, court procedures are not well-adapted to resolving polycentric disputes.

The Government has taken steps to improve court procedures but it has steadfastly refused to introduce a legal right to interest.

Mooting not only gives you practice in court procedure but helps to develop the aplomb that every advocate should possess.

Consultant psychiatrists, in three reports, said the man was incapable of understanding court procedure and should not be tried.


The contract also established a grievance procedure and a salary schedule.

If you feel upset by an apparent unfairness, pursue the matter through the grievance procedure .

Governors should take any grievance relating to employment very seriously and give proper consideration to it through a fair grievance procedure .

McAvennie disputed the fine and called on the Professional Footballer's grievance procedures to voice his dissent.

So, for instance, the responsibility of governing bodies for disciplinary and grievance procedures overrides previous local and national agreements.


A NORTH-EAST double glazing firm has been fined nearly £3,000 for breaches of work safety procedures .

Regulatory agencies uncovered numerous flaws in operating and safety procedures .

But new safety procedures had been introduced so such an event could never happen again.

No one was missing and no one had been hurt. Safety procedures and quick thinking of those involved had worked well.

These are the basic safety procedures: Wear gloves when mopping-up blood and giving injections.

Laganside agreed to review safety procedures during the week-long break to accommodate the Lower Ormeau Community Festival.

Throughout there has been a high profile given to safety procedures , under the control of safety manager.

Bureau safety procedures , in the event of a violent client, can not be neglected.


In the main, however, the selection procedure is rigorous enough so that basic training does not have to be used for assessment purposes.

State judicial selection procedures are even more severely criticized.

For many courses a formal interview is an essential part of the selection procedure .

Such inquiries also occur face-to-face during the course of an interview or selection procedure .

Under the selection procedure the party bosses no longer have the power to carry out such a coup.

The use of tests is not, of course, confined to selection procedures .

But in practice, for the great majority of schools, the selection procedure acted as a straightjacket.

There were no joint selection procedures .



Procedure within the financial accounts Many larger companies adopt the procedure of raising a debit note for any errors on invoices.

Its board has adopted a streamlined procedure for doling out emergency loans.

Most LEAs are adopting systematic procedures of school inspections and viewing what goes on in classrooms.

Otherwise adopt the standard procedure given in Air Pilot, and any special procedure that may be required at certain major airports.

However, it is clearly sensible for a business to adopt standard contract formation procedures .

Mr Slough said trade officials were slow to adopt new export procedures which came into force in January.


This reaction produced attempts to apply scientific principles and procedures to the study of human functioning.

We could, of course, defeat this improved algorithm too, by simply applying the foregoing procedure all over again.

All of them would, in theory, apply the same dreary procedures .

The same principle must apply to the old procedure as stated in Schedule 1 to the Act of 1989.

The two necessary conditions of contiguity and repetition apply but the procedure is different.


Although no oily film was apparent I carried out this procedure twice.

Her doctor whistled, and assured her she was all right,, and carried the procedure through to the horrific end.

When turning inbound after carrying out these procedures , simply fly straight to the station.

The operations needed to carry out this procedure can be divided into two parts.

On appeal he was found not guilty because he was carrying out a normal procedure approved by the medical profession.

We have successfully carried out this procedure in 18 patients.

They will carry out the procedures initiated by the Lexicographer Group on instruction from the Computer Group.

Administrator: carrying out routine procedures . 5.


The panel also includes an X-ray viewing screen and a wipe-clean board for surgeons to describe procedures to students.

When the state law does describe a specific procedure , it must be followed exactly.

If one is selecting households from a given neighborhood, he should describe the procedure for selecting the cases.

Section 2 of this document describes the problem management procedures .

These laws describe the procedures teachers must follow to achieve tenure.

Most states also describe the procedure to be followed when there is an impasse in collective bargaining negotiations.


Each of our businesses will develop management procedures for environmental assurance and will regularly audit results.

Firms that lack the time or resources to develop their own screening procedures will likely turn to personnel firms.

The need to develop management procedures which are understandable and credible to the institution's environment. 10.

The Sorensons contacted a textile expert to assist in developing a competent dyeing procedure .

Consultations between the agriculture departments and the Home Office are in progress to develop procedures and criteria for issuing licences.

The likelihood would then be that these new lines of reasoning can be developed into an algorithmic procedure .

How can health and local authorities develop cooperative procedures if care is spread across many health districts?

Some states, such as Oklahoma, give the parties the opportunity to develop a procedure for resolving impasses.


It would be sensible for dioceses to establish procedures for arbitration in case these are needed to settle disputes.

They also establish working and administrative procedures and policies.

Alternatively, it may be possible, and preferable, to establish procedures to incorporate terms by reference on the telephone.

The contract also established a grievance procedure and a salary schedule.

In summary, there are well established , simple procedures for giving judgments credibility.

Process is defined as the sequence of established activities or procedures used by providers in the delivery of health care.

The 1992 law established a selection procedure for asylum seekers.

A sinking fund establishes a procedure for the orderly retirement of a bond over the life of the issue.


The first is that there is no need to follow slavishly the whole procedure for each offence.

It has both center and decimal-aligned columns. Follow this procedure to enter the table: 1.

Committees are formal and follow rules of procedure .

Even a travesty of justice must follow correct procedure .

The outcome was uninhibited dialogue with many examples of communication failures being followed by successful repair procedures .

People working without either psychotherapy or a regular meditation program should follow a similar procedure .

If unavailable, follow these procedures . 2.

Miyako Immigration was following all the official procedures , but they had every intention of letting Loi ashore.


Finally, and supporting all these new initiatives, we have introduced improved quality control procedures .

Mr Sloan had introduced Strathclyde procedures which she maintained had no place in Orkney.

When that period ends on 1 March, police will introduce stringent search procedures .

A preferred time for introducing the procedure is in the design phase of the development project.

Instead of developing careful analytical thinking, the staff could be instructed to introduce closed didactic procedures that are heavily information-driven.

The experiments just mentioned not only introduce a much-needed control procedure but they also extend the generality of the effect.

It is very likely to over-react, however, and introduce formal procedures that swing the pendulum too far the other way.

Instead, additional user procedures may be introduced , existing user procedures may be amended, or data may be altered.


Anthropometry is the most frequently performed child health screening procedure .

I performed 39 procedures without diathermy, and contamination occurred in four.


If it does, simply repeat the procedure until it is lying down.

Get the students to exchange roles and repeat the procedure .

The major challenge is to repeat the procedure with human cells.

Then he would blow out the candle, and we would sit still for another five minutes and repeat the procedure .

She might repeat the procedure at another specified bank in Parish and so on until the Credit was fully utilised.

After this time, apply a second coat and repeat the drying procedure .

He repeated the procedure twice more and laid the separate sections on the stone floor.

Now repeat the procedure for the bottom E string.


Institutionally, implementation of policy requires a public procedure .

There is a recurrence rate of approximately 20 %, sometimes requiring repetition of the procedure .

This requires suitable systems and procedures , and is absolutely vital at a time of considerable change.

Transactions involving large dollar amounts and / or high risk of fraud require more sophisticated fraud-prevention procedures .

Adding feet and inches, for example, requires a procedure different from adding metres; displaying graphics is different from displaying text.

Any change in the reimbursement rate requires the same procedure .

It can be controversial and I envisage that fixing zone boundaries would require a procedure of public enquiry etc.

The accounts amount to hundreds of millions of pesos, which presidents spend however they wish without any required accounting procedures .


It will set out recommended procedures for equal opportunities practice in the selection of pupils and tenants for chambers.

Around the same time, he acted to set the procedure of constitutional reform in motion.

Various recent legal enactments covering food safety and the environment have required the Catering Branch to set up continues review procedures .

In most Compacts the education authority sets up a procedure for selecting schools.

Section 0403 below sets out the procedures to be followed in determining if a client is a corporate finance client.

Everyone at was involved in setting up the procedures under the guidance of technical manager assisted by.


In the aerospace and transport industries, scientists and engineers use stoichiometric procedures to calculate fuel needs.

The vote came after majority Nationalist Party officials said today the party would use parliamentary procedures to block implementation of the bills.

As far as anyone knew, however, all the labs were using the same procedures .

The company is obliged to tell you how to use its complaints procedure .

Cut the two remaining sides using the same procedure 3 Never sand mitres after cutting.

The data are reduced using standard procedures to produce Bouguer gravity anomalies to an overall accuracy of 1 m Gal.


Always observe the correct procedure for the use of ski-lifts.

I want to get a new passport but I don't know the procedure .

It is very important to follow the safety procedures laid down in the handbook.

Parcells underwent a procedure last week to repair his knee.

Sorry about the body search. It's just standard procedure .

Stewards spent hours rehearsing the proper procedure for marshalling the huge crowds expected in the stadium.

What is the procedure for opening a bank account?


Alternatively, it may be possible, and preferable, to establish procedures to incorporate terms by reference on the telephone.

Each teacher approaches a procedure in an individual way and has different areas of expertise and interest.

If a procedure is prescribed for making the rule it must be followed, unless the procedure is directory rather than mandatory.

It also would cover hormones and other procedures.

Its procedures often seemed too specific to be worth the candle of locking some one up.

Reform voting procedures that Democrats claim disenfranchised thousands of black voters last year.

The court will not sanction the scheme if the requisite statutory procedures have not been complied with.

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