Meaning of PROCEDURE in English

I. -jə(r) noun

( -s )

Etymology: French procédure, from Middle French procedure, from proceder to proceed + -ure — more at proceed


a. : a particular way of doing or of going about the accomplishment of something

the book is lucid in its procedure — H.B.Wehle

democratic procedure

told me he didn't especially like by procedure


(1) : a particular course of action

a procedure that respects the dignity and worth of the individual — W.O.Douglas

(2) : a particular step adopted for doing or accomplishing something

one of his first procedures was to investigate the reports

(3) : a series of steps followed in a regular orderly definite way : method

surgical procedure

therapeutic procedure

scientific procedure


(1) : a traditional, customary, or otherwise established or accepted way of doing things

told him it was not the procedure of citizens of that country to act in that way

(2) : protocol 4

sticklers for procedure — Time

d. : an established way of conducting business (as of a deliberative body): as

(1) : the accepted usage of parliamentary bodies : established parliamentary practice : parliamentary order

rules of procedure

(2) : the established manner of conducting judicial business and litigation including pleading, evidence, and practice


a. obsolete : the progress or continuation of some action or process

b. archaic : the fact of issuing from a source

II. noun

: a series of instructions that has a name by which it can be called into action and that is usually part of a computer program

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