Meaning of PROGRAM in English

I. noun


a computer program (= a set of instructions stored inside a computer )

At school, we’re learning how to write simple computer programs.

a software/program designer (= for computer programs )

Software designers are working on a new operating system.

drop a scheme/program etc

Some banks have dropped their student loan scheme.

entitlement program

outreach program/service/center etc

outreach centers for drug addicts

program a computer (= give it instructions so that it will do a particular job )

programmed learning

recovery program

software/a program runs on a computer

You’ll need the appropriate software running on your computer.




The authors have obviously taken note of the thousands of users of the first release to bring you this wonderful educational program .

Many individuals also attend training and educational programs sponsored by industry associations, often in collaboration with postsecondary institutions.

The culprit: an educational program he had installed for his 3-year-old daughter.

To the extent that educational programs purport to teach social knowledge, legitimate opportunities for social interaction must be provided.

In the early 1950s Highlander work shifted to make educational programs on the civil rights issue its major priority.

Many of the resources went into day-care centers, educational programs , and the training and employment of police-community aides.

Sophisticated graphics and multimedia software for games and educational programs dictate that consumer machines have plenty of muscle.

Special educational programs are scheduled for youngsters.


For his part, Perry is pressing the Agriculture Department in Washington to show more generosity in federal crop-insurance programs .

To match federal program cuts, that proportion would have to dramatically increase.

Congress is poised to block-grant to the states huge chunks of federal programs .

The overall cutback in the funding of federal urban programs would require cities to look to state governments for aid.

It is one of the few federal programs from which large budget savings are potentially available.

The projected increases come largely because farmers will no longer have to idle acres in order to participate in federal programs .

The remaining 1. 9 percent would continue to be paid into the federal disability insurance program .

Some problems of the federal health programs were self-inflicted, the witnesses indicated.


Clinton said Congress was cutting social programs too deeply to pay for the tax cuts.

She said social programs of the 1960s have gotten a bad rap in the 1990s.

He said an agreement had been struck whereby Freeport would provide 1 percent of annual revenues for social development programs .

Its social programs can fail to work, its businesses can fail to produce, its laws can become unenforceable.

Some social aid programs have grown even more.

The serious cutting will occur in the social welfare programs , which are pretty much all that remain.

It also provides a network of schools, medical clinics and other social programs in the Gaza Strip and West Bank.


Adding data does not require special programs to be written.

You know, unlike those special programs we have just for talented and gifted kids.

However, the riding test can be waived if you successfully complete a special training program .

Continental Freedom and Global Passports are special Continental programs for seniors who fly frequently.

Overall, the school budget is $ 29. 1 billion, including special program funding and other targeted funds.

Can you tell me if there are any special programs to help my gut reach its full potential?

This semantic distinction is beside the point; the special admissions program is undeniably a classification based on race and ethnic back-ground.



Whether the teacher feels that this particular lesson was enhanced by the use of a computer program . 12.

A computer program that attempts to have a robot duplicate your efforts would get very complex.

It is possible that the company writing the computer program was negligent in its testing of the program.

Dawkins works out in some detail a computer program which mirrors this computer simulation of the development of the eye.

A literal copy of a computer program infringes copyright if made without the consent of the copyright owner.

Very simply, these so-called models are computer programs that analyze a lot of meteorological information fed into them.

We discuss the computer program in rather anthropomorphic terms, referring successively to the talents personality and style of the computer program.

Sketchpad did not frel like a computer program , at least none that had ever been thought of as such.


Human rights education programs aim to foster respect for other people, tolerance, fairness and solidarity.

Special education programs are having a tremendous impact on the way schools, educators, and library media programs do their work.

The Alliance uses the money to fund ongoing health, safety and environmental education programs for the oil field service industry.

The government uses them to plan food and nutrition education programs .

A portion of each sale goes to the Wright foundation, which funds conservation and education programs .

Update and refine your skills, preferably in adult education programs at a local college.

The university is known for many things, he said, most notably its teacher education programs .

Your education programs should be designed to accommodate different needs within your workforce.


It has also been tested with over 2100 software programs and has proved to be compatible.

Some count how many software programs are sold.

The software programs for microcomputers demand visual concentration and sometimes tracking and scanning skills.

A growing variety of software programs are available to scramble your data so that only you can view it.

Third Party Software Leading molecular scientists worldwide have developed effective specialised software programs noted for advancing science.

The computer runs a backup software program for launching and landing the shuttle.

PageMaker-the software program from Aldus Corporation that everyone associates with desktop publishing due to its immense success on the Apple Macintosh.

For most users, this requires a software program known as a telnet client.



Whenever you run a program it switches to the output screen to show you what the program has produced.

It does not even need to be forbidden; the people who run these programs are not angry.

At first, I just ran the Equalizer program on a desktop computer.

This runs the batch file which will put you in the correct subdirectory and run the program .

The computer runs a backup software program for launching and landing the shuttle.

When you run the program it will do something unexpected, usually without your knowledge.

Deborah runs a job-training program at Republic Steel, to place steelworkers in new jobs.


People have found ways to escape ill-fitting jobs, start training programs , or enter graduate school.

Sedentary men, particularly those over 40, should not start a running program without a physical exam, he said.

The year after Sara started the medical program , her tumors regressed.

Advocating civil rights and open housing and starting a university tutorial program for poor, inner-city Baltimore children, for starters.

He did, and so we started on a psychotherapy program .

Jack Welch started the program by calling for a search for companies worth emulating.

The man with whom he joined to start the program is head teacher.

So he changed his swing, changed his exercise routine and started a stretching program .


You can use a terminal program for direct connection to another user.

This recipe was used for a program and I hope Mrs Mills enjoys it as much as the residents did.

Each car behaves differently so you never get tired of using the program .

Intuit, meanwhile, has acknowledged using the tracking programs to target ads.

This function allows proprietary formats to be used between consenting programs in private, without the need for standardization of those formats.

Option 8 is used to leave the program and must be selected to ensure that all the data is safely stored.

A cracker can also eavesdrop using wiretapping, radio, or auxiliary ports on computers, which are used by network programs .


Our version of occam thus contains only the essential core needed to write simple programs .

I think it is possible to make zero defects in production software, say if you are writing yet another database program .

The product is aimed at engineers and scientists who can build software modules called virtual instruments instead of writing cryptic text-based programs .

And if Apple falls apart, software developers could get even more skittish about sinking money into writing programs for Macs.

The vexed question has always been: Who should write the programs which control these machines?

For instance, in computer science one learns how to write programs that can perform certain tasks.

Other programs like word processors, produce data files such as the letters you write .

It was his job to convince software developers to write programs for Macintosh.


be programmed

get with the program


"ER" is the most popular program on TV.

a circus program

a government program to feed the poor

Brian was able to get into a good nursing program .

Square dancing is on tonight's program at the rec center.

the company's management training program

the U.S. space program


For programmers to write Windows-based programs, they need to know about changes in the system well in advance.

In other words, what are the results of your program ?

The disk is not allowed access until it has been validated with the Disknet check program .

This only occurs when programs are written to take advantage of the co-processor.

II. verb




More important was the software - how should a parallel computer be programmed ?

The computer programmed graded distribution in which the detail is random.

For a computer to be easily programmed , it must be obvious when a mistake has been made.

The computer is programmed with the best available knowledge of how atmospheric conditions cause weather systems.



Why should you learn to program in this day and age?

She later learned to program in the Unix operating system that is the basis for eVote.


get with the program


Hal spends most of his time programming.

The computers have been programmed to automatically save whatever you're working on.

The orchestra programs very little music by living composers.


His most striking proposition to the lay reader is that human beings are genetically programmed to learn certain kinds of language.

It would also run on the Java programming language.

Java is a programming language that Sun unveiled last year.

Perhaps the most important change in Netscape Version 2 is its ability to run programs written in the Java programming language.

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