Meaning of PROGRAM in English

I. noun see: carve Date: 1633 a public notice, 2. a brief usually printed outline of the order to be followed, of the features to be presented, and the persons participating (as in a public performance), the performance of a ~, a plan or system under which action may be taken toward a goal, curriculum , prospectus , syllabus , 6. a plan for the ~ming of a mechanism (as a computer), a sequence of coded instructions that can be inserted into a mechanism (as a computer), a sequence of coded instructions (as genes or behavioral responses) that is part of an organism, II. transitive verb also ~me (-grammed or -gramed; -gramming or -graming) Date: 1896 1. to arrange or furnish a ~ of or for ; bill , to enter in a ~, to work out a sequence of operations to be performed by (a mechanism) ; provide with a ~, 3. to insert a ~ for (a particular action) into or as if into a mechanism, to control by or as if by a ~, c. to code in an organism's ~, to provide with a biological ~ , to predetermine the thinking, behavior, or operations of as if by computer ~ming , ~mability noun ~mable adjective or noun

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