Meaning of PROGRAM in English

Synonyms and related words :

Beveridge Plan, Cultural Revolution, Fair Deal, Great Society, Marshall Plan, New Deal, New Frontier, Philharmonic concert, Point Four, Square Deal, affair, agenda, announcement, annunciation, approach, arrange, arrangement, attack, attempt, austerity program, automate, automatize, band concert, batting order, beadroll, beat into, bill, bill of fare, blueprint, blueprinting, book, brainwash, budget, bulletin board, business, cadastre, calculate, calculation, calendar, card, carte du jour, cast, catalog, catechize, census, census report, chamber concert, charting, checklist, checkroll, circular, commitment, communique, conception, concert, condition, contract, contrivance, contrive, cut out, deal, declaration, declaration of policy, design, device, devise, disposition, docket, dramatis personae, edict, effort, encyclical, engagement, enroll, enter, enterprise, enumerate, enunciation, envisagement, figure, figuring, file, five-year plan, forecast, foresight, forethought, frame, game, graphing, ground plan, guidelines, head count, honor roll, idea, imbue, impanel, implant, impregnate, impress, inculcate, index, indoctrinate, infix, infuse, inoculate, instill, intend, intention, inventory, issue, itemize, jury list, jury panel, keep score, keynote address, keynote speech, lay plans, layout, line, line up, lineup, list, list of agenda, long-range plan, make a projection, make arrangements, manifesto, mapping, master plan, menu, method, methodize, methodology, musical performance, musical program, muster, muster roll, nose count, notice, notification, obligation, operation, operations research, order of business, organization, organize, party platform, performance, philharmonic, pigeonhole, plan, plan ahead, plank, planning, planning function, platform, playbill, policy, polity, poll, pop concert, pops, popular concert, position paper, post, prearrange, prearrangement, procedure, proclamation, program of action, program of music, program of operation, programma, project, prom, promenade concert, pronouncement, pronunciamento, property roll, proposition, prospectus, protocol, public notice, questionnaire, rationalization, rationalize, recital, register, report, returns, robotize, roll, roll call, roster, rota, schedule, schema, schematism, schematization, schematize, scheme, scheme of arrangement, score, scroll, service of music, servo-control, set up, setup, shape, slate, statement, strategic plan, strategy, symphony concert, system, systematization, systematize, tabulate, tactical plan, tactics, tally, task, tax roll, the big picture, the picture, timetable, ukase, undertaking, venture, way, white book, white paper, work, work out, work up, working plan

Moby thesaurus English vocabulary.      Английский словарь Moby Тезаурус .