Meaning of PROPOSITION in English


I. noun


a viable proposition (= an idea that will work )

Is this kind of tourism a viable proposition?

attractive offer/proposition/package etc

I must say, it’s a very attractive offer.

put a proposition/proposal to sb

I’ve a proposition to put to you.




It is not an attractive proposition for independent power generation because it is difficult to finance.

In theory, a star-driven period melodrama with top-notch production values should have been an attractive proposition for distributors.

If hiring costs can be reduced by machines working longer, it could become an even more attractive proposition .

By the end of the Regency period the pub was becoming a far more attractive proposition for the government, too.

Costs and qualifications All-optical cabling is an attractive proposition .

This was not an attractive proposition , but my idea of womanhood was hardly preferable.

I can't feel that this music as presented here is an attractive proposition at full price.

Relativism is not an attractive proposition to anyone, least of all philosophers, because everything becomes so uncertain and transitory.


Contracts A business bargain or contract rests on the basic proposition that each party to the contract is in agreement.

Their basic proposition was that we tend to organise and simplify incoming information until it makes a satisfying pattern.

It is this basic proposition that underlies much of recent Marxian writings on underdevelopment.


Sentences can therefore express different propositions on different occasions of use.

A proposition can not change its truth-value without in effect becoming a different proposition.

Malcolm Harris was a slightly different proposition .

Last season Boldon struggled throughout but they are a different proposition this time after signing several leading players during the winter.

His uncle Laban is a different proposition altogether.

Biological filters are a different proposition .

Hot water is a different proposition .

He uses the indeterminacy of language to convey, through a single utterance, two very different propositions to the audience.


By asserting it, however, we are also committing ourselves to a general conditional proposition of a standard kind.

These two problems in combination make any general propositions about the trade pattern diffIcult.


However, most taxes which are a practical proposition create their own distortions in the economy and involve non-trivial collection costs.

Reading bar codes into the system is a practical proposition , but the database side of things is not.

Being realistic about it, a bar code system that would directly provide text string is not a very practical proposition .

This does not sound like a very practical proposition , at least not in the immediate future.

However desirable it is that they receive training, many do not see it as a practical proposition .


But can true propositions cause anything?

Now what about the subset which represents the true propositions of our formal system?

Truth is literally what a true proposition expresses.

There are certain simple classes of true arithmetical proposition that do form recursively enumerable sets, however.

We have found a true proposition which has no proof within the system!


Recording the electrical activity of single brain cells in mammals only became a viable proposition in the 1950s.

Only a handful of producers - say a dozen or so - regard wine as a viable commercial proposition .

What keeps the propliners of the world still going as viable business propositions is an item known as the bottom line.



We had a regular business proposition .

Anyway, it would be a a business proposition .

It's a proposition - a business proposition.

I would like to discuss a business proposition of possible benefit to us both.

In practice the price obtained will be less than the generating cost, so as a business proposition it is a non-starter.

Such a broker examines all franchise propositions carefully to determine whether they will make good business propositions.

It also turns a dream into a solid business proposition , worth the considerable investment.

What keeps the propliners of the world still going as viable business propositions is an item known as the bottom line.



For my part, I would not be prepared to accept that as a proposition of law.

We can not accept this proposition .

I do not accept that proposition .

We can in fact accept it along with our proposition that effects are necessitated events.

All her dreams, in an instant, had vaporised into nothing - for she knew she would never accept his proposition .


Voters supported proposition 22 by 61 % to 39 %, bestowing official recognition only on marriages between men and women.

We support the proposition that the provision of access beyond existing Rights of Way should be paid for out of the public purse.

Research overwhelmingly supports the proposition that age is a poor predictor of performance and ability.


Proposition 209 outlawed affirmative action in California.

I'll consider your proposition and let you know.

I have a proposition to make.

Most of Aristotle's propositions have proven wrong over time.

We're still studying the proposition .

We are prepared to look at any reasonable proposition from the council.


But as the centennial neared, he approached Fred with quite a secular proposition .

Film theorists first put forward the proposition that the construction of the spectator in mainstream cinema is gendered.

However, all this makes the Rolls a more costly proposition if it needs repairing.

I am left with the cup the idea of that ordinary physical object - or a proposition about the cup.

Inevitably this raises a question about the logical structure of existential propositions in general.

It's a proposition - a business proposition.

It would be difficult to sustain this proposition .

Those behind the proposition are a group of hard-working volunteers who want to improve Tucson.

II. verb


She complained that her boss propositioned her on several occasions.


Even she, who'd been propositioned by experts, had to admit that.

Had Puddephat provoked this storm by propositioning the boy?

His parishioners had grumbled that streetwalkers propositioned them after his sermons.

I was propositioned by this absolutely stunning girl who couldn't have been any more than seventeen.

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