Meaning of RANGE in English

I. noun


a bewildering variety/array/range

a bewildering variety of choices

a broad range

Sport is a part of a broad range of activities that we call leisure.

a colour range/range of colours (= a number of colours that you can choose from )

There’s a wide colour range to choose from.

a colour range/range of colours (= a number of colours that you can choose from )

There’s a wide colour range to choose from.

a comprehensive range of sth

The town has a comprehensive range of sporting facilities.

a huge range/variety/selection etc

a huge range of issues

a mountain range/chain (= a number of mountains in a line )

The Alps are the largest mountain range in Europe.

a product range/line (= the range of things that a company makes and sells )

We want to broaden the company’s product line.

a range of ability/ability range

There is a wide range of ability within the class.

Disruptive behaviour is more prominent in the lower ability range.

a range of ability/ability range

There is a wide range of ability within the class.

Disruptive behaviour is more prominent in the lower ability range.

a range of backgrounds

People from a wide range of backgrounds go to watch football.

a range of facilities

The range of facilities offered by this hotel is superb.

a range of issues

A range of issues were debated at the meeting.

a range of items (= different types of items )

Clay was used to make an impressive range of items.

a range of options

The council is considering a range of options for improving the city’s transport system.

a wide range/variety/choice etc (of sth)

This year’s festival includes a wide range of entertainers.

holidays to a wide choice of destinations

age range

young people in the 15–18 age range

an age group/bracket/range

Men in the 50–65 age group are most at risk from heart disease.

The school takes in children from the seven to eleven age range.

driving range

estimates range/vary from ... to ...

Estimates of the number of homeless people in the city range from 6,000 to 10,000.

frequency range

the frequency range of the human ear

full range of

The Health Centre offers a full range of services.

in the ... age range

young people in the 15–18 age range

in/outside sb’s price range (= used when saying that someone can/cannot afford to pay for something )

Unfortunately, there was nothing in our price range.

point-blank range

The bullet was fired at point-blank range .

prices range from £30 to £65 etc

Over 1,000 paintings will be shown with prices ranging from £50 to £5,000.

range of expertise

The committee hopes to draw on a wide range of expertise from different institutions.

rifle range




It would have been easy enough to find a broader range of opinions for last week's meetings.

It is imperative that this policy be created and enacted with the broadest conceivable range of applications in mind.

This, in turn, allows the subject to make sense of a broader range of sensations.

It was to its urban centers that those interested in a better education and a broader range of opportunities were drawn.


Dark brown duck best distinguished by white wing-bar and at close range by purple speculum.

Fornek got a second chance at close range as Gingrich was leaving the luncheon.

He looked as if he'd taken both barrels into his chest at very close range .

There at very close range he shot a man he had disarmed.

The cause of death was a shotgun blast at close range , and police are now investigating the illegal killing.

An hour later when the police left, three youths were dead; they had been shot at close range .

The nature of the wound suggests a bullet of medium calibre fired at close range , under 60 centimetres.

The bass and eels often feed at extremely close range .


Many of you know that free range chickens are a very important part of Crediton.

I also take billy kids for a pal near me and rear them free range with lots of love and cuddles.

It may make you want to ask the caterer if the coronation chicken was free range .

These same eggs end up at a supermarket as fresh free range !

We began detailed evaluation of the potential for free range chickens two years ago.


Indeed, they see incineration as a solution to toxic waste whose usefulness should be employed on a greater range of materials.

Geologists have to time Earth processes that lie in a great range of time periods, or time scales.

The prototype unit used a length of 5m but you may find that a greater range can be achieved.

At a great enough range it is impossible to tell.

From Superdrug comes a great new range of hairbrushes.

Customers are offered a greater range of destinations and flight times, while carriers can reduce capacity and share costs.

The great range of taped music currently available adds today's modern sounds and brings another dimension to the class.

Motley, bustling city crowd. Great range of beers and whiskies.


Hotels and how we grade them Enterprise has a huge range of hotels with something to suit all tastes and budgets.

Versions are available on a huge range of hardware, and the file formats are interchangeable.

He disarmingly admitted his lack of preparation for the huge range of problems with which he had to grapple.

It was hung with pots and pans, and a huge range was slowly burning coal.

Both products do calculations and supply a huge range of built in statistical and engineering functions.

Dylan's voice has always been his greatest asset, carrying a huge range of emotions.

They come in a huge range of colours and designs, often with matching inserts and border tiles.


We sell dried flowers and herbs by the bunch and a large range of baskets.

She tolerated such sensations as touch and a larger range of sound, and more frustration.

Obviously, this large pitch range will make the model more difficult to fly in most other situations.

Greenhouse gases are produced by a large range of natural and man-made processes throughout the woAd.

People were using any of a large range of software products to perform what appeared to be the same basic tasks.

Today, there is a large range of occupations open to women, which is very encouraging, but problems still remain.

Hares that can not avoid areas with huge fields under monoculture compensate by establishing very large home ranges .


This happens only over a limited Reynolds number range .

He was a Lord Chancellor with a limited range .

This Lecture is open to the same objection in that it focuses on a very limited range of issues.

Even tuning your radio can be done over a very limited range .

How useful including this software is debatable since it has a limited range of file transfer protocols.

Most clothes shops sell nothing we can wear, and specialist shops are expensive and offer a very limited range of images.

They come with either a silvery anodised finish, or a factory-applied colour coating in a limited range of colours.


The Helblaster has a strength of 5 at short range and 4 at long range.

Even at long range , without the help of an on board computer, Earth could still supervise this operation.

But boys have such a long range , Clelia, do pick up that crust.

This means, of course, that each killing will have to take place at medium to long range .

Generally speaking cannons have such a long range that it is pointless moving them about.

Analysts also may project budget needs for long-range planning.

Fishing for carp at long range is, on some waters, essential for success.

The voters are capable of taking a long range outlook when they consider initiatives on the ballot.


The northernmost zone has the least continuous plant cover, the most patterned ground exposed, and the narrowest range of communities.

They hewed to a narrow ideological range , disdainful of progressives on the left and Patrick Buchanan on the right.

However, while a narrow range of assets may maximise yield it also increases the exposure to risk.

Specialised compartmentalization ensured that management was expert in the narrow range of financial services offered.

Only a narrow range of speeds was viable.

But the board provides only a narrow range of sensitivity on the variables under its own control.

The black and white feeds in a narrow range of tree species and when none is fruiting it eats leaves.

The girls, whose already narrow range of options and escape routes are limited still further, are the victims.


Their new range includes patterned bodies, cycle shorts and wrap-around tops.

The family of dinosaurs, faced with this vast new range of habitats, rose to greatness by exploiting it.

Teachers can help to develop the ideas of any child by providing them with a new range of experiences.

With the new sophisticated Finesse range you can be your own top hairdresser.

Tesco has launched Body Blitz, a new range of toiletries specially designed for teenagers.

The new ranges , Braemar, Rannoch and Royal Deeside, were welcomed by the trade.

Bracken Twist is a stunning new Tufted range of 12 colours, manufactured in 50% wool, 50% polypropylene.

Dunblane is a new giftware range from Edinburgh Crystal that features a delicate lace cut diamond pattern.


The Helblaster has a strength of 5 at short range and 4 at long range.

Most significantly in the short range , it could leave 49ers' offensive tackle Steve Wallace twisting in the wind.

Morris claimed the third from short range .

Normal saving throw modifiers apply: -2 at short range and -1 at long range.

The heavy armament comprised 1,000 artillery pieces, but many were obsolete or short range .

Viewed head-on from short range the animal is exceedingly hard to spot, provided it stands still.

Another situation where I have been prepared to use a tube stem is for short range drifting.

No need to be particularly careful at such short range .


Since about 1840 they had been expanding the scope of their products to include the whole range of cotton-processing machinery.

C.. The microcomputer is the vanguard of a whole range of microprocessor based technologies.

There were no Gee Bees from the past, but there were four replicas, covering virtually the whole range .

Now there is a whole mountain range of chemical waste rising to the south along 1-80.

Bristol, too, took in a whole range of seaborne food supplies.

This could, of course, be extended to the whole range of non-personal tax allowances.

It catches people's imagination, and becomes, as Harry wanted, a kind of pictogram to represent the whole range .

A whole range of explanations might be available.


The merits of microwave digestion techniques for a wide range of matrices are stressed.

Researcher Gordon Wells monitored closely the talk 20 children from a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds engaged in at home and school.

I read every message and carefully choose ones which will appeal to a wide range of your fellow readers.

The revenue function also more nearly resembles a curve than a straight line over wide ranges of output.

Correlations varied over a very wide range .

Reality or unreality has to be established or argued on a much wider range of issues.

The new financial management software is more powerful and flexible and is capable of providing a wide range of management information.

The debate his book caused continues to rage around a wide range of interpretive schemes.



Special schools often take the full age range , including nursery and post-16.

The useful age range may therefore be 20-300 ka, although its true limits have not been adequately explored.

Internally the school is organized into separate departments, primary and secondary, which between them cover the entire school age range .

Prevalence of deafness in the 50-55 age range is given by.

It had been there for about a fortnight, and was in the right age range .

Editorial Amicus is read by staff and pensioners, therefore the age range of the readership is wide.

In theory the age range is in the order of a million years but in practice it may be less.


These depths consist of vast mountain ranges , deep canyons, mighty steaming lava flows.

The conversation could have loomed, a mountain range of awkwardnesses.

To reach this desolate spot you set off at sun-up and head toward mountain ranges which scarcely ever get closer.

They followed rivers for convenience, then struck out in a straight line, bisecting mountain ranges , cutting watersheds in half.

Its mountain ranges , winding rivers, lush farmland and native bush sparkle beneath cloud-filled skies.

The snow fell heavily, in a long pile like a sinking mountain range .

The latest software can imitate the texture of flesh or the topography of a mountain range .

A wash cuts the mountain range in half.


This tells you how much you can borrow so that you can concentrate your search within a given price range .

The company could not yet say what the retail price range would be.

The 17 exhibitors at the fair had bought a mixed bag of drawings, spanning centuries and price ranges .

What price range did I require?

Available at Boots and usual stockists around the country, prices range from £1.05 to £3.15.

It compares favorably with some of the tawny ports in the price range .

Eating Out: Plenty of places in all price ranges - just look at the menu displayed and take your pick.

A comprehensive, rather unusual wine list pushes diners into trying new wines in order to stay in an affordable price range .


Each new financial futures exchange initially concentrates on local cash market instruments as a basis for its product range .

You may hold or attend press conferences to announce news or show a product range .

The product range includes finger wipes, shoe shine, shampoo, bath gels, shower caps, and sewing kits.

New Fabric Backgrounds Colorama Photodisplay have extended their range of backgrounds by adding three new fabric materials to their product range.

Briefly, this involves recasting the company into a number of operating divisions which take day-to-day decisions concerning particular product ranges .

The foregoing analysis neglects the effects of firms' other competitive variables such as product quality, product range and product differentiation.



These schools will be selected to cover a range of criteria, but all will offer positive models of inter-adult practice.

And they do not cover the full range of industries and occupations.

Future agreements are intended to cover a wider range of industries.

Notice that the three forms of power described cover an enormous range of processes.

Even so they may also have difficulty in covering the full range of literature suggested, though not in understanding or enjoying it.

They found that 50 economic appraisals had been published, covering a wide range of topics.

An electronic publishing course for undergraduate computer scientists needs to cover a significantly wider range of topics.

Occupation is the wider term which covers a range of jobs and the career of an individual in a community context.


The aim is to develop a wide range of office automation software.

Mice can develop the full range of brain problems associated with the disease without any sign of the prions, they found.

This is why Barclays has developed a range of insurance products and services designed to meet the needs of independent businesses.

Serotec has developed a new range of unlabelled and conjugated monoclonal antibodies.

They have since developed a wide range of contacts and membership to the group is now by election.

The £750,000 raised will be used to develop the Tel-Me range of database access applications.

The new software company will concentrate on the NextStep-on-Intel environment, but also plans to develop a range of surrounding software.

We have also not mentioned the many different styles of analysis which have been developed for special parameter ranges .


Diverse printing and retouching techniques further extended the range of subjectivity to which photographers eagerly laid claim.

Proposed new legislation will extend the range of exempt companies to include Manx-registered public companies.

They will also be ideal in fog, twilight and dull weather, enhancing vague details and extending the range of visibility.

The Hampshire-based iron-work firm has just extended its range of hammer-and-anvil pieces to include a selection of castings using original patterns.

New Fabric Backgrounds Colorama Photodisplay have extended their range of backgrounds by adding three new fabric materials to their product range.

These privileges extend across a wide range of positions even outside the core institutions of the establishment.

So the less one has the less he is tempted to extend the range of his needs indefinitely.


They entered the pure search industry much more recently, and still offer their previous range of services.

They offer a wide range of transactions under one roof.

In the photographic chemicals market the company offers a range of intermediates and also chemicals for photo finishing.

Customers are offered a greater range of destinations and flight times, while carriers can reduce capacity and share costs.

They offered a wide range of services to the surrounding rural families.

All the major players now offer a range of minimum price contracts, which will use options and futures indirectly.

No single school-even a well-endowed public school-can offer a total range of subjects or kinds of teaching.

A number of independent coach companies offer a range of departure points and times throughout the London area.


For anatomical reasons, chimps and gorillas can not produce a range of sounds sufficient for speech.

The designers have produced a complete range , including shoes you wouldn't normally associate with Doc Martens.

This maxim is also responsible for producing a large range of standard implicatures.

Over its four years, the National Certificate Programme has produced a range of performers and technicians in this kind of music.

We have for centuries harnessed yeast to produce a huge range of foodstuffs from bread to beer and wine.

It is suited to large multi-divisional firms producing a wide range of products and/or operating across several countries.


It also provides for the range of tax payable for the bands.

It will provide a range of high-technology treatment for skin diseases including dermatitis, skin cancer and psoriasis.

We provide a comprehensive range of sizes to suit every yacht specification for leisure use or for the longest of passages.

The evidence demonstrates that most small towns and even some villages provided a range of specialist goods and services.

These were acute hospitals providing a full range of services to a population of about 100,000 - 150,000.

Local authorities must provide a range and level of services appropriate to meet the need within their areas.

Follow-ups - Henley can provide a range of follow-up services depending on the needs of the individual and the nominating organisation.

They are open to students of all abilities, and provide a wide range of vocational and academic courses.


Massenga pulled a Mini-Uzi from inside his overall and shot Sibele at point-blank range .

An hour later when the police left, three youths were dead; they had been shot at close range .

David Byrne fired in a cross from the right and Grant shrugged off Richard Gough to shoot home from close range .

The sound of shooting from the firing range was frequent.

The 18-year-old was shot at close range outside a post office in Exeter, Devon.

Most of them were shot at close range .

He traded gunfire with them for hours last April before they forced their way in and shot him at point-blank range .


a whole range/series/variety etc (of sth)

A regular newsletter keeps people in touch and a whole series of social events are undertaken.

Exercise, in addition to good nutrition, can guard against a whole range of serious ailments.

I think it is going into your subconscious and picking up a whole series of signals.

It is practical activity that is important; the handling of a whole range of materials.

Knitters can choose from a whole range of techniques and their selection will be put on to a video, exclusive to them.

Parks provide space for a whole range of events, from steam rallies to horse shows.

Since then he had survived a whole series of setbacks.


a gas range

a rifle range

A typical radio signal has a range of about 100 miles.

As soon as the tanks came within range , the soldiers opened fire.

Sansui planned to broaden its product range to include video equipment.

The demonstrators were hurling rocks but the police stayed out of range .

The enemy were just out of range of our cannon.

the Hajar mountain range

The rockets have a range of 4000 km.

What's the gun's range ?

Williams is blessed with a 2¼ -octave range .


But his wedge shots continually left him in 2-putt range .

If inputs are managed within some appropriate range , discrimination of inputs becomes feasible.

It is a case history of a range of courses designed for teachers and involving the study of language and of languages.

Many ranges like the Cuillin or Ben Nevis are barely used for sport.

The age range of the study population will enormously influence the final estimated prevalence rate.

The temperatures in your kitchen and around your picnic table range from 65 to 95 degrees.

The voters are capable of taking a long range outlook when they consider initiatives on the ballot.

Trevor Thompson says they are aiming to attract a vast range of customers - from charities to post offices.

II. verb




It is fair to say that the disposals ranged widely from the good to the very poor.

The brownfields range widely in size, from half-acre former gas stations to 700-acre shuttered steel plants.

Outside the breeding season, the terns are pelagic, ranging widely over the oceans.

The discussion began to range widely in the field of personal morals.

In San Francisco, they range widely in size.



At the trading level Heron's activities , ranging from Suzuki dealerships, petrol stations to housebuilding, broke even.

Wolf Ridge offers activities ranging from learning about beavers and whitetail deer to nature hikes and rock climbing.

He joined an athletic club in which there were a large number of activities ranging from yoga to judo.


While it occurs most often in adolescence, the age of onset can range from pre-adolescence to middle age.

Ormesby has a membership of just over 30 in ages ranging up to 84.

The ages ranged from twenty-one to seventy-two, with 83 percent of the group falling between the ages of twenty-four and sixty-six.

The 106-strong youth orchestra is made up of players from across Dorset, with ages ranging from 14 to 18.

The group included 12 women and eight men, ages ranging from six to 84 years.

Six women and 13 men with ages ranging from 14 to 66 years.


Reductions were experienced in all of the towns, with the estimates of effect ranging from four to thirty percent.

Clinton has opposed the system, whose cost estimates range up to $ 60 billion.

Proceeds are expected to be in the region of £150,000 with estimates ranging from £200 to £7,000.

But their estimates range between 9 and 16 billion years because different researchers feed different assumptions into their models.

The present sale comprises 121 lots, with estimates ranging from £100-200 to £150,000-200,000.


Offers a variety of courses, at management and other levels , ranging from one day to ten half-days.

They were all healthy and had blood cholesterol levels ranging from 220 to 290 milligrams per deciliter.

Autopsies showed levels of digoxin ranging from 16 to 39 times those expected from the doses prescribed.

Some studies of portable cassette players found that test subjects used headphones at levels ranging from 65-112 decibels.

The perceptions and attitudes are being analysed at various levels ranging from intellectual appreciation to popular stereotypes.

Anxiety can be experienced at various levels ranging from mild feelings of uneasiness to the severe terror that accompanies panic attacks.

The serum magnesium level usually ranges between 0. 3 and 1. 0 mmol / L when tetany occurs.


Over 1,000 works will be shown with prices ranging from £50 to £5,000.

Their wage and price systems ranged from subsidized wages to salaries or piece work rates.

If 41 houses were built, the prices would range from £32,000 to £80,000.

Lunch prices range from $ 5. 75 to $ 8. 50; dinner, $ 9 to $ 14.

The price ranges from about $ 35 a night to $ 100.

He installs about a half-dozen vault doors in homes each year at prices ranging from $ 6,000 to $ 12,000.

With prices ranging from about $ 20 to $ 200, the units can be affordable and easy to obtain.

Room prices range from $ 56 to $ 72 during high season to $ 29 to $ 46 during low.


Those responding to the survey reported average class sizes ranging from 36 to special, one-on- one instruction.

Lot sizes would range from 6, 000 to 30, 000 square feet.


It consists of nine subjects ranging from Business Communications to Supervisory Skills.

Their subjects ranged from writers and actors to politicians and businessmen.

La Tour was a master of light whose subjects ranged from con artists to saints.

Although he often observed small numbers of children, his observations of the same subjects on occasion ranged over years.


The winters are long and very cold, with temperatures ranging between -16°C and -48°C from October to March.

The sun is becoming a factor as temperatures range between 69 to 78 degrees.


The World Around Us Fascinating topics for young learners ranging from blood banks to deserts.

You can also buy additional video clips on topics ranging from sci-fi to nostalgia.


Besides these there is an enormous variety of miscellaneous applications ranging from architectural models through elegant furniture to engineering components.

Sheet steel is used in a wide variety of applications ranging from pails to car hoods.

It is also exercised in a variety of ways, ranging from a forthright presentation of data to outright deception.

More than half will be birds; the rest will be the four-legged variety , ranging from rabbits to opossums.


All five kids, ranging in age from 10 to 19, were in this wedding.

Bidets are scarcely inexpensive, ranging from $ 250 to $ 800 just for the fixture.

Children are ranged in order of their performance in the last test.

His animals were ranged around the room.

Prices range from around £5 for a door in pine, to £7.50 in cherry.

Rates range from $ 195 for a single room to $ 400 for two in a suite.

The locations range from former weapons production facilities to fuel tanks to federal landfills.

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