Meaning of RANGE in English

I. noun Usage: often attributive Etymology: Middle English, row of persons, from Anglo-French ~, renge, from renger to ~ Date: 14th century 1. a. a series of things in a line ; row , a series of mountains, one of the north-south rows of townships in a United States public-land survey that are numbered east and west from the principal meridian of the survey, an aggregate of individuals in one order, a direction line, a cooking stove that has an oven and a flat top with burners or heating elements, 3. a place that may be ~d over, an open region over which animals (as livestock) may roam and feed, the region throughout which a kind of organism or ecological community naturally lives or occurs, the act of ranging about, 5. a. the horizontal distance to which a projectile can be propelled, the horizontal distance between a weapon and target, the maximum distance a vehicle or craft can travel without refueling, c. a place where shooting is practiced, driving ~ , 6. the space or extent included, covered, or used ; scope , the extent of pitch covered by a melody or lying within the capacity of a voice or instrument, 7. a sequence, series, or scale between limits , the limits of a series ; the distance or extent between possible extremes, the difference between the least and greatest values of an attribute or of the variable of a frequency distribution, 8. the set of values a function may take on, the class of admissible values of a variable, line 11, Synonyms: see: ~ II. verb (~d; ranging) see: rank Date: 14th century transitive verb 1. to set in a row or in the proper order, to place among others in a position or situation, to assign to a category ; classify , 2. to rove over or through, to sail or pass along, to ar~ (an anchor cable) on deck, to graze (livestock) on a ~, intransitive verb 1. to roam at large or freely, to move over an area so as to explore it, to take a position, 3. to correspond in direction or line ; align , to extend in a particular direction, to have ~, to change or differ within limits, to live or occur in or be native to a region

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