Meaning of RAPE in English


I. verb


a sex/rape fiend (= one who commits very unpleasant sex attacks )

acquaintance rape

commit murder/rape/fraud etc

The couple were accused of committing murder.

date rape

gang rape

oilseed rape

statutory rape




Tamar obviously had no knowledge that the man who had attempted to rape her was working on her husband's estate.

In 1971 this offender had been given a ten-year sentence for attempting to rape a 69-year-old woman.

On the present occasion he was convicted of attempting to rape and then murdering an 81-year-old widow.


He'd been released on bail by Cheltenham magistrates after being charged with raping a twenty year old woman.


On the present occasion he was convicted of attempting to rape and then murdering an 81-year-old widow.

Thompson, 42, was convicted in 1983 of raping and murdering 20-year-old Ginger Fleischli in a Laguna Beach apartment.


The woman was kidnapped and raped Sept. 5.

You might be kidnapped or raped .


We have already told of another victim still too frightened to tell police of the day Courtney tried to rape her.

Cabrera, 27, started ripping off her clothes and tried to rape her, she and Hernandez testified later.

He then ordered her back to the living room where he tried to rape her twice without success.


He was accused of raping his ex-girlfriend.

Lula was raped on her way home from work.

The woman was raped and then murdered by her kidnapper.


But Manu does not seem to care about being raped, and puts up no resistance.

It was clear that he meant this literally and also as: to rape a white girl is to rape her father.

Most experts such as Koss focus on factors outside of criminal intent that contribute to date and acquaintance rape .

She had been raped and asphyxiated, police said.

She was dragged into a garden and raped.

Stallions may show a lack of normal courtship behaviour, raping or savaging mares or displaying an inability to mate.

II. noun




While it could be very difficult to prove that you were raped before your marriage, proving marital rape may be possible.

Two centuries after Hale's pronouncement, Pollock B. unequivocally expressed his support for the marital rape exemption in similar terms.

It is unlikely that their enthusiasm for reporting marital rape would be much greater.

Indeed, Wills J. appeared to query the very existence of a marital rape exemption.

The Committee was not without its own misgivings about non-cohabitation as a prerequisite for prosecution for marital rape .

In the thirteenth century context, liability for marital rape would clearly have been quite inconceivable.

Separation is not always the factor which is chosen to delimit the marital rape exemption.

Wives prepared to report marital rape to the police may well have husbands who fall into this category.



Many questions have been raised about acquaintance rape since the surge of reported cases has been noted across the country.


Specifically the Heilbron Report did not recommend similar anonymity for defendants in rape cases .

A few cases dominate this reporting, while just over one-half of the rape cases mentioned appeared only in one sample newspaper.

Police, faced with their third major serial rape case in a decade, frankly are baffled.

The Government is considering new laws to counter date rape and to improve the way rape cases are handled.

Even the rape case against him began falling apart when his alleged victim failed to appear in court.

In the summer of 1974 there had been several questions regarding the possibility of anonymity in rape cases .

It's the same with these terrible rape cases .


The rape charge was all a setup, the Brigade huffed.

He was sentenced to seven years imprisonment on each of the rape charges and four years for each of the indecent assaults.

A week later, Hagans made another court appearance on the rape charge .

Three years ago Anna McGurk was murdered by a man who'd been bailed on a rape charge .

A survey in the 1970s showed that almost one-third of rape charges resulted in conviction of attempted rape.

She will now have to repeat her allegations when the 52-year-old Surrey man is re-tried on two rape charges .


The Government is considering new laws to counter date rape and to improve the way rape cases are handled.

All freshmen who attend optional orientation sessions receive information on date rape .

She talks about relationships and the dangers of date rape .

Merrill points out that most often rape on college campuses is date rape, but that date rape is rape.

The research on date rape has helped shape prevention programs, but with few results.


It follows Operation Orchid, a police investigation into missing boys after a gang rape murder in London.

Often, they said, a captive woman would try to attach herself to one leader to avoid repeated gang rape .


Traditional rape laws , therefore, also involve some sort of gradation and may well encourage plea-bargaining.

It is also worth reiterating that traditional rape laws frequently give rise to light sentences for lesser offences.


This one case took 13 percent of the total coverage of rape trials .

His evidence will be used in a homosexual rape trial .


Lawyers do not believe that women jurors are necessarily more likely than men to believe the evidence of alleged rape victims .

Also patron of nurses and rape victims .

The emphasis of the research mainly focused on the press reporting of the rape victim .

Some rape victims might be lucky enough to encounter an emergency room doctor who will prescribe the drugs.

Genuine rape victims should always be encouraged to come forward, so anonymity is important.

They serenaded the rape victim inside, cheering a brother on as if it were a football game.

After the furore over the schoolgirl rape victim , he risks having a controversial but respectable viewpoint mistaken for insensitivity.

She also works with other rape victims , which is helping to lay her own demons to rest.


attempted murder/suicide/rape etc

All I care about is solving this murder, I mean this attempted murder.

He was acquitted of rape, attempted murder, administering poison with intent and kidnapping.

In summary, therefore, most special aftercare services have had no effect on repetition rates after attempted suicide.

Redmond denied attempted murder but admitted wounding with intent.

Several forces have also seen very sharp rises in attempted murders.

The charges include the murder of Becky and the attempted murder of Katie in April 1991.

The suspects were held Wednesday on suspicion of attempted murder, attempted burglary and conspiracy.

We have cured hundreds of people from Chicago, Ill., from gunshot wounds inflicted in attempted murders and robberies.


Rape victims receive special counselling and are treated very sensitively.

a rape victim

A woman's sexual history should not be introduced in a rape trial.

It was not the first time he had been accused of rape .

the rape of the American West

Wilson has been charged with attempted rape .


Also patron of nurses and rape victims.

Cook, who has previous convictions for robbery, pleaded guilty to attempted rape and to unlawful wounding.

From the latter, he derived the proposition that intent is the mens rea of rape and to this he added recklessness.

In the United States, there were more than 150, 000 reported rapes in 1993.

Murders, theft, rape , calumnies, graft - our daily bread.

Only one in 10 rape victims reports the crime to authorities, he noted.

The Government is considering new laws to counter date rape and to improve the way rape cases are handled.

Violent crimes include murder, rape , robbery and assault.

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