Meaning of RAPE in English


1. n. & v.


1. a the act of forcing a woman to have sexual intercourse against her will. b forcible sodomy.

2 (often foll. by of) violent assault, forcible interference, violation.

3 poet. carrying off (esp. of a woman) by force.

4 an instance of rape.

1. commit rape on (a person, usu. a woman).

2 violate, assault, pillage.

3 poet. take by force.

Etymology: ME f. AF rap(er) f. L rapere seize 2. n. a plant, Brassica napus, grown as food for sheep and for its seed, from which oil is made. Also called COLZA, COLE.

Phrases and idioms:

rape-cake rape-seed pressed into a flat shape after the extraction of oil and used as manure or cattle food. rape-oil an oil made from rape-seed and used as a lubricant and in foodstuffs.

Etymology: ME f. L rapum, rapa turnip 3. n. hist. (in the UK) any of the six ancient divisions of Sussex.

Etymology: OE, var. of rap ROPE, with ref. to the fencing-off of land 4. n.1 the refuse of grapes after wine-making, used in making vinegar.

2 a vessel used in vinegar-making.

Etymology: F r{acirc}pe, med.L raspa

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