Meaning of RAW in English




new/raw/fresh recruit (= one who is completely untrained )

Drill sergeants have eight weeks to turn fresh recruits into soldiers.

raw cotton (= natural, and not prepared for use )

They imported raw cotton from America.

raw data (= data that has been collected, but not organized or studied )

This system does no more than produce the raw data.

raw emotion (= strong emotions that someone shows openly and does not control )

The crowd responded to his words with raw emotion.

raw fish (= not cooked )

In Japan we like to eat raw fish.

raw material (= information that has not been carefully examined )

the raw material for an article

raw materials (= substances which have not been treated )

a paper company which imports raw materials from North America.

raw sewage (= sewage that had not been treated )

The factory secretly dumped millions of gallons of raw sewage into the Ohio river.

raw silk

a beautiful dress in raw silk

raw talent (= used to describe someone with natural ability who has not had much training )

He’s got lots of raw talent but he needs a good coach.

raw (= not cooked )

The dogs are fed on raw meat.


Some vegetables are better eaten raw.




Purely descriptive studies serve as the raw data for those comparative studies that aspire to higher levels of explanation.

Team one is responsible for the collection and analysis of raw data received from the volunteer force.

That is what will happen when we get what the hon. Gentleman describes as the raw data .

Data , raw data from which we have learned, seemingly, nothing.

As he pores over all this raw data the field-worker discovers certain interesting patterns and principles in terms of which his information makes sense.

It is no good saying that they will comprise raw data .

The raw data will be cleaned up to remove inconsistencies and ambiguities between the different surveys.

Presenting less raw data might have allowed more scope to look at certain issues in more depth.


He'd had a bit of a raw deal .

These kids think they got a raw deal .

Comedy got a raw deal , though Stilgoe and Skellen had a neat song about Alan Titchmarsh.

Rape on Screen Women tend to get a raw deal from the movies.

Which shows that it is worth complaining instead of just accepting a raw deal .

We must recognise that they are getting a raw deal and are being victimised by the Government.

I just thought Blagg was getting a raw deal .

Still, aren't women getting a raw deal ?


Turn under the raw edge of the top seam allowance and tack in place over the trimmed edge.

Turn in the raw edges of both seam allowances towards each other and match the folded edges.

In a week or so weather and growth would have sealed up again all the raw edges that betrayed its use.

With raw edges level, tack bias strip around neck edge with ends on top of facing.

Neaten outer edge of bias strip or turn under raw edge.

To make a plain seam, place two pieces of fabric together with right sides facing and with raw edges level.

Trim the raw edges of the fabric with pinking shears.

Fans and reviewers enjoyed the raw edge and revelled in the energy and melody thrown out of the guitar crashing mayhem.


He recalls with obvious pleasure winning a bet by eating 11 raw eggs .

He had greatly impressed us by sucking out raw eggs and swinging dangerously from the barn rafters.

Now they were on me like raw egg on hair.

Today there was a raw egg that some one had dropped and not bothered to clean up.

The recipes vary but usually include tea, lemon, aspirin, and sometimes a raw egg .

Don't be tempted by uncooked cake or pudding mixture - it contains raw eggs .


Feed mussels, bits of raw fish , earthworms, woodlice, prawns and maggots, as well as some pellets.

I recently ate raw fish with a sushi virgin.

Gravadlax makes a delicious alternative to smoked salmon and is the raw fish marinated with plenty of herbs, especially dill.


Local water and soil will affect the taste of home-grown raw ingredients .

But these raw ingredients complicated the process.


The only defence open to enterprises and manufacturing industry would be a chaotic cut in their demand for these raw materials .

There is enough raw material in the asteroids to support a truly vast population.

Here, reliability of quality and delivery is of prime importance because the producer works on minimal stock-holding of raw materials .

And public opinion, the raw material of governing, is the engine of that evolution.

Litter A lot of what we throw away has been made from raw materials which are not renewable.

We are beginning to understand that two of the most important resources worth conserving are energy and raw materials .

Dairies, cider presses and meat packing stations process local raw materials from the farmers.

So far we have looked only at what you need to record the raw material .


After much discussion, the Cun traded a bag of raw meat in exchange for the travellers.

Wash your hands after using the bathroom, before beginning food preparation and after working with raw meat or poultry.

By its very nature, raw meat will contain some bacteria.

Juices left in bags that contained raw meat can contaminate the cooked leftovers.

Wash your hands and all cooking utensils and surfaces after preparing raw meat .

Thoroughly wash the containers and all surfaces 011 which raw meat or poultry have been placed. 4.

Keep it that way by preventing it coming into contact with raw meat , poultry and fish.

They pat me on the head and throw a few chunks of raw meat into my bowl.


This attack was repeated again in 1987 in the Federation magazine, for the report had obviously hit a very raw nerve .

The subject of hawkers had touched a raw nerve .

He's just a raw nerve .

Touched on a raw nerve , they can react accordingly.

Our article touched a raw nerve .

Just as the poll tax impost jarred on an historically raw nerve , so will the ban on fox-hunting.

Yet they perhaps unwittingly also touched upon the raw nerve of vital, popular fears.

Had she worried a raw nerve with that remark?


When Charlie heard the news of victory he was training some raw recruits on a rifle range in Edinburgh.

The firm replaced many of the sacked workers with raw recruits hired in areas of high unemployment nearby.

Former workers repeatedly insisted there were quality problems with work after they were sacked and replaced by raw recruits .

But the notion that these raw recruits were the critical ingredient is open to doubt.

Now Haseley was big, really big, and I was the smallest there, a raw recruit to the international scene.


Cardigan Bay, once famed for its dolphins, is now polluted with raw sewage and animal wastes.

Or would he perhaps look upon a clear mountain stream and complain about the absence of raw sewage or Industrial effluents?

A further 300 tonnes of fish were suffocated in May, when raw sewage flooded into the river after a storm.

Charvat said that before his arrival, the plant secretly dumped millions of gallons of raw sewage into the Ohio River.

Grants and available technology shall be provided for the avoidance of the crazy Victorian idea of pumping raw sewage out to sea.

The resort has been accused of dumping raw sewage in the lake at least four times in the last three years.

Domestic and industrial waste, discharged oil and millions of gallons of raw sewage are flushed into the sea every day.

All around, thousands of their compatriots waited in pitiful food queues as the stench of raw sewage hung over Trnopolje.


A refining process ensures that the fibres of the raw silk filling are always non-allergic.

His eyes were big and blue, and his hair like raw silk surrounded by a wreath of fire....

They darted about on the front of the group, their silver-leaf hair rustling like raw silk .

Her frame was small, her arms looked frail and very white against the raw silk .


As a result, agents are becoming even more cagey about developing raw talent .

Now he has channelled that aggression and raw talent to produce a golden combination of motivation and power.

He has such a natural raw talent it would be a waste to keep him hanging on.

It's a raw talent but she knows how to use it and she's unafraid.

She was not a great trainer, but her raw talent was undeniable.

But although graft is indispensable, it is no replacement for raw talent .


touch/hit a (raw) nerve

I had finally touched a nerve .

Our article touched a raw nerve .

Q: Why has that era hit a nerve with people now?

The charge has hit a nerve , persuading the company to earmark 265 Levantine buildings for special restoration.

The subject of hawkers had touched a raw nerve .

The theatrical farce touches a nerve .

The wide current appeal of such music seems to touch a nerve of communal masochism.

They also touched a nerve of public anxiety.


raw fish

raw , gusty winds

a raw account of poverty in the cities

a salad made with nuts, raisins and raw carrots

Audiences admire his raw courage and daring.

Ghana still imports both raw and processed tobacco.

Good coaches develop raw talent into seasoned players.

His face was raw and blistered.

If you can't resist snacking between meals, eat something healthy such as fruit or raw vegetables.

Japan depends on the outside world for virtually all of its raw materials, including oil.

Mayonnaise is traditionally made with raw eggs.

Sushi consists of raw fish and rice.

The dill sauce also works well as a dip with raw vegetables.

The Princess was wearing a dark green dress made of raw silk.

We were impressed by the singer's raw , husky voice.


Following her pointing finger, they went out into the raw desert, and dug in the sand.

His beauty was of a different sort, raw and elegant.

Knowledge, power and economic resources are the raw materials of social action, and they are all unequally available.

Left: The raw strength of Anjelica Huston.

No longer is the customer at the end of the line, nor does the supplier only relate to raw materials.

The story of the Unabomber crackles with the raw mystery and tension of a cops-and-robbers potboiler.

They are the raw material of governor discussions.

Wash your hands and all cooking utensils and surfaces after preparing raw meat.

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