Meaning of RAW in English


adj. 1 uncooked, unprepared, fresh Many vegetables can be eaten raw 2 unprocessed, untreated, unrefined, unfinished, natural, crude The raw sugar is shipped to the plant where it is refined The raw statistics revealed that many women had refused to respond to the questionnaire. 3 new, inexperienced, unseasoned, immature, green, untried, fresh, untrained, unskilled, untested They sent us raw recruits who had never seen battle 4 exposed, unprotected, uncovered, open; sore, tender, inflamed, painful, sensitive When he mentioned her name, it was as if he had touched a raw nerve 5 chill, chilly, chilling, cold, damp, frigid, freezing, biting, stinging, nippy, nipping, sharp, keen, piercing, penetrating You should wrap up warmly if you're going out in that raw wind 6 brutal, frank, candid, blunt, direct, unvarnished, unmollified, unembellished, realistic, honest, plain, unreserved, unrestrained, uninhibited, bluff, straightforward The producer felt that no domestic audience could stomach a raw depiction of the horrors of war

n. 7 in the raw. naked, stark naked, undressed, unclothed, nude, in the nude, Brit starkers, Colloq in the buff, in the altogether, in one's birthday suit For punishment, they made us stand outside, in the freezing cold, in the raw

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