Meaning of REAL in English

I. adjective


a genuine/real desire

All her life she had a genuine desire to help the poor.

a proper/real understanding

They lacked any real understanding of the subject.

a real advantage (= a definite advantage )

The new system has some real advantages.

a real bargain

In the market you can sometimes pick up a real bargain.

a real benefit

To get some real benefit from the exercise, you should continue for at least half an hour.

a real challenge (= a difficult one )

On Monday, Sharapova faced her first real challenge of the tournament.

a real fire (= one that burns wood or coal )

There was a real fire blazing in the fireplace.

a real hassle (= used to emphasize that something is very annoying or causes a lot of problems )

Carrying a heavy bag around all day is a real hassle.

a real impact informal (= a big impact )

The film made a real impact on cinema audiences.

a real nightmare

The situation with our neighbours is a real nightmare!

a real obstacle (= a serious one )

The lack of oil and gas resources in Northeast Asia is a real obstacle to the region's economic development.

a real peach

Jan’s a real peach .

a real possibility (= something that is quite likely )

At this moment, a recession is a real possibility.

a real problem

They quickly found that their real problem lay with marketing.

a real risk

There is a real risk that there could be another war.

a real sense of sth (= a strong feeling )

Children need to feel a real sense of belonging.

a real strength

The play's real strength is the way it explores relationships.

a real threat

These measures pose a real threat to the future of agriculture.

a real thrill

Playing in such an important game must be a real thrill.

a real worry

It's a real worry that he is so far away.

a real/awful/terrible etc nuisance

The dogs next door are a real nuisance.

a real/clear need (= one that really exists )

There is a real need for after-school care in our area.

a real/genuine concern

Pensions are a genuine concern to many people.

a realistic/real/serious option (= something that you can really choose to do )

I wanted to start my own business but financially it was never a realistic option.

a real/serious alternative

Co-operation offers the only real alternative.

a real/true hero

The real heroes were the guys who fought in the front lines.

genuine/real admiration

‘Where did you learn to do that?’ she asked with genuine admiration.

genuine/real amusement

He laughed out loud with genuine amusement.

genuine/real enthusiasm

She talked about the project with genuine enthusiasm.

genuine/real pleasure

She smiled with genuine pleasure.

in a (very) real sense (= used to emphasise that a statement or description is true )

The truth is that in a very real sense most families in Britain are not poor.

little real

The laboratory tests are of little real value.

real ale

real anger

There is real anger about the amount of money that has been wasted.

real drag

It’s a real drag having to travel so far to work every day.

real emotion (= very strong emotion )

There was real emotion in his voice.

real estate agent

real estate

a fall in the value of real estate

real gentleman

Mr Field was a real gentleman .

real live

We were so excited to see real live elephants.

real love

You could see real love in their eyes.

real power

The real power lay with the President’s advisers.

real property

real satisfaction (= great satisfaction )

There is real satisfaction in helping other people to overcome their problems.

real smoothie

Kyle’s a real smoothie .

real stinker

This cold I’ve got is a real stinker .

real talent

She has real talent and with a little help she could go far.

real treat

When we were kids, a trip to the beach was a real treat .

real wages (= a calculation of how much your wages will buy, usually compared to how much you were able to buy in the past )

Average real wages rose by 26% between 1919 and 1929.

real/genuine commitment

The job demands real commitment to teaching.

real/genuine excitement

A goal two minutes from the end provided the game's only genuine excitement.

real/genuine hardship

Prolonged illness can cause real hardship for many families.

sb's real parents (= their biological parents )

I was thrilled to have found my real parents.

sb’s real/true identity

The true identity of the author was not revealed until 100 years later.

sb’s real/true motive

What were his true motives for offering her the job?

significant/real progress

Significant progress has been made in reducing nuclear weapons.

the real purpose

What was the real purpose of their visit?

the real reason

What do you think was the real reason for their decision?

the real solution (= the only good solution )

The real solution to the waste problem is to produce much less waste.

the real value (= its value after considering inflation )

The real value of their salaries has fallen.

true/real happiness (= having all the qualities which happiness should have )

At last, she found true happiness with a man she loved.

true/real joy

How can I find true joy in life?

your true/real self (= your real character )

At last he had revealed his true self.




The Campaign now has more paid-up members than it did at the height of the 1970s real ale revival.

Left to its own devices, real ale stays in a drinkable condition for about a week.

Draught Tartan, Export, Harp and Carlsberg deluxe, real ale .

Good wine list, many excellent malt whiskies, real ale .

There was always the real ale to stave off the effects of ageing for a while.

It was too fizzy and too gassy to drink and I acquired a taste for real ale .

Variety of wines, whisky and real ale .

Excellent wine list, over 70 whiskies, real ale .


It will Bteach real estate agents about the customs of minority groups.

There are also special rules for depreciation of real estate .

The real estate descended to the heir in accordance with rules laid down by statutes of 1833 and 1859.

Today, he has built a successful real estate business for him-self.

Corrie M.. Anders, Examiner real estate editor, covers real estate and housing.

Other ventures have failed, but now she wants to sell real estate .

But as more bonds were backed by real estate , institutional investors were learning.


And besides, ladies in real life don't feel those things, you know.

In real life , neither proceeds in the linear, additive fashion envisioned in workbooks.

Swoon and Basic Instinct aren't real life , remember?

If she had happened to be a woman out of touch with real life , that would have bored him.

A: Usually from things that happen in real life , from things that my three kids have done.

In real life the onlookers are part of the activity and usually join in.

And one could tell from the restful silence in the car that they shared a very real life together.


In time, a world divided into trading blocks would be a real possibility .

With Bobbie, unsound judgments were not a real possibility .

Mutual respect is a real possibility in such activities.

With all this brass flying overhead, conflicting orders were a real possibility .

Where this situation is a remote but real possibility escape or rescue sets should be stored for emergency use.

More recently, the threat of Quebec's secession confronted the country with the very real possibility of political breakup.

Since the province was a hotbed of gentry resistance to the emancipation, confrontation looked a real possibility .

Easier divorce makes ending an unsatisfactory marriage a real possibility .


It's in the middle where their real problems lie.

We got a real problem on our hands.

The real problem was that many students felt unable to ask for help when they were in difficulty.

Toy problems may converge in a reasonable amount of time; real problems may magnify the task beyond reasonable limits.

But it is not the level of pay that is the real problem .

This scenario demonstrates a real problem with a significant population of individuals who suffer from severe and persistent mental illness.

However, there are now real problems and the solutions to them can no longer be delayed or fudged.

This creates a real problem in the life of a young adult.


This thoughtless response is so much easier than confronting the real reasons , as it has an inevitability about it.

Because I know the real reason she wants to leave.

For an ugly moment I had been convinced she had guessed the real reason for my avid professional interest in Bill Francis.

But the real reason I went was this: I just felt like seeing something stupid.

This was just an excuse: the real reason they wanted to come was that they very much needed food at home.

Basically, she knew the real reason why she shunned the group was because of her shyness.

However, as soon as we reached our new vantage I understood the real reason why he had wanted to move.

The individual whose own income is going up has no real reason to incur the opprobrium of this discussion.


Choreographically, James was the real thing .

So on your beefy splurge night, enjoy the real thing .

Now, his songs are intended as the real thing , but widely assumed to be some sort of parody.

We enjoy these tasks for themselves; it is a pleasure to do real things in a real house.

How disappointed would you be if you went to a game and they made you watch a video instead of the real thing ?

But we ended up with nothing but the taste of real things on our tongues.

The real thing is much more complex.

It turns out that one is a knockoff, the other, the real thing .


I said we needed a weekend, real time , for both of us, and you said give it time.

Although they require considerable self-training, such networks are potentially very fast and can work in real time .

Video and other images can be captured, manipulated and displayed in real time .

In other words, this is all happening in real time .

This is the so-called imaginary direction of time , at right angles to real time.

It is the pace at which things work, played out in real time .

Why doesn't one just stick to the ordinary, real time that we understand?

The neural network approach requires fewer resources than conventional statistical methods, and further, can process data in real time .


To assume that he responds directly to data from the real world is to oversimplify the relationship between his inputs and outputs.

The real world would not be so forgiving.

Looking back, that square was my gateway to the real world - and the gate could only work one way.

In the real world nature has an answer for every question.

I sit at the bar and watch the real world go by.

No reality, he wrote, only images masquerading as reality, only dreams masquerading as the real world .

In the real world of business, marketing and sales people do not treat customers as resistors.


be a (real) piece of work

the real McCoy

"Is it a Rolex watch?" "Yes, it's the real McCoy ."

The dress had a designer label, but I couldn't tell if it was the real McCoy or a cheap imitation.

The moment I smelled the cigar, I knew it was the real McCoy .

This is genuine malt whiskey - the real McCoy .

He has yet to prove, though, that this patch is the real McCoy , the birthplace of a hot-spot plume.

Walter stayed in the North, felt at home there, so his books are authentic - the real McCoy .


Real commitment is needed from everyone on the team if we're going to make this project work.

real leather

All of the characters are based on real people.

Are those flowers real or artificial?

He's never had a real job.

He didn't show any real regret for the suffering he had caused.

He sounds like a real jerk.

His problems are very real . I don't think you should laugh at him.

Is that a real diamond?

Jack isn't their real father.

Jane's been a real friend to me over the years.

Marilyn Monroe's real name was Norma Jean Baker.

Now that's real coffee!

People call him Baz, but his real name is Reginald.

She's a real tomboy!

She was clearly in real pain.

So what's the real reason you were late?

The real issue is how can we help prevent heart disease?

The house is a real mess.

The noise is becoming a real problem.


In the developed countries the effects have been stagnant wages and high real interest rates.

My new firm gave me the chance to make a real difference.

Someday, I think, it will evolve into a place with real golf spirit.

Sometimes this happens with a fishing style, small improvements, slight changes. but no real leaps forward.

This is, of course, just what happens in a real tree.

When Phil started in Dayton you were watching real people talk about things they were really concerned about.

You will have real choice as to how your pension payments are invested.

II. adverb




This was real good of you, Clarence.

Some people do it real good .

I thought you did real good this morning.

I feel real good about his marketing skills.

A lot of guys do real good with the two hours you spend on the court each day.

You did real good , Bob.

The team needed it and I felt real good up there, real confident.

Lissen, and lissen real good , chink boy.


Me: Much of the neighborhood is, and they keep it up real nice , Neighborhood Watch and all.



A lot of commanders flying these missions liked to get real close to get a good look.

They get real intense, real soon.

I got real serious about it.

Everybody got real excited about this otter and started running back and forth, sort of following it upriver.

When it got older it got real fat and started to growl at me.


Carla's little boy is real cute.

He got up real close to the bear and took a picture.

I think it was real sweet that she called me herself.

The sidewalk was real wet and slippery.


He was real sensitive during the dinner, and so was Ann.

I felt something real heavy on my chest.

I know my kids real well.

I remember all this part real clear.

I tried to pray, real hard I tried.

Maybe I just twisted it real bad.

This was real good of you, Clarence.

You got to get a permit for those, and the permits are real expensive, okay?

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