Meaning of REAL in English


adj. 1 genuine, true, actual, authentic, verified, verifiable, legitimate, right, bona fide, official; legal, legitimate, licit, natural, valid, veritable He says that his name is Smith, but what is his real name? Her diamonds are not real It has been proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that he is the real father. 2 genuine, actual, true, existent, authentic, natural; material, physical, tangible, palpable, corporeal How can one distinguish between the real object and what one sees, which is merely its image? 3 genuine, sincere, heartfelt, true, actual, unfeigned, unaffected, earnest, honest, truthful, legitimate, valid Deirdre's face is so impassive that it is impossible to tell what her real feelings are What's the real reason that you're here? 4 genuine, actual, true, loyal, trustworthy, trusted, honest You are a real friend, and I know I can count on you 5 intrinsic, actual, true, genuine, proper, essential The $150 million sale of the company fell significantly below its real value

adv. 6 See really, below.

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