Meaning of RECESS in English

I. noun




Something scuttled away into some dark recess .

Smells whose memory had been hidden in the darkest recesses of my mind assailed my nostrils.

But it took some getting at, the core of the physical jungle, the dark and deepest recess of organic shame.

The words shrieked like tormented ghosts in the dark recesses of Mowbray's soul.

One spell had indeed leapt from the crackling pages and lodged itself in the dark recesses of his brain.

He stared into the dark recesses of the room.


But it took some getting at, the core of the physical jungle, the dark and deepest recess of organic shame.

The Stud was in the deepest recesses of the West Village.

He descended into the deep recesses of her neck where it was scented sweetly and so warm.

One or two even offer niches which are simply surface-mounted; the projecting plasterwork frames a shallow but deceptively deep recess .

In its deepest recesses , Hellhole Bay and Warnbaw Swarrip, there were virgin stands of tupelo and bald cypress.



Those taxes imposed annually must be authorised by the Finance Act normally passed just before the summer recess .

But then the justices, in turn, would have to accelerate their process to decide the case before their summer recess .

It was due to announce its decision by mid-1992, prior to its summer recess .

The report will be debated in the House of Lords after the summer recess .

Over the next few weeks thousands of undergraduates will pour into the city after the summer recess looking for somewhere to live.

Also, Parliament had risen for the summer recess on the previous day.



Will the Foreign Secretary keep the House informed and perhaps make a statement when the House returns after the recess ?


Congress's two-week Easter recess

Congress will return in January from its holiday recess .

One of the lawyers asked the judge for a recess .

The Bill was brought before the House of Commons and passed before the summer recess .

The House is in recess until January 22nd, when it will vote on the Bill.


Bush got a significant boost in the final days before the recess from two votes in the House of Representatives.

For instance, you could create two groups of miniatures in the recesses on either side of a fireplace.

He led Owen into a recess behind a recess.

If fitting your blind inside a window recess you will need to measure the full recess width and depth.

We will run them during recesses, during the luncheon recess, and all night when we recess at four each afternoon.

II. verb


The judge recessed the trial for two hours.


Congress was scheduled to recess for Easter and Passover on Friday.

Downlighters can also be recessed into ceilings, to create atmospheric pools of light on the surface below.

It was a heavily padded room, its walls covered with recessed handholds.

Mount them on or recess them into a ceiling or down the side of a wall.

Newer recessed fixtures are labeled no-clearance and can be insulated over.

Then she races to recess with her new friend.

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