Meaning of REMOVE in English


I. verb


far removed (= very different )

His style was far removed from that of Picasso.

forcibly removed

The police threatened to have protestors forcibly removed .

lift/remove restrictions

He promised to lift restrictions on press freedom.

put on/take off/remove your cap

He opened the door, took off his cap, and threw it on a hook.

remove a mark

The product removes greasy marks from clothes.

remove a stain ( also shift a stain informal )

He was trying to remove a stain from his jacket.

Fruit juice stains can be hard to shift.

remove an obstacle

Opening the border removed all obstacles to trade and travel between the two countries.

remove the dirt (from sth)

First, remove any dirt from the cut.

remove/eliminate/lift barriers

Will this remove the barriers to change?

remove/withdraw sth from circulation

The Treasury Department plans to remove older coins from circulation and replace them with new ones.

surgically removed

The lump was surgically removed .

take off/remove your clothes

She took off her clothes and slipped into bed.

take off/remove your coat

She took off her coat and went into the kitchen.

take off/remove your glasses

Elsie took off her glasses and rubbed her eyes.




We seem to be discovering here a mythic fauna not far removed from that provided in the descriptions of Aristeas.

Don Robey built an empire worth millions in a city far removed from the main line of entertainment.

The popular image of a university is far removed from reality.

The decisionmaking process which propels these large projects is far removed from the intended beneficiaries.

They are far removed by more than distance from their roots in Ayrshire.

He is too far removed from its formative processes.

Julio Gallo Winery, a California concern far removed from his Kansas home.



The Government plans to remove the statutory barrier to the formation of partnerships between solicitors and non-solicitors.

Of course, a customs union would spur even more growth if it totally removed barriers even to outsiders.

The theoretical basis for this rests on economic models which predict that there are net welfare gains available from removing these barriers .

From this point of view the struggle to remove barriers could be regarded as the seed bed for human arts.

The government should aim principally to remove barriers between people and economic opportunity.

These benefits are held to stem from three separate but connected effects of removing the barriers to free movement.

Jubilee 2000 remove the barrier of international debt.


But the appointment of a receiver at Birmingham has removed any obstacle .

They must learn how to identify and remove obstacles to performance.

In the past, other things being equal, improvement in a man's income removed obstacles to marriage.

Instead of having managers and supervisors try to control employee behavior, have them focus on removing obstacles to employee performance.

As soon as the blindfold is applied, remove the obstacles and watch the children going over imaginary items.

The adaptation work should help to overcome or remove any obstacles that prevent you from enjoying the use of your present facilities.

A fail-safe system triggered a red signal, giving the driver of the train time to stop and remove the obstacle .

The crew also carries out routine river checks and removes obstacles which may be dangerous.


It also removed many of the restrictions imposed during the period of military rule between 1964 and 1985.

And he wants to remove the restrictions on how much money a party can spend on its own candidates.

The first will aim to remove restrictions on where the funds can invest, and who can manage them.

But Clinton said he vetoed that bill, partly because Republicans removed restrictions on corporate raids on pension funds.

This ability removes the restriction on context-free grammars that only a finite set of grammatical categories are allowed.

The climate of deregulation made it necessary to remove restrictions on the ability of building societies to compete in financial markets.


Remove all the fat, then cut the meat into cubes.

Remove all the packaging from the pizza and place it in a preheated oven.

Remove any dirt from the negative before printing the photograph.

Remove the spice bag before serving the soup.

Cut the fruit in half and remove the seeds.

He opened the torch and removed the bulb.

Irvin paused to remove his sunglasses.

Make sure that the engine has cooled down before removing the radiator cap.

Please do not remove this notice.

She was in the hospital, having a lump removed from her breast.

Someone had removed some papers from the file.

The new technology will make it easier for surgeons to remove abnormal growths before they cause problems.

The old paint will have to be removed first.

The plan will remove unneeded layers of bureaucracy.

The relics were removed from the house and taken to a local museum for identification.

What's the best way to remove red wine stains?

You can use lemon juice to remove the grease.


Before going to sleep always remove all traces of mascara with a good eye make-up remover lotion.

Cokley managed to remove a small pocket knife from his pocket and cut Deering on the leg.

If it is not possible to remove the hazard, adequate warnings or instructions will be relevant here.

In retirement these resentments were removed.

Nitrates can be diluted by regular water changes, removed by bacteria or various resins.

The chief said he had decided to remove the Muni buses from Arguello.

When this dominant fish dies or is removed, his place is taken by the next man on the totem pole.

II. noun


At several removes from the self in the glass, opposite.

Jayojit, the economist, arrives in Calcutta already at one remove from his existence.

Yet, at one remove , his thesis is correct.

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