Meaning of REMOVE in English


/ rɪˈmuːv; NAmE / verb , noun

■ verb [ vn ]


remove sth/sb (from sth/sb) to take sth/sb away from a place :

He removed his hand from her shoulder.

Illegally parked vehicles will be removed.

Three children were removed from the school for persistent bad behaviour.


to take off clothing, etc. from the body :

She removed her glasses and rubbed her eyes.


remove sth (from sb/sth) to get rid of sth unpleasant, dirty, etc.; to make sth disappear :

She has had the tumour removed.

to remove problems / obstacles / objections

The news removed any doubts about the company's future.


to dismiss sb from their position or job :

The elections removed the government from power.


- once, twice, etc. removed

- be far / further / furthest removed from sth

■ noun

[ C , U ] ( formal ) an amount by which two things are separated :

Charlotte seemed to be living at one remove from reality.



Middle English (as a verb): from the Old French stem remov- , from Latin removere , from re- back + movere to move.

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