Meaning of RESULT in English


I. noun


a direct result/consequence

Many illnesses here are a direct consequence of bad diet.

a dramatic result

Cameras on the streets have produced dramatic results in reducing crime.

a likely result/outcome

the most likely outcome of the election

a positive result/outcome

We hope there will be a positive outcome to the talks.

a test result/score

The test results are out on Friday.

collate information/results/data/figures

A computer system is used to collate information from across Britain.

comparable figures/data/results

comparable figures for the same period of time last year

concrete results

The negotiations failed to achieve any concrete results.

conflicting results

Scientific tests have produced conflicting results.

create/cause/result in inequality

Certain economic systems inevitably result in inequality.

decisive victory/result/defeat etc

devastating consequences/results

a terrible disease with devastating results

disastrous effects/consequences/results

Climate change could have disastrous effects on Earth.

end in/result in failure

A series of rescue attempts ended in failure.

end result

If tasks are too challenging, the end result is that learners are discouraged.

evidence/results/data/studies etc suggest(s) that

The evidence suggests that single fathers are more likely to work than single mothers.

exam results

The school achieves consistently good exam results.

examination results

You will receive your examination results in the post.

experimental evidence/results/data

A hypothesis is tested by finding experimental evidence for it.

final result/outcome

I do not know what the final outcome will be.

freak result

a freak result

indirect result

Losing weight is an indirect result of smoking cigarettes.

inevitable consequence/result

Disease was an inevitable consequence of poor living conditions.

lead to/result in a shortage

The strike led to serious shortages of fuel in some areas.

lead to/result in confusion

The differing instructions led to confusion.

lead to/result in death

Any delay in calling an ambulance may have resulted in her death.

lead to/result in erosion

Poor farming practices have led to erosion of the soil.

long-lasting effect/result

poll results/findings

The poll results are very encouraging.

probable outcome/consequence/result

The probable result of global warming will be a rise in sea levels.


New drugs are producing remarkable results .

test results

The test results showed that she had meningitis.

the election results

The election results have been coming in all night.

the result of a competition

The result of the competition will be announced on April 3rd.

the results of a survey

The results of the survey have not yet been analysed.

the results/findings of a study

The results of this study suggest that the drug is effective in over 80% of cases.

His research confirmed the findings of earlier studies.


Our research has only recently begun to yield important results .




The rise of corporate power is a direct result of governments' actively adopting neoliberal economic policies.

This is a direct result of the people in it and the people leading it.

The differences are the direct result of evolution.

What they often fail to see is that cults are a direct result of blocked politics.

Some young people have died as a direct or indirect result of sniffing glue or other solvents.

Possibly as a direct result of the recession, there appears to be an increase in the reissue of major classics.

The extension of the disclosure obligation to arrangements was imposed as a direct result of criticisms following the Guinness affair.


The final result of electoral votes was: Clinton 370, Bush 168, Perot 0.

Exit polling indicated the final results would reflect this spread.

The only major problem at this year's final results from the traditional fine weather in southern California.

For Democrats, the final result this year was easily achieved.

The final results will depend on the texture of your hair.

The final result is a permanently damaged knee joint.

But the final results placed him second and suggested that the Buchanan insurgency was ebbing.

Surprise fought for supremacy over sheer relief, the final result hardly strong enough to chase away the last vestiges of fear.


Even a plain, cheapo warm white tube will give better results .

But, like an athlete, you must practice these exercises deliberately and consistently for the best results .

It is necessary to follow the routines exactly to obtain the best results .

Interactive marketing could help cut such expenses and may even deliver better results .

The best results were for the Ford Motor and the Dana corporations which predicted 45 percent of the total variance of returns.

The younger the wrinkles, the better the result .

Our relatively good results for reduced smoking in men suggest this may be an important conclusion.

For best results , thin the blooms when plants are covered with flowers.


Therefore a draw becomes the inevitable result .

The inevitable result is that innocent people die at the hands of the state.

Magona has a surer touch when narrating the sweep of history that builds up to create inevitable results .

I interpret as the inevitable result of conflict between art and female obligation in upper-class, old-family Boston.

These are the inevitable results of leaving the merit of a book to be determined exclusively by market value.

The almost inevitable result: Housing prices will drop, hurting homeowners.

With grain prices kept at an artificially high price thereafter, the further impoverishment of those already poor was the inevitable result .

Violence becomes, as a result , an appealing and even an inevitable result.


Comparison with and without adjustment for smoking gave similarly negative results .

So no real number, positive or negative , squares to produce a negative result .

Gram staining and culture gave negative results .

The investigation, he concluded without surprise, yielded negative results .

The phrase caught in his mind. Negative results .

However, it allows only about one third of patients to be diagnosed and therefore a negative result has little value.

Even failures to replicate are not very interesting to the journals; experiments with negative results therefore rarely get reported.

The boy was screened for inborn errors, with negative results .


The net result is that the lack of that information results in the application being delayed for many months.

The net result would probably be active combat that could end in a draw.

The net results of all this?

The net result of war making by way of symbols is to widen the actual gap between luxury and poverty.

The net result , say some officials, is that foreign money has frequently ended up fertilising or irrigating opium fields.

The net result of this change is that return on sales will increase to 11. 9 percent.

The net result is a profit equal to the option premium.

Yet the net result of his pages of lists is to create a curious abundance-effect.


Few approaches would produce more positive results on the actual curriculum in schools than review and retraining in this field.

Experts in the United States later said that positive results on such tests could result from other sources.

Get advice from your clinic about early intervention treatment options and support for people who have positive results .

All people with positive results will talk to counselors, Noble said.

It may not produce a positive result .

There are, however, a number of positive results to be drawn from his departure.

The charity has seen positive results from health care and farming projects.


Both approaches appear to achieve similar results .

A succession of other polls have shown similar results .

Rowntree's stringent poverty line produced remarkably similar results to those of Booth.

Similar causes tend to produce similar results .

Changing attitude and power a certain amount will, on average, produce a somewhat similar result .

These men often have similar backgrounds and philosophies of life which lead to similar results and successes.

The experiments were repeated many times with similar results which were highly significant statistically.

A Boston Globe poll released Sunday had similar results: Dole was the frontrunner with 33 percent.



The end result is a music in which rhythm and pattern dominate.

Innovation and experimentation can be honored only if the end result is awe-inspiring.

The end result will be that Londoners and London local authorities will pay millions more each year.

If done correctly, however, the end result is still a delicious loaf of bread, as good as if hand-kneaded.

And the end result is really rather good.

Should you model the entire structure as closely as possible, or model only the end results or capacities?

As wage rates rise, if the substitution effect dominates, the end result is falling consumption of time-intensive commodities.

No matter how he strutted and screamed, the end result was more like watching performance art than hearing a concert.


Primary national science test results have improved steadily, with 78 per cent of pupils reaching the required standard last summer.

The test results were in and only his urine got a passing grade.

The disclosure about their son's positive test result was made at 2 to 3 weeks.

Tests generate more tests, and test results often lead to unwanted and unnecessary treatments.

The intestinal permeability test result was even less reliably related to the gliadin intake than the antigliadin antibody test.

Field test results were obtained from 102 sites in 35 states.

Health officials alleged that he had fabricated test results and lied about the dosages of a Debendox ingredient in tests on rabbits.

But as a group, ill veterans could be distinguished from healthy ones by overall test results .



The subsequent establishment of a one-party state would have achieved the same result .

Failure in government is not failure to achieve results , it is failure to secure reelection.

And his network will tell him about the consultant who's got to the top by achieving top-class results .

When was the last time government intervention achieved this type of results ?

To achieve consistently good results with any staining procedure requires a considerable degree of skill.

Like the cabalistic use of hints and allusions, it achieves results seemingly out of proportion to the measures employed.

However, it was not easy to use and required a certain amount of both skill and effort to achieve decent results .

If McAfee can achieve results like this.


Of course, more work is required to obtain smoother results , and this is an important consideration when doing calculations by hand.

Business units will then have wide discretion concerning how they structure themselves and operate to obtain the desired results .

Reliability refers to the ability to obtain the same results with repeated measures.

For technical reasons it was not always possible to obtain good results for the three probes on tissue from the same patient.

It is necessary to follow the routines exactly to obtain the best results .

Order and tell are like get but simply evoke more specific means of obtaining a result .

A Scandinavian study uses a randomisation scheme which will probably prevent the group from obtaining a scientifically valuable result .


Conduct on other planes of behaviour may equally produce the same result .

Strangely enough, there is a general formula that does produce results .

Changing attitude and power a certain amount will, on average, produce a somewhat similar result .

Figure 9. 3 illustrates the distributions of world endowments that produce the result .

Clean-up contracts will be more stringently managed and terminated if they fail to produce results .

This may sound unduly harsh, but most attempts at clarifying organizational values produce numbingly similar results .

They are easy to use and often appear to produce quite good results .

Sometimes, by contrast, in not providing the answers, you produce the same dispiriting result .


A researcher reports a particular result , and to verify it other scientists repeat the same experiment in their own labs.

Symantec will report its results July 25.

Previous studies of the effect of smoking on gall bladder disease have reported conflicting results .

More details on the special charge and layoffs are expected April 30 when McKesson reports its quarterly results .

Many people report good results from this, in terms of feeling fitter and happier.

Viacom is expected to report its financial results next month.

In this study, we report the long term results of dilatation in these patients.

Zaring Homes said it expects to report earnings results for the fourth quarter and year sometime in mid-February.


Investigations in man have shown controversial results .

The panel recommended 12 months of therapy, rather than the previous standard six months because studies have shown better long-term results .

In the same study a small group of six carcinomas of the stomach showed comparable results .

A third round of injections showed similar results .

Two of the displays also show the results of paying too little attention to human factors!

Our figures show widespread differences of results between schools in the area.

It recently showed poor results on two internal safety audits.


This hypothesis has yielded contradictory results .

This technique has yielded widely inconsistent results , however, and is now rarely performed.

The investigation, he concluded without surprise, yielded negative results .

In contemporary matters, Shoumatoff yields better results .

It is also far more likely than a reactive search to yield positive results .

Obviously, the eyes are colored by some simple rule that yields the results you have seen.

Studies of homoeopathic remedies in relation to prostaglandin metabolism may therefore yield interesting and fruitful results .

This method does not always yield a unique result .


net result/effect

The net result of global warming will be a rise in sea levels.

The new system is designed to spread payments over several months but the net effect is that people pay more in total.

But the net effect has been to leave exactly the same number dependent upon means-tested assistance.

The net effect is to paralyze the organization in the present.

The net effect of superimposing habituation on imprinting would be to displace the preference away from the familiar.

The net result is clear: the wire will be pulled toward Mars and will stay taut under this combination of forces.

The net result of this mechanism is increased sodium in the extracellular fluid.

The net result, say some officials, is that foreign money has frequently ended up fertilising or irrigating opium fields.

We found that neither in theory nor in practice need the net effect be one of disincentive.

Yet the net result of his pages of lists is to create a curious abundance-effect.


D'you know the result of the Arsenal game?

Election results are not expected to be announced until Friday.

Her constant cough is the result of many years of smoking.

Her parents believe that her death was a direct result of medical error.

I've tried three different ways of adding these figures and each time I get a different result .

It was a really exciting game, and the result was 2-1 to West Germany.

Jobs are hard to get and, as a result , more young people are continuing their education.

More and more people are using cars, with the result that towns are much more polluted.

The results of our accountant's calculations show that we are on the verge of bankruptcy.

The results of the attack included two helicopters burnt out, and three groundcrew wounded.

The results of the study were published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

These are excellent results for the Christian Democratic Party.

Turn to BBC1 for the latest football results.

We have completed our experiments and we are now analyzing the results.


As a result , it decided to review the case on its own motion.

He hit that shot poorly, and it found the water, but the result was irrelevant.

Its huge majority was the result of Labour / Lib Dem tactical voting against Tories.

Pleased with the results, Buckingham then asked his former bandmate who he should get to play bass on the album.

Surveying the results of her handiwork, she stayed only long enough to see him scrabble for the safety of the bank.

The results suggest that fertility rates are a function not so much of religion as of education and employment.

This criticism can not be applied to the results for 1984-90.

II. verb




Her fluency resulted in almost 100 books.

The absorption of 5-ASA by the colon is poor, resulting in very low serum and urine concentrations and high faecal concentrations.

This question resulted in almost one-third saying that they themselves might break the law.

Every evening the make-up would be wiped off with a towel resulting in quite a large laundry bill for each Girl.

A thinly-veiled threat of an academic Government inspectorate resulted in more open, external audit of performance in teaching and research.

Heavy falls of snow will result in more cold water.

It followed that further improvements would result in even higher earnings.

However, the various limitations of both models results in there being few clear conclusions from the research.



In fact, innumerable changes will result affecting agricultural, housing, medical, clothing and amusement policies.

A two-thirds vote would only be required if changes result in a net increase in taxes.

The resulting estimates will then be used to calculate the changes in welfare resulting from some simple price reduction scenarios of 1992.

These changes may result in somewhat greater reductions in employee numbers than we had previously envisaged, in addition to any transfer out of teams.

Again the assumption is that no genuine change will result if the confidence of practitioners is totally undermined. 12.

Induced trade deficits caused by such structural change may not result in an appropriate exchange rate adjustment.

Group Services has had to reflect these changes resulting in a cutback on staff numbers with the loss of many valued colleagues.


The trouble is that when they are they result in deaths .

Using either product can result in injury and death .

Rosie Johnston was at the centre of the scandal which resulted in Olivia's death six years ago.

The disorders continued for seven days, resulting in the death of fifteen whites and twenty-three blacks.

In 1970 a large area of bamboo flowered and died resulting in many deaths through starvation in the panda population.

Since 1981, there have been 665 crashes at state crossings, resulting in 81 deaths and 205 injuries.

A major blood condition which resulted in early death .

All have returned to normal without permanent damage, although hyponatremia occurring during surgery has resulted in death or permanent brain damage.


But this very failure has resulted in the survival of an unusual amount of information about the opera season.

If the corporate world is wrong, some spectacular failures could result .

Those failures resulted in the deaths of three men...

Such a failure could well result in L Detachment simply being wound up.


This was to result in an overall increase of fifty beds.

With those operations closing, it is not expected to result in a net increase in permanent jobs.

Officials have said the bonds will be retired with surplus water system funds and will result in no tax increase .

This results in an increase of glycogen in all organs and abnormally large lysosomes.

But both seem extremely problematic and poorly thought out, and if implemented might just result in an increase in infections.

So far, Hanley said, sliding supplies have not resulted in significant price increases .

The resulting increase in the deficit would reduce net national savings.


When fighting does occur - as when two evenly matched individuals meet - it seldom results in injury .

The court pointed out that even a game of hopscotch could suddenly break into a fight resulting in serious injury .

In a proportion of cases it results from massive injuries to the chest and vital organs.

Using either product can result in injury and death.

Cars in the latter colours had 133 crashes resulting in injury per 10,000 cars in 1991.

He certainly did not envy him his domestic problems or his resulting injuries to soul and face.

Though the man-apes often fought and wrestled one another, their disputes very seldom resulted in serious injuries .

The move had sparked violent protests among students, parents and teachers, resulting in seven injuries and ten arrests.


There will then be 3n control areas per cylinder on the 3350 and no loss of performance will result from the transfer.

The loss of consciousness results from the epileptic process involving hippocampal regions of the medial temporal lobes.

Will operator charges by Railtrack be reflected in higher fares and possible loss of patronage resulting from cross price elasticity?

The losses initially will result from heavy expenditures to start up operations in the region, he said.

This more than made up for the Tramway Department's loss of revenue resulting from the suspension of the service!

Needless loss of life resulted from a policy that emphasized backing away from provocation and discouraging self-defense.

The compensatory award is intended to reimburse you for financial loss resulting from the unfair dismissal.

Instead, rates fell and large losses resulted , Mr Goldinger told customers.


This can result due to reductions in overmanning and improvements in other types of slack management procedures.

This resulted in a marked reduction in the construction of dwellings in the public sector.

These changes may result in somewhat greater reductions in employee numbers than we had previously envisaged, in addition to any transfer out of teams.

As expected, shadowing did result in a significant reduction in right field advantage for the verbal task.

My amendment would result in a reduction in the burden on these people to the tune of 50 percent.

But both suffered from the blurring of detail which resulted from the reduction in size that their drawings underwent in printed form.

Helen's frustration with people who don't appreciate her could result in a marked reduction in her tolerance level.

The current recommended diabetic dietary regimen appears to result in a reduction in lipid cardiovascular risk.


Imagine the mosaic of development that might have resulted to serve the visitors and draw even more.

In the past year there have been at least eight deaths in custody which are believed to have resulted from torture.

Many of these were accepted during compromise negotiations, resulting in tighter regulations than originally proposed.

Mr Lamont said a freeze in bills last year would have resulted in substantial increases for many businesses this year.

Polgar resolved to do the same, although for years it resulted in severe poverty.

The 1980 election results devastated feminists and progressives across the nation.

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