Meaning of REVERSE in English

I. verb


back/reverse a car (= make it move backwards )

Suzy backed the car into the driveway.

reverse a decision (= change a decision )

They want him to reverse his decision to quit.

reverse a decline (= make sth start to improve again )

The main aim is to reverse the decline of the world’s environment.

reverse a policy (= stop a policy and change it )

The new government set about reversing previous policies.

reverse a trend (= make something start to change back )

He succeeded in reversing the downward trend of the railway’s fortunes.

reverse discrimination

reverse engineering

reverse gear (= for driving backwards )

He put the truck into reverse gear.

reverse gear

reverse order

They announced the results in reverse order, starting with the last.

reverse snobbery

There's a lot of reverse snobbery about opera.

reversing light




For their part, the Communists completely reversed their line, earning the permanent hostility of many of their former allies.

Gold completely reversed her position on a hormonal link.

Thus by completely reversing the cycle, mating will occur around midday.

In a Committee debate, they have completely reversed their previous position.



The Court of Appeal reversed this decision, but it was held that instructions were relevant in deciding fitness for purpose.

If the appeals courts reverse the case, the whole procedure begins all over again.

The Court of Appeal reversed the judge's decision to refuse the injunctions sought.

Decision of the Court of Appeal reversed .


Tony reversed his car and turned to take another look at the theatre - there was nothing there.

A female driver had reversed into his car in the market place despite his warning cry.

I reversed the car into a side turn and waited.

She reversed the car out and swung it round to give Billy room to put his in its place.

As I reversed the car , I caught sight of her blithely telling all and sundry about the row.

By the time she had got across the field and back, Miranda had reversed the car on to the road.

He reversed his car and prepared to drive back down the road.


If the appeals courts reverse the case , the whole procedure begins all over again.

Again, the same Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the case .


Then we may have some hope of preventing, retarding or reversing the changes .

The leaders of Park Forest are trying to reverse the forces of change that ruptured their community.


This momentarily reverses the positive charge on the outside.


The Court of Appeal reversed this decision, but it was held that instructions were relevant in deciding fitness for purpose.

If the appeals courts reverse the case, the whole procedure begins all over again.

The Court of Appeal reversed the judge's decision to refuse the injunctions sought.

Eighteen months later an appellate court reversed the convictions and criticized the conduct of the trial judge and the prosecution.


Four days later the faculty reversed that decision , and then reversed it once again.

These decisions can only be reversed with great difficulty.

That decision was reversed on the spot.

On the prosecutor's appeal to the Divisional Court this decision was in turn reversed .

One week later, the decision was reversed .

The decision was reversed on appeal on the facts.

The decision was subsequently reversed on appeal to the High Court.


It proposes tough penalties for industries which cause water pollution to help reverse the decline .

Expensive state subsidies cushioned but could not reverse Yucatan's long decline .

It is hoped that the multi-million pound facelift will reverse decades of decline for the shopping area in Liverpool city centre.

A department devoted to organizing new unions had already been set up to reverse the long decline in membership.

However, both the lack of growth and the failure to reverse the decline in work opportunities also carry serious political implications.

The reforms are designed to reverse the drastic decline in the Party's support.

Last year's return to democracy has scarcely begun to reverse the country's decline .

How man is trying to reverse the decline .


The second assumption is that the stream can not move backwards on itself, that is, reverse its direction or join itself.

Once there, the plane would reverse direction and return to Adana along the same route.

At first she walked with confidence, reversing her earlier directions , but after a while she began to get confused.

Indeed it reverses the direction , as we shall see.

During the freewheeling interval the motional voltage becomes negative and the freewheeling winding current may be forced to reverse direction .

At the Gynn, the ravine was bridged and an elaborate tramway layout constructed, facilitating cars reversing in both directions .

Another method reverses the direction of flow, with the water moving upwards through coarse and then fine material.

Many lace patterns are vertically symmetrical so there seems little point in trying to reverse the direction anyway.


International anger and domestic turmoil threaten to reverse fragile gains made during Fujimori's 20 months in government.

Such subtle shifting could be enough to reverse the Republican congressional gains of the 1990s.


Newly formed governments seek deliberately to reverse their predecessors' communications policies.

Successive Conservative governments implemented policies which reversed the slight trend for income redistribution to poorer groups.

Why has there been a downturn in river water quality under the Government which has reversed the trend since the mid-1950s?

Unemployment rose to a million and inflation got worse, so the government had to reverse many of its policies.

The new government set about reversing previous policies, not least of which was agrarian reform.


The Prince and Princess have each, in their own way, reversed the order of play.

Methodists accepted this agenda, though they tended to reverse the order of priorities for their trek across the country.

Some individuals reverse the order of difficulty found in the group as a whole.

If we reverse the order we get a story of revenge, the children getting their own back.

For selective pressures for linguistic ability could easily reverse in ontogeny the order I maintain would be needed in phylogeny.


I knitted two plain white rows between each row of faces and reversed the pattern each time it changed.

The new policy would seek to reverse the pattern of out-migration while strengthening the economic base of inner-city areas.

The temperature pattern also reverses when the pattern of atmospheric pressure of the southern oscillation reverses.

More valuable is James Woodhouse who reversed the pattern of Duck's career.


But then in 1997 they reversed the policy and, not surprisingly, they had a collapse.

Rising public outrage eventually forced Intel to reverse its policy and offer replacement chips to anyone who wanted one.

It has reversed some policies , such as the hated Employment Contracts Act and the hasty privatisation of the accident compensation scheme.

Most important, they announced that they would reverse the disastrous 1982 policy of nationalizing banks.

Unemployment rose to a million and inflation got worse, so the government had to reverse many of its policies .

The plans to reverse decades of governmental policy without benefit of public hearings and substantive dialogue have produced little.

The new government set about reversing previous policies , not least of which was agrarian reform.

The decision to release the documents reverses a Red Cross policy of secrecy.


This would immediately reverse the relative positions of majority and minority in Northern Ireland.

Gold completely reversed her position on a hormonal link.

Yet in the case of negotiated safety, these same prevention groups reverse position .

Anomie theorists and their subcultural followers reversed the classical position on these matters, and in doing so encountered serious problems.

On April 29, however, Taylor reversed his position .

The Transfer Regulations reverse the position with respect to employees.

Now reverse the position by rotating the hands but keeping them touching.


Here too there are reasons for reversing the priority .

Methodists accepted this agenda, though they tended to reverse the order of priorities for their trek across the country.

Formalist theory reversed the priority of content over form and devoted its attention exclusively to form.

Where previous models had been brain models first and useful devices second, Hopfield reversed the priorities .

George Bush has reversed these priorities .

But he said from day to day I should reverse the priorities .

Derrida reverses this priority by making all apparently logocentric forms of discourse secondary and indeed illusory.


Local geologists hope the latest earthquake may help to reverse the process .

Only then, after it was too late to reverse the process , did I feel remorse.

Instead of growing up, I had, as it were, grown down, and thus reversed a natural biological process .

Television and its congeners have begun to reverse the process that started with the invention of the printing press.

We can't reverse the process , but we might be able to check it.

On the plus side, weight loss and regular exercise have been shown to reverse this process .

After some education they turn these patterns into print, or reverse the process , turning print into acoustic events.

By keeping a close and constant watch on himself, Quinn was gradually able to reverse the process .


Of course, you can reverse the roles , make a cross both ways, and compare the results.

In their conversations he chose to reverse their roles .

But the union of youth and age had reversed her role .

As a practical matter, the more we reverse roles , the better the parenting balance.

In the next portrait I introduce a man and a woman who achieved a work-family balance for both by reversing traditional roles .

This would entail making approaches, reversing the role she had assumed throughout the years with Claire.

They eventually succeeded in reversing the roles of the pagan religions and their own by taking the offensive.


Mere words could do little in the short term to reverse the chaotic situation .

It will take tremendous political will, courage and humanity to reverse this situation .

But later on, the shortage of manpower reversed the situation .

Yet both organizations allowed the experiment to go forward, and in each case it reversed a deteriorating situation .

Those doubts continued as Pittsburgh came out and reversed the situation in the second half.


Mr Stafford Smith is doing his best to reverse the growing trend towards execution and so far he has been very successful.

The action reversed a trend in which the two countries appeared to be edging ever so slightly toward increased cooperation.

Parts and accessories sales declined sharply, reversing an earlier trend .

Tyler had been charged with reversing this trend .

Liberal Democrats will reverse this trend by: Creating safe and secure communities.

The conference was misleadingly regarded as a success and as reversing the trend in relations.

Both the president and the Republican Congress want to reverse that trend with broadly similar plans.


As I approached the house a car reversed out of the driveway and sped off down the road.

Cities are expanding and using up more and more of the desert. Our aim is to reverse this trend and to protect our open spaces.

Drive down to where I am, then start reversing.

Half the new police squad cars have the colors reversed.

He slowly reversed the van into the parking place.

It's clear that our priorities need to be reversed.

It may take a century or two to reverse the damage done by pollution.

Many of the former administration's policies were reversed by the new president.

The court of appeal reversed the original verdict set the prisoner free.

The image on the screen was reversed and upside down.

The longer the economic decline is allowed to go on the more difficult it will be to reverse it.

You'll have to reverse to let them pass.


By keeping a close and constant watch on himself, Quinn was gradually able to reverse the process.

It reversed fast, the gearbox whining like a violin, and parked in front of the Mercedes.

Many of the consequences of our acts can be reversed or nullified by redefinition.

Most important, they announced that they would reverse the disastrous 1982 policy of nationalizing banks.

Self-pity tends to block taking action that will be truly effective in reversing the downward spirals of primary and family diseases.

The Prague linguists' approach explains it in terms of reversing the theme-rheme sequence.

Tyler had been charged with reversing this trend.

II. noun


Financial reverses forced Thomas to sell his business.

The reverse side has two eagles with a dead hare.


But for others, the reverse was true: it was technical drawing which attracted them into engineering.

But in fact the reverse is true.

It is the conglomerate process in reverse .

The parasympathetic nervous system does the reverse , preparing the body for more vegetative activities.

The process can work in reverse .

Union commander McDowell reacted to this reverse by renewing his forward pressure.

III. adjective




In the reverse direction the wood looked different.

In funerary rites or in cases of houses subject to the intrusions of snakes, this reverse direction is followed by the priest.

In the reverse direction the country received its most abundantly grown foodstuffs of today - maize and cassava.

The system does not necessarily include a balance lift that is to say duplicate tanks working up and down duplicate inclines in reverse direction .


At this point the debate over the civil rights bill merged into a wider national debate concerning the legitimacy of reverse discrimination .

The fact is that both the benefits of affirmative action and the white-male fears of reverse discrimination have been exaggerated.

Thomas was renowned as a vigorous opponent of affirmative action or reverse discrimination , espousing minority self-help rather than racial quotas.

She does think it is sometimes reverse discrimination but wonders how else people will move up.

There are a number of legal formulae by which any suggestion of reverse discrimination is ruled out.


Damage to a visual area in the brainstem, the superior colliculus, had the reverse effect .

They have exactly the reverse effect .

One can only guess at the reverse effect on the police themselves.

This was supposed to comfort me, but it had the reverse effect .

Each fresh admission of Wingate's guilt brought with it a reverse effect .

Contradictions which might seem likely to undermine the system have often the reverse effect .

Removing input neuron 1 produces difficulties with remembering output pattern A but not B. Removing input neuron 2 produces the reverse effect .


The machine has no reverse gear .

Engage forward and reverse gears and shunt backwards and forwards, listening for unusual transmission noises.

Thus the movement, seen from close by, appears to go into reverse gear .

After some time, he finally started the engine and crunched into reverse gear .


To take these points in reverse order , the initiation of the student into the rational life should occur in two directions.

Cosmologists have supposed that the universe might go into reverse and run through with all its physical laws in reverse order .

In fact we have just suggested the reverse order of development.

We discuss in reverse order these three ways that languages can have words that share sound and meaning.

Here in reverse order are the Top Three: 3.

If the last four rows of Table 1 are taken in reverse order , the required reciprocal is obtained.

Their voting preferences were, of course, in the reverse order .

They died in reverse order to that in which they'd been born.


The reverse process was used to install the launcher on pedestals at the pad.

The reverse process , therefore, is to consider what we owe to other people.

Ultimately you are involved in a reverse process of what the historian H underwent while writing the book.

The reverse process often takes place in the evening, and the mountains become clear and sharp again.

The reverse process involves the computer recognition of pictures.

They also allow the reverse processes , antiquarks turning into electrons, and electrons and antielectrons turning into antiquarks and quarks.


The defender now turns attacker, stepping quickly forward and striking with a reverse punch to his attacker's chest.

Possibly the most commonly used punch in karate is the reverse punch.

The reverse punch is also the strongest and hardest punch in karate.

The reverse punch is most frequently used in a counter-attack.

The basic lunge punch is dropped in favour of the short swift jab or the very fast reverse punch.

Add a reverse punch to underline your technique.

Begin to thrust your punching hip forwards, using the pull-back of your snap punch to power the reverse punch.

Throw a reverse punch as before and bring the kicking knee forwards without raising the lower leg or turning the hips.


White spots on the reverse side of a tiger's ears.

And in the reverse side of the Moon?

On the reverse sides of the sheets Dante s text strikes through.

It was on the reverse side of a police interview with Reza Eslaminia.

The reverse side of the appeal has a useful bibliography.

But the reverse side has a reverse side, too.

If Photoflo creeps on to the reverse side of the grid, it may leave drying artefacts.

This certificate normally carries on the reverse side a form of renunciation.


There were so many takes and retakes for angles that the reverse situation was occurring for Nicholson, the actor.


His advice had the reverse effect to that intended.

In some families the father goes out to work and the mother stays at home. In others, the reverse situation is true.


A bridge of four diodes, connected in reverse parallel with the switching transistors, provides the path for freewheeling currents.

The diode D1 is reverse biased during this period and plays no part in the action.

The effect achieves what we players call reverse swing.

The fact is that both the benefits of affirmative action and the white-male fears of reverse discrimination have been exaggerated.

Their voting preferences were, of course, in the reverse order.

To remove just about everything, and run it to waste, the ultimate is a reverse osmosis unit at around £250.

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