Meaning of RIFLE in English

I. noun


a pistol/rifle shot

A pistol shot rang out in the darkness.

air rifle

fire a gun/weapon/rifle etc (= make it shoot )

the sound of a gun being fired

pump-action shotgun/rifle

rifle range

Rifles, The

rummage/rifle through drawers (= search in them by moving things around in an untidy way )

Someone had been in my bedroom and rummaged through my drawers.

shoot a gun/rifle etc

Tod’s grandfather taught him to shoot a rifle.




They are holding automatic rifles and wearing steel helmets.

After the war, semi-and fully automatic rifles were developed.

It said villagers were forming detachments, many of them equipped with automatic rifles and home-made explosives.

Walking in front of Converse was a little man called the Caporal who carried a Browning automatic rifle decorated with hibiscus.

He wore a mottled camouflage jacket and a lightweight stetson and carried an automatic rifle .

They rested on a bank, automatic rifles stacked beside them.

He heard the fluttering of bullets before the fast slap-slap-slap of an automatic rifle .

The police in Baku carry automatic rifles .



His owner, Jeremy Young admitted repeatedly shooting him with an air rifle at his home in Princes Risborough.

It did, for the gun he took was an almost silent air rifle .

Fifteen-year-old Nicola Child was blasted with an air rifle in a cruel prank.

Doctors feared an air rifle pellet had pierced his brain when the joke went horribly wrong.

Reward to catch the air rifle snipers.

Mr Day, 32, pointed dad Frank's air rifle at the boy believing it was unloaded.

Inside the box, an air rifle which was probably stolen.

Requesting the congregation to leave, he sent his son to fetch an air rifle .


Over 7,000 assault rifles , 500 rocket launchers and several tonnes of explosives have been recovered.

The men fled in a car and could be armed with assault rifles , said Capt.

They are jointly charged with conspiracy to cause explosions and possessing Semtex and six assault rifles on or before April 13.

Out of the darkness stepped four men with AK-47 assault rifles and Uzi submachine guns, Anaya said.

All in all, it is enough to protect the occupants from an assault rifle or the shrapnel from a grenade.

He said they were not assault rifles .

Guards with AK47 assault rifles patrol the camp perimeter but there is no need to keep people in.

Large-caliber firearms, semiautomatic pistols and assault rifles are forbidden to civilians altogether.


Witnesses told of beatings with rifle butts and sticks and the use of bayonets and guns, he said.

Soldiers dispersed the peasants with rifle butts , and by nightfall, violence was sweeping through the province.

Her rifle butt had given him a nasty knock, but there would be no lasting damage.


The Cheshires unleashed between 20 and 30 rounds of rifle fire to cover their withdrawal after they came under attack.

On the screen, two cowboys were exchanging rifle fire at a distance of thirty meters or so.

Their nine-month-old daughter Isidora is no longer rocked to the sound of rifle fire .

Within minutes, the platoon was being pummeled by heavy machine gun and rifle fire .

The air outside snapped with rifle fire .

Those who advanced under the rifle fire of the Marines who had remained in position did not fall.

The slightest movement above trench level drew rifle fire .

The first rifle fire came with a falsetto crack.


Two-thirds of the output from its factories is for civilian use - washing machines, prams and hunting rifles , for instance.

So might Gianluigi's hunting rifle , for that matter.

The gun case had room for six hunting rifles and there were two drawers underneath which were not locked.


The Dragoons advanced to within rifle range and stopped to take aim.

Once they found a herd, they sneaked up to within rifle range on foot.

When Charlie heard the news of victory he was training some raw recruits on a rifle range in Edinburgh.

So, we pulled back and sat outside of rifle range and watched the gunships work over this small forest.

The army use a large acreage in the northern sector of the Pentlands as a training area and rifle range .

There is a rifle range and climbing tower.

Day Five saw the teams on the rifle ranges at Bulford.

They watched the Dynmouth Hards performing at the rifle range , their black-frilled girls loitering beside them, seeming bored.



Then he aimed the rifle again, this time at one of the men in the front rank.

The sentries at the Yalu River checkpoint aimed their rifles at me instead of letting me hurry across.

Without glasses she couldn't even begin to play lawn tennis or aim a rifle .

Soldiers demonstrated military toys like cameras to aim rifles and squishy nonlethal projectiles.

The action of aiming a rifle can have many reasons and a vendetta is only one of many possibilities.


I told him I had twenty-two men with me, armed with fourteen rifles , as well as my own three rifles and shotgun.

The men fled in a car and could be armed with assault rifles , said Capt.

All were armed - some with rifles , others with spears, while nearly all wore swords and carried shields.


Petion carried a rifle , a Browning and several grenades.

When you get down to it, in the bush, 1 man can carry 3 or 4 rifles .

They carried rifles and had borrowed miners' helmets in place of their soft service caps.

He carried the rifle in one hand, a couple of magazines in the other.

The police in Baku carry automatic rifles .

One carried a rifle by its stock, a. 30 -. 30, the muzzle bouncing off his toe.

There came a day when he arrived for a lecture in army uniform and carrying a rifle .

Our medic was carrying an M 16 rifle .


On the other side of the double row of barbed wire a guard was standing still holding his rifle at the ready.

They are holding automatic rifles and wearing steel helmets.

He held a loaded rifle thrust before him, as though it were bayoneted and he was advancing on a rioting crowd.

Jacques Devraux followed them, holding his rifle at the ready until he was certain the big animal was dead.

Marc Lepine entered the classroom holding a semi-automatic rifle .


Slowly he raised the rifle and placed it against the forehead of one of the soldiers.

I ran to join them and raised my rifle to fire a burst for cover as they ran past me.

Pat Buchanan raising a rifle over his head.

Emerging from the crowd, he raised a 1964 Winchester rifle over his head.


The sailors attacked stores owned by blacks and looted shooting galleries for rifles and ammunition.


Fifteen-year-old Nicola Child was blasted with an air rifle in a cruel prank.

I fired one magazine of an M16 rifle .

I reached for our rifles but they had been removed.

The guide picked up the rifle , shot and castrated him, and made off.

The Knutes smiled, their rifles in hand.

The rucksack and the rifle I had been carrying since yesterday evening seemed like a ton weight.

The world overflows with these rifles and their banana clips.

There was an ornate rifle mounted on the wall behind him.

II. verb


Fisher rifled a pass to Dreher for an easy layup.

He rifled through a filing cabinet in search of the memo.

The robbers rifled the cash register and fled with $188 in cash.


Immigrants slump on their luggage, soldiers point rifles at Scorsese, and the horse urinates for the fourth time.

The Lieutenant's servant rifled the dead man's possessions.

There is no evidence that the rifling and thievery of the files ever occurred.

While you're away sipping sangria on a sun-soaked beach, some intruder may be rifling your unguarded home.

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