Meaning of RIFLE in English

1. n. & v.


1. a gun with a long rifled barrel, esp. one fired from shoulder-level.

2 (in pl.) riflemen.

--v.tr. make spiral grooves in (a gun or its barrel or bore) to make a bullet spin.

Phrases and idioms:

rifle bird any dark green Australian bird of paradise of the genus Ptiloris. rifle-range a place for rifle-practice. rifle-shot

1. the distance coverable by a shot from a rifle.

2 a shot fired with a rifle.

Etymology: OF rifler graze, scratch f. Gmc 2. v.tr. & (foll. by through) intr.

1. search and rob, esp. of all that can be found.

2 carry off as booty.

Etymology: ME f. OF rifler graze, scratch, plunder f. ODu. riffelen

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