Meaning of RIFLE in English

I. ˈrīfəl verb

( rifled ; rifled ; rifling -f(ə)liŋ ; rifles )

Etymology: Middle English riflen, from Middle French rifler to scratch, file, plunder, from Old French, of Germanic origin; akin to obsolete Dutch rijffelen to scrape, groove, Middle Dutch riven to rake — more at rivel

transitive verb

1. : to ransack and rob or plunder : pillage thoroughly : despoil completely

his mail was repeatedly rifled — William MacDonald

not only dug deep into local archives but rifled the memories of farmers — Newsweek

2. : to steal and carry away : snatch away : carry off

till time shall rifle every youthful grace — Alexander Pope

intransitive verb

: to engage in ransacking and pillaging

rifling through her desk in a desperate search for writing materials — Brand Blanshard

Synonyms: see rob

II. noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from Old North French, perhaps from Old French rifler to scratch, file

1. : a strip of wood covered with emery or similar material and used for sharpening scythes

2. Britain : a bent stick fastened at the butt of a scythe and serving to lay the mowed grain in rows

III. transitive verb

( rifled ; rifled ; rifling -f(ə)liŋ ; rifles )

: to whet with a rifle

rifling scythes and filing hoes — William Humphrey

IV. transitive verb

( rifled ; rifled ; rifling -f(ə)liŋ ; rifles )

Etymology: French rifler to scratch, file, from Middle French

: to cut spiral grooves into the bore of (as a firearm or piece of ordnance)

rifled arms

rifled pipe

V. noun

( -s )

1. archaic : one of the spiral grooves in the bore of a rifled firearm


a. : a firearm having a rifled bore and intended to be fired from the shoulder — see carbine ; compare musket , pistol , shotgun

b. : a rifled artillery piece

startling crack of a single great fourteen-inch rifle , carefully aimed — K.M.Dodson


a. : rifleman

appointed captain of a Maryland company of rifles — American Guide Series: Maryland

b. rifles plural : a body of soldiers armed with rifles

the 6th Gurkha Rifles

4. or rifle green : a dark grayish olive green to black

5. : a mobile lighting unit with a spirally ribbed parabolic reflector throwing a narrow beam that is used especially in television and motion-picture making

VI. transitive verb

( rifled ; rifled ; rifling -f(ə)liŋ ; rifles )

Etymology: rifle (V)

: to hit or throw (a ball) with great force

rifled a single to center field

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