Meaning of ROCKET in English


I. noun


a missile/rocket/mortar attack

There were 15 dead and 20 wounded in a missile attack on the capital.

a price shoots up/soars/rockets (= increases quickly by a large amount )

The price of oil soared in the 1970s.

fire bullets/missiles/rockets etc

Guerrillas fired five rockets at the capital yesterday, killing 23 people.

rocket science

Designing a website may be a lot of work but it’s not rocket science.

rocket scientist

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that doubling productivity will improve profits.

rocket/wind/nuclear/jet propulsion




In a chemical rocket these molecules are the products of a chemical reaction.

These factors force chemical rockets to deliver specific impulses well below five hundred seconds.

So far environmental lobbies have been extremely reluctant to allow radioactive materials to be flown in a chemical rocket .

This nuclear thermal rocket can perform as well as a hydrogen-oxygen chemical rocket if the exhaust temperature is the same.

A high-performance chemical rocket has over 350 seconds specific impulse.


Another disadvantage of solid rockets is that once they have been ignited they can not be stopped.

Once this has been done the whole shuttle assembly is supported on the solid rocket boosters.

The third stage took over after two solid rockets had fired to settle the propellant in its tanks.

The control signals for the solid rocket boosters are also routed through these umbilicals.



Ambushes, rocket attacks and troop and weapons movements were also reported.

I felt much more confident in myself during a firefight as compared to being mortared or receiving a rocket attack .

These included bombs on London railway lines and a daring rocket attack on the headquarters of MI6 by the Thames.

As he explained it to me, his fort came equipped with metal shields to protect it from rocket attacks .

A mujaheddin rocket attack on Kabul on Feb. 29 killed at least 21 people.

Mortar and rocket attacks varied in frequency, but they were always a threat.

The United States had hopes of at least twenty-five minutes' warning of a nuclear rocket attack .

No civil aircraft now stayed in Phnom Penh overnight, since Khmer Rouge rocket attacks on the airport were frequent.


A Saturn V booster rocket lifted a three-man crew and their equipment from the surface of Earth.

At these times, any given booster rocket can launch the heaviest possible payloads to Mars.

However, it has kept her apprised of the booster rocket issue for more than a week.

He swings golf clubs created from a material used to guide the booster rockets for orbiting space ships.


This had never been done before with a rocket engine .

It was placed in an eccentric, high-inclination orbit around Venus by the firing of a small rocket engine .

A comparison of different kinds of rocket engines with each other requires some measure of their performance.

For propulsion, it relies on the aerospike, a linear rocket engine .

By 1909 he was already aware of the superior potential of liquid hydrogen-liquid oxygen rocket engines .


On the first day they shell a village from long range with artillery and rocket fire .

I wanted to tell her: It was not all about rocket fires and body bags.


The real danger lies in unburnt rocket fuel that falls with the metal.

Polar ice also would provide hydrogen for rocket fuel and for industrial processes.

Antimatter, it turns out, is real, nonfiction stuff, but too rare to be used directly as rocket fuel .

On Earth, nitrogen is an important ingredient of both storable rocket fuels and oxidizers.

He says the residue is rocket fuel , but investigators say it actually is a glue used to bind airplane seats.


Over 7,000 assault rifles, 500 rocket launchers and several tonnes of explosives have been recovered.

Quake involves killing opponents with a variety of implements including axes, nail guns and rocket launchers .

We have a report that four unidentified persons have set up a rocket launcher two hundred yards west of seventeenth green.

When he came back with all three signatures on a piece of paper we would send the first load of rocket launchers .

The Eksund's cargo had included surface-to-air missiles, mortar shells, rocket launchers and semtex high explosive.

Away from the street self-taught craftsmen copy working anti-aircraft guns, hand grenades and rocket launchers .

Police shudder at the prospect of facing a population which has anti-aircraft guns and rocket launchers at its disposal.

Technicals - trucks carrying cannon, anti-aircraft missiles and rocket launchers , cruise the city centre.


Without losing any time, she leaned forward ready to start up the rocket motors .

Last summer, Thiokol reported singeing of O-ring seals located in the nozzles of rocket motors after consecutive launches.

A particularly simple form of rocket motor uses solid propellant.

The plant makes and tests rocket motors , but doesn't have enough new orders to keep going.

After one second, controls in the nozzle of the rocket motor start steering the missile on to the proper trajectory.

The sound of the rocket motors died away.

A rocket motor failed and the spacecraft did not reach its intended orbit.


Remember that the principle of rocket propulsion simply requires high-speed molecules to push against the rocket.

This is the secret of rocket propulsion .


Finding a way out of this mess does not require rocket science .

Timing can be everything, even in rocket science .

After all, this really is rocket science .

Leading teams through a one-day goal-setting workshop does not involve rocket science .


A letter signed by former cosmonauts and rocket scientists and 16,000 Muscovites has been handed to Putin.

They wheeled in the rocket scientists , who started to carve up mortgage securities into itty-bitty pieces.

Well, Andrew Dequasie was a rocket scientist of a sort.


Display of early aircraft and space rockets .


it doesn't take a rocket scientist (to do sth)

It doesn't exactly take a rocket scientist to realize that the chain of events was no coincidence.

sth is not rocket science


Heavy artillery and rocket attacks rained down on the camp.


Finding a way out of this mess does not require rocket science.

It had two lids which you closed once you were in, and instead of bullets, it fired rockets.

Ready, Set, Go! went through version 2 like a rocket and emerged late last year as version 3.

That rocket itself also appears to have strayed off course.

The result is a devastating detonation that completely destroys the rocket .

This nuclear thermal rocket can perform as well as a hydrogen-oxygen chemical rocket if the exhaust temperature is the same.

Wichman recently designed the passenger compartment for a rocket ship being developed by McDonnell Douglas Aerospace.

II. verb


Gold prices rocketed to their highest level since 1983.

Interest rates have rocketed as credit has become scarce.

Why has the dollar rocketed against the yen in particular?


A diabetic, she spent two days in the hospital last week when stress sent her blood pressure rocketing.

Biotech company stocks rocketed on speculation drugs they are developing could turn into blockbusters.

Pearce's request for new terms could have been sparked by transfer fees and wages rocketing in the last 12 months.

Peschisllibo ravaged Derby's defence in an exhilarating first half when Birmingham rocketed into a three goal lead.

Profits for 1991-92 have jumped £2m to £13.6m and its pubs total has rocketed from 376 to 532.

The rave band, which rocketed to No.8 with Fire, believes the Beeb show is death to dance.

Today, many corporate astronauts are rocketing into market space as if they were launched from Cape Canaveral with no Houston base.

You usually prefer rocketing and rolling to swiveling.

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