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drug runner

long-distance runner

runner bean




The new front runner is New Zealand, co-hosts of the inaugural 1987 World Cup.

During the fourth round he wavered, the way tournament-long front runners invariably do.

The consensus seemed to be emerging: it was an open race but Samuel was clearly the front runner .

When Gore was the Democratic front-runner for the presidential election, his satellite drew a sharply mixed reaction.

Aunt May is only the front runner .

Victory at the Dell today would keep Rangers among the early season front runners .

The First Division front runners made an alleged £3.3m cash move for Ferdinand before Christmas.


Shirley was a good runner , and she caught Heather up a few yards from the fire.

Mills makes big plays and is a very good runner after the catch.

The usual illustration is a car dealer stating that one car is a better runner than another.

He knew he was not as good a runner as she, but he had a plan.

The van was old but a good and reliable runner .

I needed to make better pitches with runners on base....

Pedestrianism remained a source of extra money for good runners , who were willing to sacrifice the more socially prestigious amateur laurels.

Good painter, maybe. Good runner , good reader, you bet.


Like the rest of Britain's many great long distance runners Zarei has this ability to ignore the pain and keep going.

Johnson is big and a great runner who is tough to bring down after the catch.


There were only seven other runners .

We can always pass the message on to other runners .

If you are friendly, it is likely to try to bite other runners .



In spring and summer last year, pollination of the runner beans was generally poor.

Add the runner beans and season lightly.

In anticipation that the same problem might recur this summer I tried sowing some sweet peas with the runner beans .

Tomatoes leaned on stakes, runner beans twined round a wigwam of canes and rambling roses rambled over their appointed places.

Freezer: Pack of steaks, beefburgers, fish-fingers, peas, runner beans , ready cooked curry meal, cod.

Anna started to slice up runner beans .

Everything was lush; the lawn needed mowing; the geraniums needed dead-heading; the runner beans needed picking.


No other athlete is more revered than the distance runner .

Top-flight gymnasts practice eight hours a day for decades. Distance runners run up to 200 miles a week.

Like the rest of Britain's many great long distance runners Zarei has this ability to ignore the pain and keep going.

I, too, was a distance runner .

For the average distance runner fat is about as much use as a pocket watch.

Finishing the race is the rite of passage of the distance runner .


Weaver and marathon runner Tom Jennings operates eight looms simultaneously during his shift.

The man had been a famous marathon runner in his day.

Tom is also a keen marathon runner .

Get set: Marathon runners will take on four- legged competition in a long distance run at Llanwyrtyd Wells, Powys.

Since his tragic mishap, the former marathon runner has accomplished many projects including an outward bound course, abseiling and canoeing.



Tell him to get his men into the Rorim, and to send a runner to Luib on the gates.

Was he limping, were they deciding to send out a runner ?

We send a runner for you.


a red table runner for Christmas


And they are offering tasty incentives to runners who answer their call.

As it stands, few serious runners are likely to take up the challenge to turn it on.

It was in the 70s, and lots of people dropped out, even elite runners.

It was very disappointing that there were only three runners.

My idea of good style is to arrive at the stance with a minimum of runners.

Propagates by the plantlets produced on the runners.

The ring leaders, using runners to deliver their goods on the streets, sold about 100 phones each month.

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