Meaning of RUNNER in English


n.1 a person who runs, esp. in a race.

2 a a creeping plant-stem that can take root. b a twining plant.

3 a rod or groove or blade on which a thing slides.

4 a sliding ring on a rod etc.

5 a messenger, scout, collector, or agent for a bank etc.; a tout.

6 hist. a police officer.

7 a running bird.

8 a a smuggler. b blockade-runner.

9 a revolving millstone.

10 Naut. a rope in a single block with one end round a tackle-block and the other having a hook.

11 (in full runner bean) Brit. a twining bean plant, Phaseolus multiflorus, with red flowers and long green seed pods. Also called scarlet runner.

12 each of the long pieces on the underside of a sledge etc. that forms the contact in sliding.

13 a roller for moving a heavy article.

14 a long narrow ornamental cloth or rug.

Phrases and idioms:

do a runner sl. leave hastily; flee. runner-up (pl. runners-up or runner-ups) the competitor or team taking second place.

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