Meaning of RUNNER in English


ˈrənə(r) noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English rinner, renner, from rinnen, rennen to run + -er

1. : one capable of running

the cheetah is the fastest runner of all animals

: racer


a. : a horse entered in a race

eight runners in the final race of the day


(1) : a cricket batsman attempting to score a run ; specifically : a substitute allowed to run for an injured batsman

(2) : base runner

(3) : a football player in possession of a live ball

c. : a man in backgammon that starts from the opponent's home table

d. : a bird that characteristically runs or scuttles along the ground ; specifically : water rail

e. : a wounded bird that moves fast but cannot fly

f. : a popular fast-selling item of merchandise

3. : one whose occupation requires physical movement from place to place: as

a. : one that delivers messages, reports, materials, or products for a business organization either within the establishment or to outside locations

b. : a police officer or police detective in 18th century London — see bow street runner

c. : one that makes a business of running for things in return for the gratuities received

a runner called a cab for him

d. : commissionaire

e. : a messenger between headquarters of military units especially during action

f. : an agent who accepts, transmits, and pays bets for a numbers game or a bookmaker

g. : one that smuggles or distributes illegal drugs

dope runner

4. : one that operates or manages something:

a. : a workman that operates a carrying vehicle (as in a mine) : dropper

b. : one that operates a machine

c. : a seaman engaged for a short single voyage

d. : the driver of a locomotive


a. : any of various large active carangid fishes: as

(1) : rainbow runner

(2) : blue runner

(3) : leatherjacket 1b

b. Africa : cobia

c. : indian runner

d. : blacksnake 1a


a. : a ship of exceptional speed used for dispatches without convoy

b. : a ship that runs a blockade or carries smuggled goods

c. : runboat


a. : either of the longitudinal pieces on which a sled or sleigh slides

b. : the part of a skate that slides on the ice : blade

c. : skate II 1a

d. : a horizontal longitudinal timber on the top of a scaffold or staging carrying a line of rails (as for a hoisting apparatus) : stringer , stringpiece

e. : the support of a drawer or a sliding door


a. : a growth produced by a plant in running ; usually : stolon 1

b. : a plant that forms or spreads by means of runners

c. : a twining vine — not used technically; see scarlet runner


a. : a rope rove through a single movable block and usually attached to a luff tackle

b. : a backstay running from mast to rail of a sailing ship and adjustable by means of a tackle or lever

10. runners plural , chiefly dialect : the small intestine of a domestic animal


a. : a carpet adapted by its long and narrow shape for extending along a hall or passageway or staircase

b. : a narrow decorative cloth cover for the top of a piece of furniture (as a table, dresser)


a. : the rotating stone of a set of millstones

b. : a movable slab used in grinding or polishing stone or glass


a. : a movable pulley block running on a fall that is fixed at one end

b. : idler wheel

c. : the impeller of a pump

d. : either of the sliding centers of a watchmaker's lathe

e. : a train of wheels for regulating the speed of striking in a repeating watch

f. : the revolving part of a turbine

g. : the driven member of an automotive hydraulic coupling or transmission

h. : a rotary tool for running a nut on a bolt or screw


a. : the sliding piece of an umbrella to which the ribs are attached

b. : a piece bearing a hairline that slides along the outer scale of a slide rule

15. : a channel or trough for conducting molten metal into a mold

16. : run 12a

17. Britain : any of the numbers placed consecutively at the ends of lines of a printed text

Webster's New International English Dictionary.      Новый международный словарь английского языка Webster.