Meaning of SAMPLE in English

I. noun


a blood sample (= a small amount of blood taken from your body to test )

a random sample

A test was carried out on a random sample of the cattle.

control group/population/sample etc

A control group of non-smoking women was compared to four groups of women smokers.

representative sample

The pollsters asked a representative sample of New York residents for their opinions.

take samples

Investigators will take samples of the wreckage to identify the cause.




And visitors to the stand will be given a free sample of Domestos Multi Surface Cleaner.

It takes about 10 minutes, and visitors get free samples of crayons and markers.

I watch three free five-minute samples .

It was a free sample , an octagonal square of something so salty Lois had felt the glands under her ears harden.

They'd see a free sample and a temporary escape, and only later would the outlines of the cage become apparent.

The Webers offer visitors free samples of jerky, and they sometimes fire up breakfast for early comers.

No free samples are accepted by staff and products to be tested are paid for anonymously.

The audience applauds enthusiastically and then rushes to get free samples at a stall beside the van.


Many laboratories have cooperated at short notice and are analysing large numbers of samples .

Lengthy interviews were conducted with a large sample of citizens in each of five countries.

First, how large does a sample have to be for a given population?

A very small sample meticulously selected is far better than a large sample carelessly gathered.

As he points out, N is an important dividing line in statistics generally between large and small samples .

This observation was the starting point for a study of a large sample of gold-weights from three museums.

They interviewed this large sample of women about their work histories, current employment and current domestic position.

Accordingly, where large samples are necessary, the structured or semi-structured format provides a number of advantages.


For instance, suppose we want to take a random sample of ten students from a class of 50.

The poll was not a random sample and has no margin of error.

These are: random samples . quota samples.

The research involves collecting data from two random samples .

Preliminary studies were undertaken in which random blood samples were obtained from 15 subjects and processed as serum.

Design - Random sample of 4007 adults interviewed in their own homes.

Instead, random samples , simple or stratified, are taken for the survey.

A random sample of households is chosen and every individual 16 years of age and older is interviewed.


These councils can in no way be seen as a representative sample of all 333 districts.

In the case of such representative sample , the population parameters can be estimated from the sample values.

These recent percentile curves are based on large, nationally representative samples of children.

These samples have been found to be very similar socioeconomically to a representative sample.

A representative sample of case histories follows.

In this regard, achieving a representative sample is the objective.

All employees or a representative sample answered the questionnaire.


This number of letters is approximately 1,700 words and is a relatively small sample set.

We have tried taking small samples from the idol.

It next goes to a small sample of the real consumers for testing.

This information, based on only a small sample , was obtained by telephone interviews or home visits.

Last weekend's small sample manual count, which showed marked Gore gains, shows that.

Its weekly figures, based on a smaller sample , are more volatile.

To base conclusions on such a small sample is unsatisfactory.

A very small sample meticulously selected is far better than a large sample carelessly gathered.



We agree with the recommendation that blood samples should be taken one hour after an intravenous bolus dose.

The blood sample , if drawn outside Stanford, can be transported to the Palo Alto-based medical center by courier.

The police took blood samples from just about every male in the vicinity.

When peak levels of the drug are required, the blood sample must be drawn at a specified time after drug administration.

After giving a blood sample , she was told that she would have a one-in-50,000 chance of saving a life.

A second showed Fung carrying a garbage bag containing the blood sample to his van.

Next she's going to ask me to produce a blood sample .

They dispense pills, bread and butter to children arriving for school, and take blood samples .


Firstly, however, the crude comparisons between action and control samples in terms of institutionalisation are made.

There is also the possibility that the action and control samples differed in important characteristics.

The scheme was evaluated using a matched control sample of cases from adjacent areas.

Cost differences between action and control samples are shown in Table 6.4.

The differences between action and control samples at the time of referral was unexpected.

Because the control sample of people still at home at second assessment was so small, no conclusions are possible.


The SE-703 has been designed to replace traditional liquid solvent extraction usually used for sample preparation prior to chromatographic analysis.

Consistent timing of sample preparation and assay helps to avoid errors due to aggregation and / or settling of particles.

The sample preparation procedures are the same as those used for radiocarbon dating, care being taken to avoid contamination.

Circle 140 Roth Scientific introduced two new products for automated, quantitative sample preparation .

These showed no statistical difference in the concentrations of the various forms of gastrins between the different methods of sample preparation .

Lesson 3 uses the example of sample preparation from a plant extract.

The complete automation of sample preparation also increases sample throughput and improves accuracy and precision, especially when working with microlitre volumes.

The chapter ends with remarks about the sample preparation for synchrotron experiments, a subject of rapidly growing importance.


In the following experiments, five or six serum samples were used unless indicated otherwise.

This enzyme. labeled complex competes with free unlabeled drug in the serum sample for the binding sites on the antibody.

A Holzmann organised and supervised the screening of serum samples for hepatitis.

The drug in the serum sample and the enzyme. labeled drug compete for the binding sites on the antibody.

Additional serum samples were taken in December 1990 from a randomly selected cohort of 141 people aged 40-65 years.

They all died within months of each other, and serum samples were collected and frozen.

A nasopharyngeal swab or paired serum samples , or both, were collected from healthy subjects.

A serum sample for diphtheria toxoid antibodies was negative on day 7.


The distribution remains normal but the standard deviation decreases as the square root of n, the sample size .

Questions of sample size and type are fundamental.

On the whole, these results are more reliable than those of previous investigations due to the vastly increased sample size .

Twenty percent of five thousand will only give you a sample size of a thousand.

The sample size was too small to rule out any differences in survival between patients of different prognostic groups.

The book is without statistical tables, and sample sizes are small.

Quite apart from questions of sample size and representativeness, this particular aggregation is wholly inappropriate.

In this view, sample size becomes meaningless.


Here one is dealing with social situations which are relatively unexplored and where sample surveys may be quite inappropriate.

In such cases the issue of representativeness is of less concern than in the sample survey .

It will use a sample survey and a life history approach.

The other is collection of information from consumers, using sample surveys .

This work arose out of a project in which a sample survey program was written specifically for use by developing countries.

It is concerned with both theoretical and applied aspects, the latter emphasising the use of sample survey data in policy analysis.

These in turn are based on sample surveys taken in various parts of the country.


Addition of acetic acid to the urine sample dissolves the salts and clears the urine.

It was Karen Silkwood who had spiked her own urine samples .

Subsequent to this investigation we assessed 2907 urine samples from women attending the antenatal clinics in Dundee between November 1990 and September 1992.

Whenever a patient returned for a clinic visit, a urine sample was collected and was analyzed for ethanol.

As well as the chatty bit about not forgetting the urine sample , both sides carry advertising.

All three provided identical urine samples .

Medical tests conducted later that evening found evidence of cocaine in the mayor's blood and urine samples .

All three were barred in February for tampering with urine samples during out-of-competition tests.



Many laboratories have cooperated at short notice and are analysing large numbers of samples .

It is therefore necessary to consider other methods of analysing spontaneous speech samples .

The pitfalls in analysing the samples of anonymised records have not yet become fully clear.


A water quality officer interprets the information and can instruct Cyclops to collect a sample of the discharge in a sealed container.

After he died physicians collected and froze samples of his blood and lymph nodes for future study.

So one night I collected samples from all five and went home for a serious tasting.

We have collected together a representative sample of these and present them here.


Further, the cases in question will be compared with a wide sample of cases disposed of under the 1964 Act.

The resulting tapes would be voice-printed and compared with existing samples .

He compared the samples with a blood sample from Mr Nichol.

The methods used will be compared using sample service data.

To compare his samples , he produced three-dimensional computer models of them.


In their first study, they drew a sample of 773 babies born in Nottingham in the early 1960s.

Conclusions are often drawn from small samples and single case studies and findings can rapidly cross boundaries.

Working with Thirkell, Pilger had drawn up sample pages of a new design, using gobbledegook text except for the headlines.


We will be including a sample copy and an order slip with the November mailing.

The manual includes sample lesson plans, as well as guidelines on preparing and evaluating writing workshops.

This includes usable samples of the various macro commands.


He obtained a sample of the mould from Fleming, and discovered that it had been incorrectly identified.

My chairman knows more than anyone how difficult it is to obtain good quality samples of natural conversational data.

The tree-ring dates are obtained from samples of extremely long-lived trees, such as the bristlecone pine.

It usually investigates working-class subjects by testing them against norms obtained from middle-class samples .

In order to obtain a visible sample of teachers, the heads of all nine were therefore approached.

He obtained the usual samples of horseshoes, some novel instruments, and books on subjects relevant to the veterinary art.

The target was to obtain a sample of thirty cases, of whatever case category, in each team area.


In the second case, frothing may be produced as both the sample and the resin outgas together.

It is great fun experimenting with these patterns and producing some really interesting samples .

It is therefore important that the procedure used to produce a sample of visitors is not biased by size of group.

Next she's going to ask me to produce a blood sample .

This would produce a sample narrative derived from the collected responses which could then be contrasted with the original version.

This suggests that careful annealing at the appropriate temperature could produce samples with a high degree of crystallinity.

He's pretty sceptical until we produce the Sanor sample .


These large juries were clearly intended to provide a reasonably representative sample of popular opinion.

Schools in three contrasting areas at different stages of developing their planning have been chosen to provide a suitable sample .

All three provided identical urine samples .

A scanner attached to the machine can also provide image of the sample .

Sampling directly from the pancreatic duct provides a more proximate sample for cytological diagnosis and may improve the diagnostic sensitivity.

Corpora provide a representative sample of language.

Chapter 3 provides details of the sample of lower attaining pupils used in the programme of testing.

Some companies will be providing sample bags and a guide to sampling practice to make life a little easier.


The Sample Initially it was intended to select a sample of 800 teachers, 400 from primary and 400 from secondary schools.

This step begins with selecting an appropriate sample of records to review.

These criteria were used in selecting the sample .

The data were gathered for a carefully selected national sample of voters in a survey designed by academic researchers.

It is individuals who, in one capacity or another, appear on lists used by surveyors to select as their samples .


When the product finally went on to the market, as the Agenda, I was sent a sample which was unusable.

Perhaps the lab Tucson Water normally sends its samples to reports what Tucson Water wants to hear.

The government lab urgently asked drugmakers to send samples of every anti-retrovirus drug on their shelves.

Closing: I am sending along some paper samples as well as our competitive price sheet.

So if you want to prevent leaks - why not send for a free sample of ultra-absorbent Togs?

Jurgen sends out sample issues of the newsletter for $ 6.

Please send me a free sample from the Omega Pet Foods range and further information.

We then send a sample to Rangoon for tests but his is number three.


This survey data is cross-section data taken from a sample of households at a particular point in time.

For every fifty cubic yards of concrete, Carlton took four samples and pressed them into plastic cylinders.

For instance, suppose we want to take a random sample of ten students from a class of 50.

They dispense pills, bread and butter to children arriving for school, and take blood samples .

The police took blood samples from just about every male in the vicinity.

It is quite a good idea to take along samples to a radio interview.

The new soft plastic probe is designed to take microdialysis samples from soft tissues or blood vessels.

At the last visit we took biopsy samples .


Do not forget to test the sample piece for washing and pressing ability.

Once the testing laboratory receives the samples , it will screen them for drugs and then perform confirmation testing to minimize errors.

Each kit, imported from theUnited States at a cost of $ 980, can test 100 samples .

The lab will test samples and, within 24 hours, fax the results to inspectors.

Professional help Doctors: your doctor will talk to you about your problem and will probably test a sample of your urine.


56% of the women in the sample said that they supported the government's policies.

She based her analysis on data from a representative sample of women and men aged 18-25.

These responses were drawn from a random sample of the electorate.


Analysis for significance were done using Student's t test for paired samples and the two group t test for unpaired samples.

Because its characteristics can be treated mathematically it is central to quality control via samples.

Bile was then collected continuously in 15 minute samples.

Bill visits public libraries on weekends, converts an underutilized closet into a dark-room, borrows refrigerator space to hold samples.

Cytogenetic analysis was successful in all placental samples.

Nevertheless, storage of samples at very high temperatures can be useful.

The moisture content of wood may be determined simply by weighing a small sample before and after oven drying.

When oxygen diffuses into the buffer from a sample , it is reduced at the cathode.

II. verb




If you don't ever go there, you won't have had the chance of sampling their hot mussels.

If you want the chance to sample these delights for yourself, enter our competition today!

Here's your chance to sample them.


I had been quite looking forward to sampling its unsavoury delights .

If you want the chance to sample these delights for yourself, enter our competition today!


I decided to sample the chocolate cheesecake.

The hotel provides an excellent base from which visitors can sample the delights of scuba diving and waterskiing.

The results are based on a poll of 1000 randomly sampled adults.

You should sample the local nightlife while you're here.


Mike Rowbottom has been sampling it.

Next, you will sample a Duo of Foie Gras.

Second-pass silicon will sample in the third quarter, with mass production coming by the end of the year.

Then we build our salad, sampling each wild thing as we add it to the big wooden bowl.

Tim Littler has seen to it that guests will sample some of the great wines of the world with their dinner.

We are able to sample a few of the tubes by vacuuming the sediment.

You were on business visiting the offices where she works and decided to sample the food in the canteen.

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