Meaning of SAMPLE in English

/ ˈsɑːmpl; NAmE ˈsæmpl/ noun , verb

■ noun


a number of people or things taken from a larger group and used in tests to provide information about the group :

The interviews were given to a random sample of students.

The survey covers a representative sample of schools.

a sample survey


a small amount of a substance taken from a larger amount and tested in order to obtain information about the substance :

a blood sample

Samples of the water contained pesticide.


a small amount or example of sth that can be looked at or tried to see what it is like :

'I'd like to see a sample of your work,' said the manager.

a free sample of shampoo


( technical ) a piece of recorded music or sound that is used in a new piece of music

■ verb [ vn ]


to try a small amount of a particular food to see what it is like; to experience sth for a short time to see what it is like :

I sampled the delights of Greek cooking for the first time.


( technical ) to test, question, etc., part of sth or of a group of people in order to find out what the rest is like :

12% of the children sampled said they prefer cats to dogs.


( technical ) to record part of a piece of music, or a sound, in order to use it in a new piece of music



Middle English (as a noun): from an Anglo-Norman French variant of Old French essample example. Current senses of the verb date from the mid 18th cent.

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