Meaning of SIGNATURE in English




digital signature

electronic signature

key signature

signature tune

the theme tune/signature tune (= the tune at the beginning or end of a television programme etc )

the theme tune from the movie 'Titanic'

time signature


Will you witness my signature ?




Verisign has already built a tidy business selling two types of digital signatures: personal and site certificates.

It uses digital signatures and requires recipients to download free software to read the electronic postmark.

Some one who uses different computers at home and at work will need two digital signatures .

If the fingerprints do match, however, then Y can be quite sure that the digital signature is authentic.

Already, even before digital signatures are widespread, we are afflicted with Pin and password overload.

Therefore the digital signature verifies both the identity of the sender and the authenticity of the data in the document.

Encryption techniques are used to verify digital signatures on business contracts.

Unlike encryption, digital signatures are a recent development, the need for which has arisen with the proliferation of electronic commerce.


When the disk is found to be free from a virus infection it is given an electronic signature code.


But of course the key signature has to be mentally re-adjusted too!

Suddenly my whole musical existence moved into a new key signature .

Recorders are most comfortable in sharp keys and simple key signatures like G or D major.


What is needed to make the contract binding and valid is our signature , a commitment of faith.

The ease and speed with which the required number of valid signatures were obtained was impressive.

He said the party is still trying to get enough valid signatures to win ballot access in Texas.

Organizers need the valid signatures of 480, 000 voters by April 19 to qualify for the November ballot.

A total of 15, 604 valid signatures will be needed to force an election.



Nevertheless the association or dissociation of the lead isotope signatures for ancient glasses contributes to the overall technological picture for them.


August 14, 1976 Varga announces that 17, 000 recall petition signatures have been collected.

They gather nominating petition signatures for lawmakers, raise money for them and sometimes even run their re-election campaigns.

Many of the petition signatures required as part of the process to form the district were questionable on technical grounds.


Throughout history, otherwise unmarked minuets have been written in a number of time signatures , including 3/4, 6/8 and 3/8.

Drummer Kevin Christiansen grounds the band, effortlessly changing time signatures with jazzy finesse, making it sound deceptively easy.

The enchaînements can be danced to any time signature , phrasing or tempo.

The dot indicators on each line of the staves give the position of each semi-quaver in a time signature of 4/4.


Even the distinctive signature tune has been re-recorded to provide a more modern feel.

Each programme had exciting graphics, instantly identifiable signature tunes and a competition.

One thing I regret: the jettisoning of the original signature tune .

It was Buddie's signature tune , the one his band always played at the start of every session.



Many queued for up to 30 minutes for a chance to add their signature .

The others hastily sent diplomats to add signatures on their behalf.

The first time we nudge our child to write, we may suggest she add a signature to her artwork.


Most of the Wisden s bear Arlott's signature .

September 13, 1976 Varga files petitions bearing 30, 849 signatures .

The base on which this is probably rightly set bears the signature of Antenor.

They say there were blank sheets bearing Dali's signature alongside 20,000 fake Miros and 650 fake Chagalls.


The last to carry the signature Henry C. Beck in the lower lefthand corner was issued in 1959.


Liberal forces have already begun to collect the million signatures needed to call a popular vote.

On April 29, Cahill temporarily blocked backers from collecting signatures to put the immigrant voting measure on the ballot.

Members of its executive council have been collecting signatures in the border region.

Supporters must collect enough signatures by Feb. 21 to qualify the initiative for the ballot.

Andy Naughton-Doe, a chartered secretary, is collecting signatures to seek a conversion vote.

In California, for example, Reform Party supporters collected 124, 117 signatures .

The Bristol group collected the signatures of 46 international figures to sell for Amnesty funds.


Three petitions containing more than 2,200 signatures were received in opposition to the proposals for Dixon's Bank, Marton.

Every Lee movie contains his signature style; all are major movie events.

As a result the X-ray absorption spectrum contains a precise signature of the atomic environment of a particular element.

Differences of style within the manuscripts containing the signature show that W. de Brail' worked with several other artists.


The Committee also handed out a four-week suspension to Bruce Dowling, the jump jockey, for forging a doctor's signature .

Last week Dave had to forge his signature on a rent check.

Rather be caught cheating at cards or forging a friend's signature .

I forged his signature a couple of times, other times others must have done the same.

And within weeks she was in control of Lady Illingworth's possessions, forging her signature a total of sixty seven times.

Scientology circles were shaken by allegations that L. Ron Hubbard was dead and a group of opportunists were forging his signature .

But Rita Marley was acquitted even though she admitted forging her husband's signature .


It only takes two or three volunteers on a busy market day or Saturday afternoon to gather several hundred signatures .

They gather nominating petition signatures for lawmakers, raise money for them and sometimes even run their re-election campaigns.

Supporters of a no-confidence referendum had gathered 440,000 signatures to support their demand.

She's gathered 18,000 signatures in Swindon on a petition protesting about the fuel tax.

The group also filed a proposed district map and request for a petition to begin gathering signatures .

The party won its right to a place on the ballot after it had gathered 96,000 signatures on a petition.

To force an election, the union must gather the signatures of a majority of employees.


Verification: systems developed for legal or commercial applications could include automatic signature verification as a useful part of their functionality.

The Police range will even include a Beckham signature model.

In the first half, she sinks four field goals, including a signature three-pointer, and pulls down four rebounds.

Mr. should ensure that all of his initials are included in his signature .


As he wasn't a registered reader it needed Diane's signature on a xerox form.

They need 218 signatures to bring the bill to the floor.

As with all other candidates, his nomination papers need the signatures of ten electors in the constituency.

The initiative needed 433, 269 signatures of registered voters; proponents gathered 800, 000.

All these forms, including the fixtures, fittings and contents form, need a signature .

Organizers need the valid signatures of 480, 000 voters by April 19 to qualify for the November ballot.

Some one who uses different computers at home and at work will need two digital signatures .


When obtaining signatures to the nomination paper the candidate must obtain the signatures of the proposer and seconder first. 4.

She obtained hundreds of signatures and forwarded the petition to then-President Lyndon Johnson, who interceded to have him released.

The Buyer shall upon obtaining such signature send a copy of the signed undertaking to the Seller.

They sent Brammall a form of guarantee in order for him to obtain his wife's signature .

He obtained her signature but did not explain the document to her and she signed it without understanding it.


Grachev was attacked for having put his signature to the timetable.

Equally, he has been monitoring petitions organised by various bodies and puts the signature level at above the 100,000 mark.

The 57-year-old manager put his signature to a one-year extension and secured his future until the end of next season.

Consult your accommodation office for further help with individual contracts before putting your signature to them.


The forms in 12 copies would require the signature of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry.

The ease and speed with which the required number of valid signatures were obtained was impressive.

Lastly, there's space for listing any undertakings that require signature by your client.

One way to keep both partners aware of what is going on is to require two signatures on each check.

The petition requires 218 signatures , a majority of the House.


I witnessed Kennedy's signature on the Friday.

She simply produced the documents, Mr. O'Brien signed and she witnessed his signature .


a petition with four thousand signatures

I couldn't read his signature .

I just need your signature again on this last sheet here.

Put your signature here, then print your name underneath.

Who's it from? I can't read the signature .

You have to get the signature of the child's parent or guardian.


Clinton made the point that new technology and new laws don't just mean the end of the manual signature .

Oaxaca's philatelic museum, meanwhile, announced that it would issue a stamp bearing Morales' image and signature .

Speaker / signature verification systems will be developed.

Summit organisers had hoped to produce three global conventions for signature in Rio, but these were blocked.

That same signature would remain valid on the petition of an independent candidate, she said.

The first petition drive ended Monday when the party turned in more than 160, 000 signatures.

There are two particular exceptions to this rule, i.e. where the signer will not be bound by his signature .

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