Meaning of SIGNATURE in English


I. ˈsignəˌchu̇(ə)r, -u̇ə, -nə̇chə(r), -nēchə(r) also -nəˌtu̇(ə)r or -nə.ˌtyu̇- or -u̇ə noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle French or Medieval Latin; Middle French, from Medieval Latin signatura, from Latin signatus (past participle of signare to mark, seal) + -ura -ure — more at sign

1. Scots law : a writing prepared to be signed or sealed as a warrant for a proposed royal grant or charter


a. : the name of a person written with his own hand to signify that the writing which precedes accords with his wishes or intentions

b. : the act of signing one's name

letters waiting for his signature

witnesses to the signature

3. : a feature in the appearance or qualities of a natural object (as a plant) formerly held to indicate its utility in medicine either because of a fancied resemblance to a body part (as a heart-shaped leaf indicating utility in heart disease) or because of a presumed relation to some phase of a disease (as the prickly nature of thistle indicating utility in case of a stitch in the side)


a. obsolete : stamp , impression

b. : a distinguishing or identifying mark, feature, or quality

a clear little eye in her center, the signature of a hurricane — Time

the signature of the Church is legible enough on the houses and streets of Oxford — P.E.More


a. : a letter or figure placed usually at the bottom of the first page on each sheet of printed pages (as of a book) as a direction to the binder in arranging and gathering the sheets

b. : the sheet itself which when folded becomes one unit of the book — compare gathering , quire


a. obsolete : natural markings forming an image or figure

b. obsolete : birthmark


a. : key signature

b. : time signature

8. : the part of a medical prescription which contains the directions to the patient — abbr. s, Sig.

9. : a tune, sound effect, or pictorial device used to identify a program, entertainer, or orchestra

II. transitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

1. obsolete : designate

2. : to subscribe to or authenticate with one's signature

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