Meaning of SIMPLY in English




purely and simply

I do it purely and simply for the money.

simply because

Many exam candidates lose marks simply because they do not read the questions properly.

simply disappear (= used to emphasize that it is very strange )

After two weeks it seemed that the boys had simply disappeared.

simply refuse (= used for emphasis )

Some children simply refuse to do what they’re told.


Put simply, our aim is to create art.




This means simply that the customers have the claim on these deposits and thus the institutions are liable to meet the claims.

To Freed, it purely and simply meant money.

It means simply freedom from coercion by others and it is achieved when a sphere of private autonomy is created.

Since we only have one planet to go on, this simply means that the process has happened once.

But uneven development does not simply mean that types and quantities of physical and social phenomena vary from place to place.

The banking industry is aggressively paring its ranks, and the current wave of megamergers simply means more layoffs.

A mistake with the treatment will simply mean a double threat to the life of the patient.

Many economists argue raising the minimum wage simply means higher unemployment among the very people such a measure is trying to help.


The mercenary ones simply put up with them and pretend that they love them for what they can get out of them.

They simply put it out and let the music speak for itself.

He simply put the letters on Arty's locker and turned away.

Their task, simply put , was to lay the scientific groundwork for the manned landing missions that were then being planned.

Put simply , the necessary finance can be made available to you in return for Barclays taking a minority shareholding in your business.

Put simply , intellectual property is not an obstacle to access.

The questions were simply putting the officers' belief in his guilt to W, and he was making no reply.

Put simply , they believe aid fails due to the dichotomy between theory at a distance and practical reality at the local level.


She simply wanted to meet me.

They simply wanted more of my time.

He subsequently endeavoured to explain that he simply wanted to question the cost-effectiveness of the programme in terms of lives saved.

They simply wanted to jab Clinton.

Some older people want classes specially for their own age group; others want simply to participate in adult education generally.

Was that it, or did he simply want to de-emphasize the black heritage?

As far as they are concerned, of course, they are simply wanting another ice-cream, or another go on the swing.

You simply want something so much that you knock yourself out to get it.


it's just/only/simply a question of doing sth

Sometimes, it's simply a question of somewhere safe to go after school while parents are working.


It's not simply a matter of hiring more people - they also need to be trained.

She writes very simply and clearly.

The strain on the rope was simply too much, and it broke in two.

They live very simply in the country.

We simply don't have the resources to compete with large corporations.


Already, many programs are simply unavailable in the older, 16-bit versions.

But the rotational periods are correspondingly long and for all states are quite simply related to the rotational constants of the molecules.

Mexicali Mayor Victor Hermosillo staunchly defended his police officers, saying they simply were maintaining public order.

Most of them simply release their eggs and sperm and rely on the surrounding water to bring them together.

Rome, in short, lived on its past simply by being a capital city.

Suppose that we are simply given an algorithm which generates the digits of the real and imaginary part of some complex number.

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