Meaning of SIMPLY in English


ˈsimplē, -li, in senses 1 & 2 sometimes -pəl- adverb

Etymology: Middle English simplely, simply, from simple (I) + -ly

1. : in a straightforward manner : modestly , sincerely

behaved so simply and magnificently that even his enemies found themselves won over — C.L.Carmer


a. : without ambiguity : intelligibly , clearly

let the narrative unfold simply and objectively — R.A.Cordell

b. : without extravagance or embellishment : plainly

within the range of the simply educated — J.H.Plumb

a graceful structure, built simply when simplicity was not considered a virtue — American Guide Series: Minnesota

c. : without complexity or subterfuge : directly , candidly

everything … came to happen as simply and as naturally and as gradually as a season coming on — R.P.Warren

this she said as simply as a child recites a tale — Pearl Buck


a. obsolete : absolutely , categorically

that they have any being, purely and simply , I deny — R.G.Preston

b. : in or of itself : without augmentation : merely , solely

readers who read books simply to finish them — James Thurber

in this chapter … we simply note the principal characteristics of the period — Tom Wintringham

she was simply and solely a beautiful woman — Jean Stafford

c. : in actual fact : literally , really

there simply is not enough work to go around — Hamilton Basso

— often used as an intensive

you simply must wear a British bowler — John McCaffrey

4. archaic : ignorantly , foolishly

got money from various simply disposed persons, under pretence of getting them confidential appointments — W.M.Thackeray

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