Meaning of SIMPLY in English


adv. 1 merely, barely, purely, only, solely, just, entirely, fully, totally, wholly, altogether, absolutely, really Is it true that they met regularly simply to discuss politics? 2 totally, completely, altogether, entirely, just, plainly, obviously, really, unreservedly, unqualifiedly If you believe that, you're simply too stupid for words! 3 naïvely, artlessly, guilelessly, openly, innocently, ingenuously, unaffectedly, unpretentiously, plainly, naturally: He asked her very simply what she did as a 'working girl' 4 plainly, modestly, starkly, severely, sparely, sparsely, austerely, ascetically His home is simply furnished, without paintings or any other decoration 5 distinctly, unambiguously, plainly, obviously, unmistakably or unmistakeably The instructions must be written simply so that they are understandable to anyone

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