Meaning of SITE in English

I. noun


a construction site (= an area where something is being built )

Safety is very important on a construction site.

a crash site/scene (= place where a crash happens )

The authorities closed off a five-mile area around the crash site.

a disposal site (= place to put waste and rubbish )

The waste was sent by rail to a disposal site in Utah.

a grave site (= the place where a grave is )

The President visited the grave sites of 12 youths killed in recent bombings.

a picnic area/site (= a special area with tables where people can have picnics )

There is a picnic area next to the car park.

a test site (= a place where something can be tested )

A nuclear device was detonated at the Trinity test site in New Mexico, on July 16, 1945.

archaeological site

an archaeological site

bomb site

They’ve pulled down so many buildings around here it looks like a bomb site.

brownfield site

building site

caravan site/park (= area of land where people can park their caravans )

greenfield site

hard site

mirror site

social networking site




Many reasons were given, from Health and Safety Regulations, destroying the environment, to trespassing on to archaeological sites .

Edgewater and Oak Hill have ordinances to protect possible archaeological sites from souvenir hunters.

Drawings and paintings are mainly used to portray an archaeological site at a particular point in time.

The slopes of Four Peaks are scattered with archaeological sites , but none is considered major.

One branch of agriculture is particularly destructive of archaeological sites: forestry.

It is believed to be the first time a developer has urged the Government to schedule an archaeological site .

Discovery of archaeological sites should be dealt with in much the same way.



This seems to them more like a building site than a City office.

On farms, building sites , in factories and hospitals there are dangers to be understood and avoided.

All over the city are huge building sites where the sun pours into vast craters.

The defendant employer was in breach of statutory duty in removing safety belts from a building site .

But employment in the building trade is notoriously irregular, and such artisans alternate self-employment with wage-paid work on the building sites .

Most building sites pay ghost gangs, to get protection.

He had, meantime, managed to get himself a job on a building site .

As part of his job he is required to visit building sites .


The quarries on the skyline are now used as caravan sites .

The owners have built a gift shop and a tastefully laid out caravan site on the actual station area.

Sand-le-Mere now gives its name to a large caravan site which is nearby.

Turn left through the caravan site to stile leading to abandoned railway track, on which turn right.

This route is often used by visitors to the caravan site at Six Arches.

Guns at dawn: Police raid caravan site after post office robbery.

He was Dad's kid brother and he lived outside Hull on a caravan site .

She ran a caravan site and rented out grazing and stables at the lowest rate in the neighbourhood - naturally!


The opening of a nuclear construction site is a major event in the economic and social life of a region.

Also, construction sites , mines, farms and landfills will be required to boost their efforts to reduce dust.

Some guides use their climbing and rope skills to work on oil rigs or construction sites .

The men worked hard in the stockyards, nearby factories, breweries, and construction sites .

All 110 Bryant construction sites had been visited, he said.

I know that, as a teenager, he was caught stealing copper pipe from a construction site and put in jail.

Wando is a baker by trade, but is working on construction sites .

Moreover, the company establishes mobile child-care units to assist workers in its construction sites .


In many ways the Settlement movement of the 1880s and 1890s provided test sites for these initiatives.

As a favor, the masons at the test site had said they would do the caulking of the mockup.

Sailing to within a few miles of the test site , he successfully delayed the detonation.

And much of the liquid used to simulate nerve gas at the test site was contained by the wooden crates.

Emissions are measured on an open area test site which is free of objects which might reflect emitted signals.

Different versions of the individually labeled tests are given at different test sites .

Ideally, an open area test site should be situated in a position with low levels of ambient radio activity.

The firm claims its sold 390 licences since March and has another 250 in test sites .


So, step one is to sit down and ask yourself what return you expect from a Web site .

Cohen said she subsidizes the cost of the newspaper with money she makes writing for Web sites and trade publications.

The design of the Web site is what your user will see first, and what will define their experience.

The next time you visit a Shockwave-equipped web site , the animation will begin playing automatically.

And I have recently started using my web site for posting brief responses to papers that discuss my work.

A visit to the Punxsutawney Phil Web site provides answers to these questions, and much more.

Hi-Verify also enables you to batch verify your pages so you can edit your whole Web site in one go.

A group of cartoonists got fed up when the Web site where they were posting their work -- kept going down.



It will cost a hundred and forty million pounds and be built on a green-field site .

The Murrah building site is now leveled and planted with grass.

You say you have looked high and low for new building sites but let me tell you there are some.

She might inspect a building as a possible site for a new house.

Where possible we use derelict land first - for instance this estate here was built on the site of a factory.

You might have no interest in building a fancy themed site or even learning anything about creating Web pages.

He took me from the station to one of the new building sites at Ruchill.

Both were built at its Winfrith site in Dorset.


Many will also help you find the site and get planning permission.

I found the site but only the snails were visible in the sandy dunes at the edge of the golf course.

We will need to use all the clues at hand if we are to find the site in our allotted two dives.

But many authorities have either not been able to find suitable sites or have not complied with the ruling.

Now our first effort to find the site with Alvin is less than twenty-four hours away.

You will find the sites and you will discover the right ways to approach them as well.

Prints from his shoes were found at the site of the murders.


They are visiting 6 sites , including Bishop's Castle, on their itinerary.

Inspectors visit the work site before the foundation is poured to inspect the soil condition and positioning and depth of the footings.

Some of them have been visiting inappropriate Web sites , as was evidenced by the History folder.

They can track how often you visit their site and what features you like best.

Make the experience of those visiting your site a pleasant one.

Academy teachers visit the work sites once a week.

The inspector will also visit the site .

The president will also visit the grave sites of 12 youths killed in recent bombings.


a construction site

a historical site

A home for the elderly will be built on the site of the old hospital.

Green fences were put up around the construction site .

The town has purchased a site on Villa Avenue for the new library.


All were suggested as possible sites for travellers.

And there are costs with running the site .

As I mentioned in my recent phone call the best site for it is the Mill Yard, as last year.

Mobile phone calls have to be routed through a cell site , and telephones search for the nearest site with available capacity.

Most of our rubbish goes to sites like this one at Sutton Courtenay in Oxfordshire.

The first chapel of the Independents was built on the site in 1705.

The looms were used in local cottages, and warehouses occupied much of this site .

II. verb




The supplementary motor area is the only site where animal and human vocalization can be closely related.


Do check on wind direction when siting your barbecue.

First, the space available for siting the greenhouse.

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